Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

A Selection of Dharma Teachings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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What is it that you offer to people in way of teachings?

Well, a lot of people expect teaching in the form of a lot of intellectual teaching that gives understanding to many different things. I teach in several ways. I teach through sound, I teach through vibrational healing and by integrating communication telepathically and raising the level of consciousness in a person so that they can communicate on that level from the heart and the mind. I teach in a way in which, by doing what I do in the form of charity, in the form of actually helping out and really never saying no, pretty much lays down a foundation of relationships that bring about certain symbological realities within teaching that are recognized in Tibetan Buddhism when it comes down to recognizing a Boddhisattva. It's known as The Activities of a Boddhisattva. So, when there really is the true Activities of a Bodhisattva taking place, then that's the highest form of teaching. That's called Buddha.

The relationship of the next form of teaching is called Dharma. Dharma is a process that literally helps to initiate an understanding that there is such a thing as the Soul and how the Soul works. In Buddhism we call it Bodhicitta, the Buddha Nature that's found inside of every single atom, inside of every single thing, the Mineral Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Human Kingdom, going all the way up through the Buddhaic, the Angelic and God Kingdom. All of those Kingdoms in all one way, in the Light of the Soul. That's found inside of every living atom and in Buddhism, that's known as Bodhicitta. So awakening that Bodhicitta is the teaching of Dharma.

The teaching of Dharma is known as the Sangha. When people of like-mindedness who are so telepathically attuned to the sounds, the colors, the vibration, the symbols, the Actions of the Bodhisattva that they can familiarize themselves to, that's their activity that they're moving toward. It's a similarity of their own Buddha Nature that is awakening within them that they're attracted to.

So they're attracted to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. And that's how I Teach. So my relationship of the intellectual aspect of teaching comes in where I start talking about the Rays and Sacred Geometric realities applied to the Pyramids and the Great Temples and all the Temple building and architecture that's been found in history has a mythological symbology to it that is very synergistic. It applies from ancient times all the way through history.

So we literally see a parallel of mind and consciousness that is evolving in Humanity that goes right along with the awakening of Nature, certain symbols, certain mathematical understandings, certain levels of consciousness and senses are developing. And that's what I Teach is to recognize the history of the past and see how, in the past, there has been a working out of the process of Humanity. And in that process, it helps to see a better picture as to us through reincarnation, the possibility of reincarnation being the major portion of the Teaching is that, through looking at our past and understanding our past and knowing through reincarnation that we are the people of the past, that through the changing of the senses, the building of the temples and the movement of spirituality, that in itself has created the evolution of Humanity and the changing on a planetary scale of civilization and spiritual development altogether. So that's how I Teach it.

The next focus is the relationship of esoteric philosophy that applies science so that we can work with sound and color and understand the etheric field and better understand chakras and better understand the meridian reality that's found in acupuncture and how that relationship of the energetic field, the energetic body, works in relationship to Bodhicitta, or the Soul. And how, in vibrational healing, that literally rebalances the vibrational lack of integrity that's found in the chakras and allows the chakras to realign themselves naturally without going into some yogic process of intellectual yoga or a belief system that you have to be certain way or do a certain type of prostration or ceremony in order to create a certain effect. By actually vibrationally taking on attunement and working within a science that is Energetic Medicine, it helps to save a person that is falling into the trap of developing lower psychicism and manipulating the very same things of the body of the energetic body instead of developing the astral body which happens in lower psychicism, developing the energetic body or just being natural and healing naturally by changing your diet and including exercise and right relationship to Harmony and relationship to not being negative and not being aggressive and habitual. As we change those patterns we're actually awakening Bodhicitta, or the Soul. So that's what the Teachings are based on.

The Tools are based within the same Teaching so people can literally awaken the healing ability that they get from actually going into Harmlessness, actually allowing the Energetic Body to heal. Naturally, the next response would be magnetic healing. A person becomes a healer once they become more solidly healthy and their body, their mind and their spiritual qualities of their Soul are starting to radiate an energy and that radiating energy naturally has a healing effect to it. The first effect is magnetic healing. So all the Tools that I put out stimulate the first effect of grounding out magnetic healing. So everybody experiences a healing effect and they feel the ability to heal others at a distance. So that's something they've never had the ability to do before. It gives them faith. It gives them an understanding that they have this ability, they have these powers, they don't have to look for it in other people, that they, themselves can awaken it within themselves. So everything in all the Teachings are to develop an awakening of the Soul within yourself without following anybody or without going into any intellectual ceremony or any type of belief system.

So this ability to heal is awakened by just being in Your Presence?

In a nutshell, it's basically the process of being in My Presence and that I've developed all these abilities... All the High Lamas are attracted to me for this reason. Not for me to be their Teacher but for them to receive the healing of being in My Presence and learn why it is within my Bodhisattva Nature to be the way I Am and that they, too can attain the same qualities and not have all the hardship and all the suffering that they see in the world. They can make a difference. They can actually radiate the same way I do.

It is difficult. Like in Tibet, we recognize little children and we find them to be reincarnates and they have these abilities. They have abilities to recognize their past life by the things that are put in front of them. They know exactly who their parents used to be and where they last lived, what their name was and the teachings that they gave, even at two or three years old. Those are awesome experiences that most people experience. We can kind of give a reality to that because it's just a little boy or just a little girl. But when it's a grown person and they have these abilities and they're radiating out this ability and it really is a big bridge to try and communicate the simplicity in relationship to how to adjust to deal with this, how to recognize a healing quality, a teaching quality and all these things that come that don't require intellectual mind, they don't require all the things that we are normally taught to have to develop. We literally get blessed. Our life literally just changes. And all of our Soul within and all of our good nature about our previous lives begin to awaken and our world just changes. It's rather quite an interesting experience.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ - Extract from the Shambhala Radio Hour, March 22, 2002