Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

The Path of Harmlessness


The path of Harmlessness begins with the Upward Trend, the path of Evolution, where the energy of the lower centers is transmuted into the higher centers through various stages. This is not the same as practices that work on raising of the Kundalini Fire, which does not open the higher centers through destroying obstruction, but by mental effort (not spiritual will) actually damages the etheric body through a premature burning. Nor does the Path include the various "New Age" spiritual teaching that promises an awakening of the centers and "enlightenment" by various mental means. The Upward Trend transmutes the energies only through purity of life, through emotional discipline and the development of the spiritual will in practical daily living, harmlessness. Only through Harmlessness in daily life over lifetimes of trial and error is the influence of the lower centers redirected to the higher centers, and the door of illusion closed.

This means harmlessness in thought; harmlessness in emotional reaction; and harmlessness in action. Otherwise, the lower centers draw down energy from the corresponding upper centers, creating the negative dynamic expression of self-centeredness.

The solar plexus's harmful, unhealthy emotional lower astral nature is transmuted by:

Harmlessness in Thought

Harmlessness in thought means the control of speech, thereby awakening the throat center (3rd Ray). Harmlessness in thought results primarily in the control of speech. This transmutes the negative unhealthy 5th Ray qualities which are typically working through the sacral center while under the lower astral influence of the solar plexus center, and expressing as the "slayer of the real". The 3rd Ray of Holy Spirit is activated by Harmless thought and speech, which stops the resonating alignment of doubting thoughts and critical words from affecting the flow of positive loving intuition that brings the 3rd Ray into alignment with the sacral center the 7th Ray of right relationship and order.

In the "unhealthy" state with the 5th Ray sitting at the sacral center, aligned more to the solar plexus of self-centered astral illusion, the loving emotions and expressions of intuition flowing between people are inverted, and the person cares of little else but mind and brain as central focus. This leads to significant imbalance, and if pursued long enough manifests as atrophy of the ability to register and transmit love. There is no or little "right relationship" as there would be with the 7th Ray correctly aligned to the sacral center. Those who follow the left-hand path of the dark lodge work with the energies of the 1st Ray and the 5th Ray. Both these rays can be profoundly separative, especially if the 1st or 5th rays are expressed glamorously through the emotional body vehicle, which strengthens the solar plexus of self-centered astral illusion. With the 5th Ray expressing this way through the sacral center, the lower mind of logic and rationality destroys spontaneity, creativity, and an expression for the goodness of life. Living becomes joyless and mechanical. This promotes a materialistic mentality which denies the existence of the intangible and spiritual dimensions of human living. Doubt and skepticism become a chronic, obstructive condition, a condition that stops the ability of the world to be miraculously healed.

There are such things as miracles and faith healing. The miraculous healings performed by Jesus Christ and the disciples required faith on the part of the one to be healed,"thy faith has made thee whole". An attitude of faith allows the healing, cleansing energy of the soul to pour through diseased areas of the body and psyche, and restore them to health.

Excessive doubt works in just the opposite way: it prevents a natural flow of energy.

It is a natural human response to aspire toward a higher state, in the hope of fulfilling the life potential. But with the 5th Ray aligned to the sacral center the quality is one of being sense-bound, doubtful and skeptical; it is irrational to aspire toward higher things because the 5th Ray says there are none. Those who aspire toward higher states are considered fools, and regarded with an attitude of irreverence. The lower mind "slays the real" through the deflection of intuition; it is harshly critical, intolerant of error. The focus of attention is strictly in the head and this kills emotional responsiveness. Attraction between people, which is the primary response of the healthy sacral center (7th Ray), is often a matter of emotional responsiveness and shared feelings.

Human bonding is largely based upon warmth of flowing feelings. Lack of this quality is a barrier to natural communication and interaction.

Harmlessness in Emotional Reaction

Harmlessness in emotional reaction results in being a channel for the love of the Soul as it awakens the heart center (2nd Ray). From the Solar Plexus to the heart center, individual consciousness is transmuted into group consciousness. This transmutes the negative solar plexus center from being too fanatical, too rigid and narrow, too resistant to alternatives, and too convinced of the unquestionable rightness of their point of view to the expression of its corresponding higher awakened heart center of Love, impressing the ability to express love wisely and understand people deeply. The selfishness of the 6th ray grows out of the demand to find and follow the one true path (whether religious, political, economic, dietary etc). They express "what is right for me is right for you" or "those who are not with me are against me." Since selfishness leads this type of person to demonstrate that they are better than others by calling attention to themselves through acts of loyalty, faithfulness, and adherence to the person or cause that embodies their current ideal. Hitler, Caesar, and especially Lucifer, focused upon this astral door of illusion. Through harmlessness in emotional reaction, these same 6th Ray vices are transmuted into the ability to gently fuse and unify the mental, emotional and physical vehicles through calmness and clarity. Physical plane activities are coordinated with patience and tact, offering direction by means of a compassionate, respectful understanding of the true nature of the people or circumstances being directed. Emotionally harmless people become distinct centers of magnetism and caring to whom others can come when in need of kindness, support, sympathy, understanding, and a calming loving nature. This heals all relationships and establishes a truly loving relationship between humanity.

Harmlessness in Act

This produces poise, skill in action, and the release of the creative will, awakening the head center. Harmlessness in act transmutes the negative qualities of the 7th Ray aligned to the solar plexus astral desires which manifest as rigid resistance to change, too caught up in the external, too locked into their personal routine customs and conventions, too ensnared in the forms they have created, too busy with mundane chores to hear the call of the soul, the tendency to judge by appearances (either within their own life or the lives of others), overlooking the Soul altogether and with it the source of all that is essential, limited by a lack of flexibility. The 7th Ray on the glamour side means a preoccupation with status and creates separation by emphasizing outer similarities in terms of class, caste, instead of inner solidarity with all. This is a sectarian attitude that looks for a person's acceptability, their tokens of respectability. It creates separation because it discriminates according to the non-essential; and creates increased standardization and reduces opportunity for individualistic expression, aligning to the arrogant attitude of "being in". The unhealthy un-evolved state means the 7th Ray aligns to the base center instead of the sacral. The base of the spine, which should be 4th Ray, is the center from which we relate to the world. As humanity commonly shows the lower negative qualities of the 7th Ray expressing within the world of relationships, it is no wonder that there is a great deal of difficulty for men and women to understand each other. The attitude of "being in" is seen in situations such as all-male clubs, executive or political positions being dominated by men, the need for women to become more like men, to join a man's world in appearance and attitude in order to fit in. And the same goes for women and their ability to relate to each other more that with men.

In harmlessness, the base of the spine aligns instead to the head center and through this inter-relation expresses the love-filled qualities of the 4th Ray of Harmony.

The 4th Ray is the symbol for Earth, and an appropriate ray of expression for the base center since it is our root connection to the elemental kingdom. The contribution of the 4th ray at the base center is to artfully bring divine equilibrium and at-one-ment into every aspect of life.

The base of the spine center is where spirit and matter meet.