Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

The 21 Tara's & the 21 Different Ray Methods of Synthesis

These twenty-one methods and their synthesis sum up very largely all that can be said about the actions and motions of all deva (Tara) substance and all forms.

Under the Law of Attraction, the interplay between these ray forces and all atomic forms is brought about, and manifestation becomes a fact in nature, and the great Maya is.

I. Ray of Power

1. Destruction of forms through group interplay.
2. Stimulation of the Self, or egoic principle.
3. Spiritual impulse, or energy.

II. Ray of Love Wisdom

4. Construction of forms through group intercourse.
5. Stimulation of desire, the love principle.
6. Soul impulse, or energy.

III. Ray of Activity or Adaptability

7. Vitalizing of forms through group work.
8. Stimulation of forms, the etheric or pranic principle.
9. Material impulse, or energy.

IV. Ray of Harmony, Union

10. Perfecting of forms through group interplay.
11. Stimulation of the solar Angels, or the mansaic principle.
12. Buddhaic energy.

V. Ray of Concrete Knowledge

13. Correspondence of forms to type, through group influence.
14. Stimulation of logoic dense physical body, the three worlds.
15. Manasic energy or impulse.

VI. Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion

16. Reflection of reality through group work.
17. Stimulation of the Man through desire.
18. Desire energy, instinct and aspiration.

VII. Ray of Ceremonial Order

19. Union of energy and substance through group activity.
20. Stimulation of all etheric forms.
21. Vital energy.
The 7 Solar Rays of Buddha Maitreya the Christ