Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
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The Path of Harmlessness

The path of Harmlessness begins with the Upward Trend, the path of Evolution, where the energy of the lower centers is transmuted into the higher centers through various stages. This is not the same as practices that work on raising of the Kundalini Fire, which does not open the higher centers through destroying obstruction, but by mental effort (not spiritual will) actually damages the etheric body through a premature burning. Nor does the Path include the various "New Age" spiritual teaching that promises an awakening of the centers and "enlightenment" by various mental means. The Upward Trend transmutes the energies only through purity of life, through emotional discipline and the development of the spiritual will in practical daily living, harmlessness. Only through Harmlessness in daily life over lifetimes of trial and error is the influence of the lower centers redirected to the higher centers, and the door of illusion closed.

This means harmlessness in thought; harmlessness in emotional reaction; and harmlessness in action. Otherwise, the lower centers draw down energy from the corresponding upper centers, creating the negative dynamic expression of self-centeredness.

The solar plexus's harmful, unhealthy emotional lower astral nature is transmuted by:

Harmlessness in Thought

Harmlessness in thought means the control of speech, thereby awakening the throat center (3rd Ray). Harmlessness in thought results primarily in the control of speech. This transmutes the negative unhealthy 5th Ray qualities which are typically working through the sacral center while under the lower astral influence of the solar plexus center, and expressing as the "slayer of the real". The 3rd Ray of Holy Spirit is activated by Harmless thought and speech, which stops the resonating alignment of doubting thoughts and critical words from affecting the flow of positive loving intuition that brings the 3rd Ray into alignment with the sacral center the 7th Ray of right relationship and order.

In the "unhealthy" state with the 5th Ray sitting at the sacral center, aligned more to the solar plexus of self-centered astral illusion, the loving emotions and expressions of intuition flowing between people are inverted, and the person cares of little else but mind and brain as central focus. This leads to significant imbalance, and if pursued long enough manifests as atrophy of the ability to register and transmit love. There is no or little "right relationship" as there would be with the 7th Ray correctly aligned to the sacral center. Those who follow the left-hand path of the dark lodge work with the energies of the 1st Ray and the 5th Ray. Both these rays can be profoundly separative, especially if the 1st or 5th rays are expressed glamorously through the emotional body vehicle, which strengthens the solar plexus of self-centered astral illusion. With the 5th Ray expressing this way through the sacral center, the lower mind of logic and rationality destroys spontaneity, creativity, and an expression for the goodness of life. Living becomes joyless and mechanical. This promotes a materialistic mentality which denies the existence of the intangible and spiritual dimensions of human living. Doubt and skepticism become a chronic, obstructive condition, a condition that stops the ability of the world to be miraculously healed.

There are such things as miracles and faith healing. The miraculous healings performed by Jesus Christ and the disciples required faith on the part of the one to be healed,"thy faith has made thee whole". An attitude of faith allows the healing, cleansing energy of the soul to pour through diseased areas of the body and psyche, and restore them to health.

Excessive doubt works in just the opposite way: it prevents a natural flow of energy.

It is a natural human response to aspire toward a higher state, in the hope of fulfilling the life potential. But with the 5th Ray aligned to the sacral center the quality is one of being sense-bound, doubtful and skeptical; it is irrational to aspire toward higher things because the 5th Ray says there are none. Those who aspire toward higher states are considered fools, and regarded with an attitude of irreverence. The lower mind "slays the real" through the deflection of intuition; it is harshly critical, intolerant of error. The focus of attention is strictly in the head and this kills emotional responsiveness. Attraction between people, which is the primary response of the healthy sacral center (7th Ray), is often a matter of emotional responsiveness and shared feelings.

Human bonding is largely based upon warmth of flowing feelings. Lack of this quality is a barrier to natural communication and interaction.

Harmlessness in Emotional Reaction

Harmlessness in emotional reaction results in being a channel for the love of the Soul as it awakens the heart center (2nd Ray). From the Solar Plexus to the heart center, individual consciousness is transmuted into group consciousness. This transmutes the negative solar plexus center from being too fanatical, too rigid and narrow, too resistant to alternatives, and too convinced of the unquestionable rightness of their point of view to the expression of its corresponding higher awakened heart center of Love, impressing the ability to express love wisely and understand people deeply. The selfishness of the 6th ray grows out of the demand to find and follow the one true path (whether religious, political, economic, dietary etc). They express "what is right for me is right for you" or "those who are not with me are against me." Since selfishness leads this type of person to demonstrate that they are better than others by calling attention to themselves through acts of loyalty, faithfulness, and adherence to the person or cause that embodies their current ideal. Hitler, Caesar, and especially Lucifer, focused upon this astral door of illusion. Through harmlessness in emotional reaction, these same 6th Ray vices are transmuted into the ability to gently fuse and unify the mental, emotional and physical vehicles through calmness and clarity. Physical plane activities are coordinated with patience and tact, offering direction by means of a compassionate, respectful understanding of the true nature of the people or circumstances being directed. Emotionally harmless people become distinct centers of magnetism and caring to whom others can come when in need of kindness, support, sympathy, understanding, and a calming loving nature. This heals all relationships and establishes a truly loving relationship between humanity.

Harmlessness in Act

This produces poise, skill in action, and the release of the creative will, awakening the head center. Harmlessness in act transmutes the negative qualities of the 7th Ray aligned to the solar plexus astral desires which manifest as rigid resistance to change, too caught up in the external, too locked into their personal routine customs and conventions, too ensnared in the forms they have created, too busy with mundane chores to hear the call of the soul, the tendency to judge by appearances (either within their own life or the lives of others), overlooking the Soul altogether and with it the source of all that is essential, limited by a lack of flexibility. The 7th Ray on the glamour side means a preoccupation with status and creates separation by emphasizing outer similarities in terms of class, caste, instead of inner solidarity with all. This is a sectarian attitude that looks for a person's acceptability, their tokens of respectability. It creates separation because it discriminates according to the non-essential; and creates increased standardization and reduces opportunity for individualistic expression, aligning to the arrogant attitude of .being in. The unhealthy un-evolved state means the 7th Ray aligns to the base center instead of the sacral. The base of the spine, which should be 4th Ray, is the center from which we relate to the world. As humanity commonly shows the lower negative qualities of the 7th Ray expressing within the world of relationships, it is no wonder that there is a great deal of difficulty for men and women to understand each other. The attitude of "being in" is seen in situations such as all-male clubs, executive or political positions being dominated by men, the need for women to become more like men, to join a man's world in appearance and attitude in order to fit in. And the same goes for women and their ability to relate to each other more that with men.

In harmlessness, the base of the spine aligns instead to the head center and through this inter-relation expresses the love-filled qualities of the 4th Ray of Harmony.

The 4th Ray is the symbol for Earth, and an appropriate ray of expression for the base center since it is our root connection to the elemental kingdom. The contribution of the 4th ray at the base center is to artfully bring divine equilibrium and at-one-ment into every aspect of life.

The base of the spine center is where spirit and matter meet.

First Initiation
This major initiation is involved with the sacral center and the throat center, the right relationship of the seventh and the third rays.
So the choice of the matter when one is awakening those psychic natures in oneself is if one takes the left hand path of the first initiation they become more attuned to tarot, psychic phenomenon, clairaudience, clairvoyance, hearing voices and attaining guidance; makes sense? This phenomenon is a part of that seventh Ray energy; it is that third Ray energy is turned downward rather than upward.

On the other hand if the energy is turned upward, you lose the interest of psychic phenomenon, you literally lose it. You lose the ability to be clairaudient or clairvoyant, you simply can't hear voices at all any more, and you start losing all other forms of fanatical belief systems that you might have had in a religion that's maybe off kilt a little bit, and whatever is right about it you'll gain that as a sense of perspective. Anything you've got that's right will come back in the right relationship of the third Ray and the seventh Ray moving in its upward position because your mind will see it in a higher order. You'll see it for what it really is and you'll have your own ability to begin receiving the essence of things as they're coming at you, and instead of the knowledge aspect, you'll be receiving wisdom aspect. So you'll lose interest in things that are untrue because of wisdom.

And the other side, when you're in the left hand path, you're walking in darkness because you don't know, and as long as you don't know you'll always be seeking and be lead into psychic processes that allow you to unveil things other people cannot see or hear. By coming in contact with those things you still have no verification of the discernment or discrimination of what you know. No one else can hear it, no one else can experience it and you're getting further and further away from other members of humanity. Make sense? You're entering another pathway, another dimension of experiences that do go on in life but it's all part of the astral plane and everything in spiritual energy has a psychic level on the astral plane and has a mirror effect; an exact mirror opposite in the right hand path on a telepathic level where it's sentient. So with this side of things, instead of developing clairaudience or clairvoyance you're developing higher mind and higher intuition, telepathy. Now, you're seeing things for what they really are. Rather than seeing ghosts or things like that, you're seeing life, and you're beginning to see it for what it is because instead of just seeing it, now you're seeing what it is in reality.

Like for example in psychometry, if you touch something and you have psychometry you have the ability to touch something, feel it and receive the light that's coming from it if there's light in it. That is part of your sensory ability; one of your senses is touch. The other one is sight and as you're awakening your first initiation you're awakening your sense of touch, you're awakening your sense of sight, you're awakening your sense of smell; all your senses and from awakening those particular processes you begin awakening the energy of being able to hear properly. When you hear properly and you start seeing properly those senses start coming into an attunement because literally you're taking the right hand path to make those things happen. As long as we are working with meditation and you're working on invocation of words that invoke the Rays and the alignment of the Soul, things of that nature, then we're using literally a part of the science of invocation. You're stimulating that area where you would have clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometry, those psychic abilities that you could have developed in this way for personal gain, the left hand path, and now you're developing and enhancing in order to be more receptive and responsible in your life. Your ability to respond in the moment, that's all the First Initiation is about. It is to give you the ability to respond in the moment and not be too emotional about it, whatever is going on. You can be the best hero or you could be the best person to help people in that moment, makes sense? That's the First Initiation.

So that process of the First Initiation aligns the ability for people to read mind to mind. That's the very first thing that orients the process is that the awakening of being able to raise your consciousness in right relationship; how you're thinking, how your emotions are reacting, how your physical body is responding. You are using your mind for discernment, you're using that third Ray about your relating to life and as you do that with meditation and the use of the etheric weaver and other things of that nature, you're actually stimulating your receptivity of those senses. Your ability to be receptive to that light, that's what you're changing. Make sense?
The Seven Rays of God
The Second Ray - The Ray of Loving Wisdom
All of us are really only second ray. There is only really one ray which all other rays come from and that is the second ray. No matter what rays you carry with you from the past or what rays you are expressing, the goal is to just let go and become second ray. "Ray Packages " show a picture of your past karma what you stuck in, that you already know too well, the way forward is to read, understand and then express the characteristics of second ray.

Strengths and Characteristics
  • Loving Wisdom
  • Magnetic, attractive love
  • Power to understand through love
  • Empathy, sympathy and compassion
  • Exquisite sensitivity
  • Receptivity and impressionability
  • Love of pure truth
  • Intuitive love
  • Clear perception and intelligence
  • Inclusiveness and aspiration for a completed point of view
  • Power to teach and illumine
  • Patience
  • Tact
  • Serenity
  • Faithfulness
  • Tolerance
  • Power to salvage and redeem
  • Power to heal through love

  • The glamor of the love of being loved
  • The glamor of popularity
  • The glamor of personal wisdom
  • The glamor of selfish responsibility
  • The glamor of too complete an understanding, which negates right action
  • The glamor of self-pity, a basic glamor of this ray
  • The glamor of the Messiah complex, in the world of religion and world religion
  • The glamor of fear, based on undue sensitivity
  • The glamor of self-sacrifice
  • The glamor of selfish unselfishness
  • The glamor of self-satisfaction
  • The glamor of selfish service
The First Ray - The Ray of Will and Power
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Strength of will
  • Dynamic Power
  • Power to synthesize
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Power of beneficient destruction
  • Strong one-pointed focus
  • Power to preserve values
  • Power to lead
  • Power to direct
  • Power to govern
  • Fearlessness
  • Power to initiate
  • Detachment, or the power to detach
  • Wisdom to establish, uphold or enforce the law
  • Strength and courage
  • Independence
  • Power to liberate
  • Keen understanding of principles and priorities
  • Truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness
  • Power to centralize
  • Large-mindedness

  • The glamor of physical strength
  • The glamor of personal magnetism
  • The glamor of self-centeredness and personal potency
  • The glamor of "the one at the center"
  • The glamor of selfish personal ambition
  • The glamor of rulership, of dictatorship and of wide control
  • The glamor of the Messiah complex in the field of politics
  • The glamor of selfish destiny, of divine right of kings personally exacted
  • The glamor of destruction
  • The glamor of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness
  • The glamor of superimposed will upon others and upon groups
The Third Ray - The Ray of Abstract Intelligence and Adaptability
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Capacity for abstract thinking
  • Capacity to theorize and speculate
  • Understanding of relativity
  • Wide views on all abstract questions
  • Capacity for rigorous analysis and reasoning: an acute and powerful intellect
  • Great mental fertility and creativity
  • Ability to modify and qualify for the sake of accuracy in thought
  • Power to understand and explain complex woven patterns and trends
  • Great mental activity and agility
  • Skillful communication; the power to be vocal and render thought into word
  • Facility with language
  • Power to recognize and think within the blueprint of the Divine Plan
  • Power to manipulate
  • Ability to plan and strategize
  • Great activity and adaptability
  • Ability to understand economy and be economical
  • Facility for understanding and handling money; philanthropy
  • Executive and business aptitudes


  • The glamor of being busy
  • The glamor of cooperation with the Plan in an individual not a group way
  • The glamor of active scheming
  • The glamor of creative work without true motive
  • The glamor of good intentions, which are basically selfish
  • The glamor of "the spider at the center"
  • The glamor of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, of efficiency
  • The glamor of devious and continuous manipulation
The Fourth Ray - The Ray of Harmony through Conflict
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Facility for bringing harmony out of conflict
  • Capacity to grow spiritually and psychologically through constant struggle and crisis
  • Capacity to reconcile
  • Facility for achieving "at-one-ment"
  • Facility for compromise, mediation and bridging
  • Capacity for creative living through skill-in-action
  • Love of beauty and the capacity to create or express it
  • Refinement of artistic and aesthetic sensibilities
  • Strong imagination and intuition
  • Love of color
  • Strong sense of drama
  • Ability to amuse, delight and entertain
  • Musicality
  • Literary abilities via creative imagination
  • Spontaneity and improvisation
  • Fighting spirit
  • Ability to make peace

  • The glamor of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction
  • The glamor of war
  • The glamor of conflict, with the objective of imposing righteousness and peace
  • The glamor of vague artistic perception
  • The glamor of psychic perception instead of intuition
  • The glamor of musical perception
  • The glamor of the pair pf opposites, in the higher sense
The Fifth Ray - The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Capacity to think and act scientifically
  • Keen and focussed intellect yielding the power to know
  • Power to define
  • Power to create thoughtforms
  • Facility for mathematical calculation
  • Highly developed powers of analysis and discrimination
  • Detached objectivity
  • Accuracy and precision in though and action
  • Acquisition of knowledge and the master of factual detail
  • Power to discover through investigation and research
  • Power to verify through experimentation; the discrimination of truth from error
  • Mechanical ability
  • Practical inventiveness
  • Technical expertise
  • Common sense and the rejection on ‘non-sense’
  • Lucidity of explanation
  • The glamor of materiality, or over-emphasis of form
  • The glamor of the intellect
  • The glamor of knowledge and of definition
  • The glamor of assurance, based on a narrow point of view
  • The glamor of the form which hides reality
  • The glamor of organization
  • The glamor of the outer, which hides the inner
The Sixth Ray - The Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Transcendent idealism
  • Power of abstraction
  • Intense devotion
  • Self-sacrificial ardor
  • Unshakable faith and undimmed optimism
  • One-pointedness; single-mindedness
  • Utter loyalty and adherence
  • Earnestness and sincerity
  • Profound humility
  • Receptivity to spiritual guidance
  • Unflagging persistence
  • Power to arouse, inspire and persuade
  • Ability to achieve ecstasy and rapture
  • Purity, goodness, sainthood


  • The glamor of devotion
  • The glamor of adherence to forms and persons
  • The glamor of idealism
  • The glamor of loyalties, and of creeds
  • The glamor of emotional response
  • The glamor sentimentality
  • The glamor of interference
  • The glamor of the lower pairs of opposites
  • The glamor of world saviors and teachers
  • The glamor of the narrow vision
  • The glamor of fanaticism
The Seventh Ray - The Ray of Organization and Ceremonialism
Strengths and Characteristics
  • Power to create order
  • Power to manifest and to work upon the material plane
  • Power to plan and organize
  • Ritualism and ceremonialism
  • Power as a magician
  • Power to work with the devas and elemental forces
  • Power to perfect form
  • Power to manage detail
  • Keen sense of rhythm and timing
  • Power to coordinate groups
  • Power to understand and implement the law
  • Power to build
  • Power to renovate and transform
  • Power to synthesize


  • The glamor of magical work
  • The glamor of the relation of the opposites
  • The glamor of the subterranean powers
  • The glamor of that which brings together
  • The glamor of the physical body
  • The glamor of the mysterious and the secret
  • The glamor of sex magic
  • The glamor of the emerging manifested forces
Maitreya Buddhism
The Living Buddha Maitreya Teaches Today that Through Service and Charity one Attains Merit and Virtue and one’s Soul or Buddha Nature is Incarnated

There are different kinds of Buddhism from the Gautama Buddha teaching process, that we know as meditation, study and certain techniques of Buddhism. Maitreya Buddhism is more along the line of the Science of Redemption. This is a combination of both blessing of healing and being receptive. Before people were not receptive, they had to learn that they needed to change.

500 years after Buddha, Jesus came and had the same teaching. Now people are more psychically receptive, which creates a more collective awakening, known as Maitreya Dharma. This dharma teaching goes from Buddha to the next, this is a transition from one to the next; the outcome of this transition is extreme longevity along with the development of technology that benefits both ecologically and economically eliminating poverty and most diseases and results in the awakening of Buddha Nature of the entire planet.

Some people believe that Buddhism leads to Nirvana and away from physical incarnation and onto planes that do not include physical existence. Buddha did not teach that. If you study the texts and the prayers of Tibetan Buddhism it is focused on the invocation that all Buddhas immediately reincarnate, bringing all sentient beings to enlightenment. That is why the reality of Buddhism is reincarnation and the ability to raise evolutionary conscious- ness as an awakened Soul that doesn’t die but just reincarnates and that ancient wisdom that comes with the Soul is what evolves the planet.

It doesn’t matter if you call it yoga, or meditation, or any other form of spiritual growth, like religions. Buddhism is all-inclusive, believing that all of these religions are the Effect of the Universal Light of Buddha Nature.

During the time of the Maitreya Buddha, also known as Christ, a Golden age is established and then it is an automatic time of empowerment, not a matter of seeking, it is a matter of being awakened. It is not a choice.

There is a specific effect that impresses upon humanity because the time of the collective body of saints, masters, it is a very large unified group of Souls. This hierarchical embodiment of the planet becomes more and more aware of the level of consciousness that comes from Awakening Buddha Nature. That is what creates the Externalization of Christ.

As we evolve in initiation we also evolve the whole planet in collective consciousness. It is that collective consciousness that the Buddha is known for, not so much as an individual but as a mass of incarnated saints during the incarnation of Christ and the awaken- ing process this places on humanity and the Earth.

This brings advancements in technology, medicine, sciences, human rights and helps to bring about a focus on the “now” and the ability to respond to the Holy Spirit, preventing the forces of the evil spirit from maintaining focus of paranormal illusions based on lower nature rather than enjoying life and being of service.

Through service one attains merit and virtue and one’s Soul or Buddha Nature is incarnated, therefore preparing for a future life - our virtues are carried over to the next life since we have cultivated a greater ability to be of service. That is how the World be- comes a better World.
Thank you for inviting me to speak. My main teaching and my main work is Charity and the focus of Tibetan Buddhism.

That is all I do, and I do it well. I do it very well. I have no support, and I have no financial backing; I have no wealthy people backing me. I do it because I'm a Rinpoche. In Drepung here, with all of your study and all of your hard work, you will all reincarnate with these same qualities. It is in all of your highest teachings. All of those teachings are based on Charity. Wisdom comes from Giving. It is the hardest thing in the world to do. So it's our Bodhicitta, Buddha nature that allows us to do this.

Money can make you greedy; it can make people greedy, money itself. But money is a source of all wealth all prana. It is not inherently negative; it is a vehicle for Giving. If you give it, you receive it. Its magic is so powerful – yet, if you hold onto it, it will take away Buddha nature and it will destroy you. It is made to be given away, to be shared.

Money can be used across all borders, across all languages. It is right now the root of evil, the foundation of evil. It is also life itself, our life-source, the energy of life. It either gives life or it takes life. It is created by Buddha to end all evil. Money is created by Buddha-mind, by Buddha, in order to end all evil just simply by using it right. Use it right and it ends all evil. To use it right, you have to act right and you have to think right. Money helps you to become good if you use it right. Our job is to help people to let go of money. Money is like a big piece of (self?), a big ego, and you can let go of your ego, you can let go and offer it to Buddha. Buddha creates Dharma and a Sangha. In a Sangha, Buddha brings problems to you, like people who need money, Monasteries who need money, things that need help. You don't go away from it, it actually comes to you and you must deal with it. You feed the poor, you help the hungry, you fix things; that's what Buddhists do.

We have a lot of creative future ahead of us and that future is very different than the present is today. Everybody together, will create a bigger and bigger picture of how this future of Buddhism is going to manifest. We've done this before, expansion where in one Monastery we would have 5,000 Monks. It all depends on mind and seeing that we can actually grow like that.

That's my intention, is to help support the creative minds of all the Rinpoches and all the Geshes to see the future and build it, with extreme support from all of humanity.

Buddhism is not a religion, it is a philosophy. Every human being must become a Buddhist. It's not a religion, it's a fact. What we're doing here is creating human beings. By all of humanity helping your work, they are awakening Buddha nature, Buddha-field; they are going into Buddha-field out of Samsara. Nothing else does it like that. All the Masters of Earth, all become students of Buddha, that's nature. So it is absolutely vital that humanity helps you. It is absolutely the most important thing for humanity to be aware of Tibetan Buddhism and its purpose and its effect on humanity. And that has been and is my goal, life after life after life.

In this life, everything is going to be much easier than we've ever had it before, because there are many Rinpoches who are fully capable of Giving, really, completely capable of being able to Give. I can prove that because of the way I am treated in Tibetan Buddhism. I am a teacher of Charity, and most Rinpoches find me to be very similar to themselves. They may not have fully awakened all of Buddha nature yet, but they will and through my kindness, they will become just as kind and we will become so very, fortunate, because their teachings will reach the whole world.

So, we are not in a bad time. We have lost a lot of Tibetan process, but we are going to go out into the world and change everything. Just think of it as a group reincarnation. Just think of it as a large group of awakened people reincarnated, rebirthed.

And we just fix things.

Nyagre Khamtsen Drepung University, Mungod, India
October 18, 2002
Christ Logo
The reason for this is Invocation. It is the symbol of the Incarnated Christ and Shambhala. The circle and the dot is God. The 6 pointed star is Heaven and Earth, like the hierarchy and humanity blended as one, not separate. The Cross is the symbol of Initiation for everyone. The point of Light is the Soul within us all. The words 'Shambhala, Be Harmless' is the Initiate's path. Shambhala is the World governed by the Law of Love - the Initiate. The Invocation is that everyone must become an Initiate, there is no way out. It is judgment time and being harmless is the choice - solar, dome homes, meditation, etc. Everyone must participate.

The Christ Logo is featured on all of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools.
Etheric Weaver, Metatron Mat and the use of Reiki
Question: A man was giving an Etheric Weaver treatment on the mat to a lady while she was lying on the Metatron Mat and the weaver was very active over her heart for about 15 minutes. He then did 1/2 hour reiki on her. She started getting heart palpations last night and a little this morning. He said how much he enjoys the mat and using it in his practice, the lady could feel a lot of heat coming from the Metatron Mat. He wanted to be safe about her palpations and wondered what he should do.

Answer: It was not the mat causing the palpitations it was the reiki. When a weaver is used it works with only the etheric image of the one treated. No influence is created between anyone and the weaver, only the one treated. The mat is the same way. It is directly connected to the self healing process of the person. It is self regulated so it can not over amp a person, only help to connect the Etheric field. The weaver seeks out the rents and under or over functioning glands or systems and settles them into balance allowing the Etheric field to be reconnected as it would be if the person was healthy and vital. But, if another person enters the field of balancing then that person could cause the energy to become focused and begin to over function or under function due to the mind and emotions of the practitioner.

The tools are designed for self healing not as a tool for channeling energy from a healer. They will not do that, it is against the law of love and the Etheric Field. The astral field is where most problems exist and become disorder in the Etheric Field. The tools are based on the "like cures like" and they resonate with the individual they are weaving or in contact with.

So to get the best results one simply assists in the work of the tools. Many times there are healing processes that happen while weaving, heat of the area, increased chi, electrical sensation, greater sensitivity and a release of emotions or cause of pain this is caused by the mirroring effect created with the weaver or other tools. The weaver resonates like a mirror. When it is distorted it resonates to balance, causing the distortion to release.

It seems like a miracle but it is love from the person being healed. So many times they become very at peace and feel less fear as the love increases. It’s not me or the healer. Many people have a lot of love from past lives. Many have very little but what is really there begins to come to the surface and they begin to evolve. So it basically causes evolution and regeneration from evolution.

Most seek healers because they are not evolving and they are degenerating but they can become dependant on the healer and the healing does not evolve the person. This work does both.

The tools are to be recommended for home use. All practitioners should recommend this and provide the experience of the tools, so the person would take on the responsibility and help others in the same way, evolving the planet. Personal and Planetary Ascension is the work of my science the tools have never been found to be too strong even for the densest skeptic to the most sensitive meditator. They even work on animals and businesses and circumstances They simply evolve everything as a way to channel god's evolutionary Etheric field and reduce the man made astral field causing all suffering and disease, by blocking the soul from evolving.

Question: Also the man said his medical doctor is coming for a session on the Metatron Mat next week, he is interested. He just wanted to check if it's ok for the doctor to be on the mat for periods of time as he had open heart surgery last year but he doesn't have a pacemaker.

Answer: The only problem with the Metatron Mat is a pacemaker. That is the same for any magnetic field. They cannot be near microwave ovens either. But it is the magnet that can distort the pace makers pulse, not the mat in general.

For any surgery the Metatron Mat heals scar tissue and prevents disease and much more for the soul.
Exorcism and Person's Rights
How receptive is someone to an exorcism? They get angry and want to get away and that is a symptom and the use of the Etheric Weaver and the CD pujas will allow the possession to end.

There is a belief system that we cannot mess with another person's right to be possessed. A real, true person who helps someone sees beyond the limitation of that person. You can put so many people into an Etheric Weaver healing and it is not affecting them on a personal level and their choices - you are directly working with the person's soul and we do not have an individual soul but a collective soul. Doing good for another person makes you good.
False Teachings on Maitreya
"Dear Tulku Buddha Maitreya Rimpoche Thank you for responding to us. Before finding your web site I was studying the teachings of Maitreya in Sante Fe, New Mexico. I wrote several e-mails to him www.maitreya.org. I try not to condemn or criticize those who are taking on such a task as he. However there seems to be so much inner confusions over the Maitreya's reappearance into the world. I am glad of your commitment to healing and healing these astral forces that create so much conflict and turmoil. Humanity is in such need of healing as we have been so deceived, manipulated, controlled, by entities seeking to rule this earth. I am glad to have made contact with you and am praying for clarity and healing For clarity comes I believe with purity. Thank you for your attention and your presence." Tara Chand and family Cottonwood, AZ.

There is definitely a lot of False Teaching and information related to Esoteric knowledge of Maitreya.

Some of the best sources of the History of Maitreya is from Krishna's Teachings 5000 years ago. At that time Maitreya was known as Maitreya Rishi and a very well known saint of Meditation and Self Realization. It was not until the last day of Krishna's life that the two met. Krishna was awaiting his death and return to Krishna Loka and sitting next to a tree he was pondering about how actually no body during his incarnation actually knew him fully. Than Maitreya walking down a path in front of Krishna, saw Krishna and fully realized he was seeing the Lord and immediately asked Krishna if he was correct. Krishna than began giving him a full discourse on the Live of the Lord and his present life, along with his future life of Buddha.

At the End of the Teaching he told Maitreya that he and Krishna are the same Being and as he leaves the Earth that day, Maitreya will be the incarnation of the Ancient of Days, the First and the Last. The Planetary Logos. In the next incarnation as Siddhartha, Maitreya is again present as a disciple to Siddhartha and known as the Bodhisattva Maitreya and Siddhartha stated that his future Life he will be the Buddha of the World and prophesied that this will take place when the Iron Bird Flies and the horse is riding on wheels then Tibetan Buddhism will end and the Tibetan Buddhist will return to the Land of the Red Man.

Sidhartha's Life teaching focused on Shambhala, the Kalachakra and the Lord of Shambhala, "Both Maitreya and Siddhartha were the same being, the Lord of Shambhala Incarnated". Much preparation for the Tibetan process of Incarnations where mainly established by Siddhartha. Such as Tsong Khapa, the founder of the Gelupa Sect was recognized while incarnated during the life of Siddhartha. He as a small child offered Buddha a crystal Mala and Buddha said this child will be Tsong Khapa, a reformer of Tibetan Buddhism in the future. Padmasambhava was also recognized and prophesied his future incarnation as a Tibetan Reformer, reestablishing the Teaching of Shambhala. Along with the Karmapa and many others. All of these beings are all the same being as Siddhartha, they are incarnations of the Lord of Shambhala, the Lord of the World the Planetary Logos furthering the evolution of Earth into the Buddhaic Field.

Of all of the incarnations, Maitreya is the most complete incarnation of Sanat Kumara the Lord of Shambhala and all of the Lineage of Sanat Kumara are emanations of Maitreya.

Many times lesser teachings established teachings around Maitreya and much of the Original Teachings of Krishna and Siddhartha were changed to fit their belief systems. Many Buddhists claim Maitreya is not going to appear for another 5000 years, some even say 25,000 years. Others say even in Tibetan circles that Maitreya will not appear for at least 500 years. But both Padmasambhava and Tsong Khapa reestablished the Teaching from Siddhartha that proclaimed Maitreya's appearance to be in 2500 years after the death of Siddhartha.

As far as Teachings of Maitreya, these are best found in the texts of Asangha the only disciple of Maitreya in Tibetan Buddhism, along with the Text of Krishna, Padmasambhava, Atisha, Tsong Khapa, many of the Incarnations of the Karmapa and Jesus the Christ--all of whom are either incarnations or emanations of Maitreya. During their life expressions they established the true teaching of Maitreya on Practical Levels. Both Tsong Khapa and Padmasambhava taught these same teachings and established the Puja's to Buddha Maitreya and founded the present level of Humanity's expectation of the Coming of Maitreya as prophesized by Siddhartha.

Much of this information was diluted by the Theosophical Society and Alice Bailey, the misdirected Teachings caused by Channeling and lower psychic Lesser interpretations.

This began a separation of incarnations into separate personalities, especially Jesus and Maitreya. This in effect is a form of Danger for the reappearance because they established Maitreya as Christ and Jesus as not being the Christ, just a Disciple. This justifies the lesser teaching of walk-ins and channeling but especially puts Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus in an opposite light. They also included the lesser teaching found in some Buddhist text that Maitreya and Siddhartha are two separate Buddha's and not two incarnations of the same being. And to top it off they established the belief that Sanat Kumara does not incarnate, that Siddhartha is a separate Buddha and not Sanat Kumara, that Maitreya is not Sanat Kumara but also a separate Buddha and Jesus is just a Master Disciple and not Christ—yes very confusing and I believe it was meant to be confusing.

My focus is not to Teach so much as I feel more of a need to Heal and release the Astral pressure that aligns to these astral separative Teachings and help Humanity come in contact with the Reformation of Buddha's Teaching. Telepathically and magnetically attract them into right relationship. At the same time I am being enthroned and becoming a reformer of Shambhala Teaching founded in Tibetan Buddhism and establishing this in America. The deluded teaching of Geomancy and channeled information is very disorienting to most initiates and those who are drawn to lesser teachers are also drawn to channeled information of Separative Hierarchy and extra terrestrial Hierarchy.

The foundation of Planetary Geomancy and the history of sacred architecture is also found in Buddhism; and the teaching of Solar Philosophy in relationship to Buddhist cosmology is not something one is introduced to in the New Age interpretation of Solar Philosophy and the Geomancy of the Cosmos. The process of providing the Science of Metatronics and healing the Etheric Field, along with Geomancy, the Shambhala Mandala and the Stupa is most of what I am introducing at this time, along with the Etheric Weaver to take the place of Quasi Tibetan Groups like Reiki etc.
From Glamor to Moderation
Developing the Second Ray of Loving Wisdom

Most of the teachings on the Rays are fixed on the personality and the soul.

If you look at the Rays, they are the Rays of the Planetary Logos that move us. The 1st Ray is the Cosmic Logos, the 2nd Ray is the Solar Logos and 3rd Ray is the Planetary logos. On Earth, our process is to integrate these 3 aspects into our spontaneous reality so we have Cosmic Law, Solar Law and Planetary Law. They are the strongest rays that influence us and less the rays of our personality package. That in itself could be the strongest influence of the rays, like the rays of your nation.

Even in life, your rays can change. So in reality, we are all just the 2nd Ray and that is the only one we have to work on.

You can look at the rays as lesser and higher. The 1st Ray in a higher reality is nothing more than the 2nd Ray dominating the 1st Ray and manifesting the 2nd Ray. It is the same with the 3rd, 4th, 5th Rays etc, they are all dominated by the integration of the soul and that is only 2nd Ray.

If you are going to integrate your soul, you need to make your physical, emotional and mental bodies more 2nd Ray.

If you physically die and are brought back to life 10 minutes later, you are dominantly 2nd Ray. So it is the Law, either you do it here or you do it after you die. So let’s start dying: going through the process of death now so that we can get younger and regenerate and heal disease. So we do not reincarnate, we regenerate. Accidents are what kills most of us and most are cleared out if you focus on meditation, simplicity, moderation, less anxiety (e.g. to be on time) and taking initiation.

Most of us are taken out by stress. All of you have the ability to receive the 3rd initiation in life but it can get perverted. For example, multiple marriages, sex changes, gay men wanting to be women. What happens if a guy wants to be a girl? He has to click into that scenario; his mannerisms, his behavior. Why do men have to do all the fixing at home? The nature of the woman is to be equal to a man but not stereotypical. It is the energy of psychic stereotyping, if we do that towards women we will move humanity towards homosexuality and the same if we stereotype men. We will go to the other end of the spectrum and have no life, look at the commercials and what they tell you is normal. Normal is a man and a woman together, a wonderful natural ability to make a nice home and reality together.

Why is the 7th Ray of Right Relationship so important?

All of the rays have a complimentary connection: Rays 3 & 7, Rays 2 & 6 and Rays 4 & 1.

So, as we develop the 3rd Ray (the Holy Spirit/Mind of God) energy, we develop the 7th Ray. So developing the Holy Spirit, the 7th Ray, right relationship is more important for humanity and we learn to speak lovingly and care lovingly. The 7th Ray is the order of things: saying and doing the right things. The 3rd Ray is the ray that creates karma and can unwind karma.

A healthy, selfless person should have the following rays in relationship to their chakras:

But in a normal state with doubting mind and fearful thoughts there is lack of hope and lack of faith and so they have a relationship with themselves and the 5th Ray is at the sacral center. They stereotype, put prejudice on things and that is our relationship to life. So in an unhealthy state, these rays shift their energy to the chakras and if we misuse our will, it focuses the 4th Ray on the brow center.

The First Three Initiations

When the body is unhealthy, the way the chakras are in the body and way in which you draw energy to you and radiate it out is different to when you are healthy. When you are negative, all the delusions of the world are what you are picking up but you are not receiving the soul, you maintain that by being harmless.

When they are connecting in a healthy way, the sacral energy connects to the throat, which is your speech. The throat is how you relate to life and the sacral center is your relationships in life. If you relate negatively to life, all you are doing is putting down life.

This is already an enlightened world. The words are there, they just need to be turned upwards and then everything in life, everything you say is revelation.

This connection is Tantric, the relationship of Vajradhara and Vajrayogini. Vajrayogini is the manifestation of the 7th Ray (sacral center) and the 3rd ray (throat center) and it manifests the form you take: either you are divine and have dharmic attributes or you are not divine and have karmic attributes. When the 7th ray moves to the 3rd ray in the throat in right relationship, everything in the world becomes Vajrayogini and it puts you in relationship to the world like Buddha is in relationship to the world and we start having miracles and we find ourselves in right places at the right time and we did not plan it and it gets us very humble and it makes life a totally different reality, one thing after the other, what you think is what you see. Imagine what you will see if you are deluded.

So the power of relationship is known as white magic and that is the first thing that takes place, you immediately become a magician and you start transforming things through your mind and speech and what you are thinking comes on TV and it is part of the awakening and it is very metaphysical.

The next relationship to stabilize is your solar plexus to your heart and you immediately become a sentient being becoming an enlightened being, Buddha, through right relationship and an evolutionary process can take place. In that process shifts of awakening take place and they are known as initiations.

The 1st initiation is the 7th ray moving to the 3rd ray which is how you relate to people, do you see them as divine or evil? Once that shifts to become more your Buddha nature, your Bodhisattva qualities develop from the solar plexus to the heart and it immediately goes to your mind and it gets enlightened and you see the light outside of you rather than judging or criticizing, so you simply cannot misinterpret or judge what another sentient being is doing. So that is known as the 2nd initiation and the effect of that is an extreme ability of telepathy and you stop thinking about why there are bad things in the world.

The next relationship is our base center moving to our crown center where our will comes in and where the planet comes in. This planet is connected to our base center and the energy of Shambhala and heaven. We not only sense what is going on in the world but we sense humanity changing e.g. in society it is the will center where politics and other high things of that nature that control us take place.

So when we move in this state of awakening, we become the conduit for the 1st ray energy and we do things like go to the grocery store and buy only what we need to buy. As these things wake up we find that we are not attracted to the things that are coming up and we make very practical choices based on moderation. We do not want a lot of money, property and to control a big company, we want to be of service so the energy of your choices shift automatically and it directly affects the use of those rays throughout life.

Moderation & Glamour

There are people who in their vices wish to be a leader or to control and they get hold of those rays and they use them and the rest of humanity is not using them that much. So it is important we get our will back and choose good relationships in life and it will radiate out to those who are misusing those energies. Like rock stars, actors and politicians (they are actors too!) and they misuse the 1st ray and build big mansions and it manifests into a really bad scenario for humanity. So by the practitioner asserting their will to make proper choices everyday to help others, you take on the position of becoming the star, without a stage and it takes away this delusional karmic life.

It is the same with sport. It is wherever you see enormous amounts of money that there are these misuses. They put people on pedestals and they live out delusions of glamor in a world of glamor and they even say it, they do movies about it, commercials about it and it destroys humanity.

It is a misuse of what is Buddha nature to direct people to control their fans and we all become fanatical. So it is an extreme misuse of the nature of the evolution of where we are going and so we need to choose whether we support these things e.g. buy ridiculous cars (a personality expression) in a world where hybrid cars are available.

These people are psychically attacking humanity and so now you pay $400K for a house that only cost $20K 20 years ago, because Madonna paid $5M for a house. You have 2 Princes in England running around like their mother, full of glamour. And yet there is poverty all around the world and we think it is great that the government is giving aid to the 3rd world tsunami victims but we are not bothered about a Prince making £300K per annum from humanity and let it all go, like the story of the Prince and the Pauper, it is a moral but a truth.

So in humanity is a small group that is so distanced from humanity and so full of glamor that it is really affecting things and if you ask them why they live like they do, they will tell you they are doing it for you.

Everything in the world causing disease is glamour. This is way off the mark of reality and where the true suffering is coming from, it is these thousands of people living delusions of glamor and insane in the mind. This is why I have so few students in a dharshan as you need to disassociate from this world.

People like Madonna are going into a real fanatical place looking for God. If they became truly awakened, they will move to a life of moderation, like Dennis Weaver. Never will it be ok for an individual to have an over abundance of money as to do so is sex magic and money magic.

So imagine if the 4th ray moves up to the 1st ray, religion is not a goal but a path. This is what we could do if we were not controlled by our fanaticism. We can see this in history, controlling humanity through the fanatic process of black magic e.g. Caesar, the Mayans, the Aztecs and it is being done so subtly, they reincarnate and we establish the same roles with them.

The purpose of the declaration of Independence and the Constitution is like its written by Buddha to establish union, create justice. Each movement to establish human rights was to give power to people and stop others controlling the people and it allows God to be a factor, “One nation under God,” it is an invocation-evocation in the US for all nations to come together and establish a process of one nation under God and it is really about understanding the common truth which is moderation.

Everyone has to have this shift in consciousness. So if you say “I don’t like sports”, you need to come clean and reveal all of the things that are not in right relationship. Whenever you get an opportunity to say something you should as it may give that person an opportunity to take their power back. It will stop people buying Nike even though they know the shoes are being made in sweat shops by children. Instead, we could look at local shoemakers. What better teaching tool is there in the world than walking the talk, shifting your life towards reverence and world change. There is much we can do and tackle in the world to change things. If you do not say something, you are supporting fanaticism.

Then we can create longer and more fulfilling lives. We think we only live to 50 to 70 years old but we should be living for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years if the bible is true. Adam lived for just under 1000 years and the only reason he died was his impurity and his descendants gradually lived for less and less years. Babaji lived 2,500 years. He was born in the time of Gautama Buddha and died in 1950, now either Yogananda is crackers or we are missing the boat.

One of the options in relation to Maitreya is to expand the life span of people not by 1000 years but by 4000 or 5000 years, wouldn't that be interesting? Babaji looked like he was 30 years old when he died and Krishna looked 18. Tsong Khapa looked 16 when he died.

So there can be more than just the benefit of being happy and being enlightened. How much wisdom can you gain in a 70 year period? You are just a child. Our response to life and bodies are so impure that our soul takes us out and then you start again and your soul brings you back. You come back straight away but time is transcendent so it may not seem like that.

So there is a great amount that can happen for the whole world just through moderation. Gautama Buddha told Manjushri “we can meditate, do puja but the best thing we can do is visualize that Buddha we have not met yet but we know he is to come”. That is just the preparation. If there is a physical incarnation of the Buddha, this can be done tremendously and we can have cures for cancer, aids etc and fanatical people will have breakdowns.

Question: You talk about movie stars but what about misuse by the pharmaceutical companies, like those who make mother’s breast milk formulas?

They are all the same. Humanity is in a misdirected state, in a state of glamor and we have to do things like a mother having to go back to work 3 months after she gave birth.

Like the housing market and prices going through the roof so you need to have both the mother and father working. You have to be part of the forces of glamor just to get through daily life. Poverty is growing and Aids is growing and the money is not going where the money should be going.

So this process we are involved in with me and the tools is not only changing our lives but the world to affect as many people as you possibly can to stop being fanatical, sitting in constant suffering where their soul is completely dormant.

Question: My pyramid system is really changing my town in Eugene, Oregon?

Yes, it does. It pulses so that after one week, it has pulsed out 1 mile and after a year, it has pulsed out to the entire planet and if it sits and is never moved, it will radiate out to the cosmos in constant order.

In the hierarchy, there is the Cosmic Logos (to affect the Solar Logos and to benefit the Planetary Logos), the Solar Logos (to affect the Planetary Logos) and the Planetary Logos (who affects the planet) and to have those 3 influences requires very high stages of consciousness and a lot of meditation. So when we work with these tools, we have planetary healing working with solar energy manifesting cosmic consciousness and that is very powerful.

glamor will go and there will be people who just keep regenerating as it requires prana and it increases your vibration which can regenerate your cell body, emotional and mental bodies and your aura and you heal each other. We are in a world of no healers and people die very quickly and with much suffering.

The process of this on a group level is that the benefit will be (a) increasing one’s life and (b) increasing the level of light on the planet. If you die and come back, you have a gap in the transmigration of the soul where you have to get back the qualities you have lost. Whereas if you go through that process in life, you keep on growing. Your soul will take you out in order to learn because you get so dense and polluted that you cannot learn anymore, it is the natural order of things. But we can keep that vital force by being enlightened and doing nothing to impure our lives and living extremely moderately.

So enlightenment is a constant state, a path of becoming more and more enlightened. It is not a moment. Buddha got enlightened under the Bodhi tree but he said that he was Buddha when he was born.

Misuse of the 4th Ray

If you over value yourself, you will think that you are the God of nature, natural matter, and that relationship takes away how you are going to respond in a natural way, e.g. am I fat, is my makeup on? All these things that focus on beauty impact when we are not in rights relationship to the Earth (fourth ray). We are really this Earth, the manifestation of the Earth, all things manifest the Earth, we are all Adam and Eve.

So if we misdirect that, we create war. But if we accept the natural grace from the fourth ray then we are male and female in beauty. If the fourth ray is misdirected, we worry and it takes away our ability to make the right decision i.e. doubting mind takes the place of your ability to be conscious. This worry element affects our relationship to how we energetically heal another person, whether we are capable of healing another person. That worry affects the astral worry and the cause of it comes from the separative relationship between men and women and from our stereotypes. We do not have human rights but prejudice inside. This creates stereotypes and manifests in our culture and we can see this is all a metaphysical mess, e.g. gay men come out of the closet and gay women come out of the closet at about the same time and now they are out and you can see that they look the same, their mannerisms are the same and all they are concerned with is how are we looking? Beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty. The gay guys look at the women and they have these stereotypes and they tell the women how to walk, wear their clothes and the women think that these are my best friends, but they just want your guys as to them, everybody is gay. They think that there are no men and women and this is nature. Their consciousness is that this is natural, to all be gay. Like Michael Jackson and children’s company and saying that this is love, when in reality it is extreme selfishness and it is all focused on the fourth ray.

And then women take the same pathway and become the men and get all materialistic things and buy from expensive shops and this is all part of their culture. And now they have a show “Queer eye for the straight guy” and they come in and re-culturalize the straight guy to make people think this is the right way to do things. This 4th ray has a big affect on all of us, look at bulimia and all the things that go on where people diet and they cannot see they are getting slimmer.

So by misusing the 4th ray, you veil more and more what is reality and you get no faith, just an enormous desire to do it and be very seductive. Princess Diana did this and when you get more pressure to be this material i.e. more models, TV shows with perfect young adults, you get more veiled and delusional. Those qualities are when you establish a cultural click, a wall of prejudice where you do not see anything about anyone else other than criticism, so you have no faith, no sense of right and wrong and you just go to gossip and that is the worst thing on the planet and we have TV shows all about gossip.

Gossip used to sell really big in the newspaper. Most of that process has to be a choice within us to move away from it or at least reveal it, do not be so tolerant, i.e. we do not want to be compromising. You are human and you know what is right, it is inside of you and if you have unconditional love, you have right and wrong and you do not go along with them e.g. you say to a drug addict “you’re on drugs and you need to stop”. You do not care how they respond to you – that is unconditional – right?

Turning the wheel of dharma and making changes for the better - Service

So we have to learn to make these changes. The fourth ray wants creature comfort and does not want to hear that anything is wrong. As long as we are human beings and not in nature – if we are not in the responsive state of condition that I call Buddha Nature, we will be in the other position of unresponsiveness and that creates vices. In order to have virtues, we have to choose what is right and wrong and you have to do it now. So you stop going out on Friday night to drink with friends or go to group functions. You all move out of this. But we are still in a society and there is telepathy. So it’s our mind, through discernment and discrimination to do the right thing, that has to do with turning the wheel of dharma and creating future karma (not your past life karma) and the world starts to change.

So for example, you want to buy a hybrid car but your friends start to criticize you and you think things like you cannot buy it new, you have to buy it second hand and we are not in that stage yet where we will just do these things. We have to make this choice, are we going to get another loan for our house or get a solar company in and spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on it? If you do that, so many benefits will come to you and your consciousness will change and the limitation of the ability to buy these things (e.g. because of pressure or because there are so few companies out there making it) will cease, immediately companies will start building these things. But if we do not make these changes in choice, then they will not build.

So we then move into a cosmic reality of service and service comes to us, it fuels the second ray, the ray of magic to be developed. You then develop a powerful ability to absorb light, attract light to you and thought form building. So before you gave all your energy to others through envy and thoughtlessness but now the whole sixth ray changes and your reverence is self reverence and you have self commitment and your loyalty to others becomes loyalty to yourself and that is when your first, second and third rays connect and you become who you are and you are so changed. You have the first ray of will to do what you should be doing (rather than the third ray of scattered ideas, which last for one hour each and then you beat yourself up one year later for not having progressed any of them). You develop the second ray through meditation and pilgrimage. You cannot develop the second ray by falling in love, that is sixth ray and this develops an ideal and then we want loyalty from that person; do you love me and how much? And we get influences of putting people on a pedestal like with sportsman, e.g. Tiger Woods, he knows he is just lucky, that he practiced a lot and he is good, but it does not make him a master. But when we follow them or we have lost relationship to spiritual masters, we are under a deluded belief system. All these sports are the same process of our lack of ability to see the needs of the poor and school systems where teachers are frustrated beyond belief and are not paid enough. All of those things are set up out there and we push our energy to delusions of glamour. We are paying glamor to become glamor so we can gossip and since we cannot live like they live, they fulfill our delusions of glamor and they think they are doing this for you and all they may have done is write a rap song.

So with the misuse of the fourth ray and no vision we get glamour. In soul therapy you can have an intense experience and it releases you from having dogmatic attachments to me and it has a different sense to it. But if you go to a big concert or watch a video the sixth ray comes up and hits psychic energy inside of you so you get off on it and you get what you would get if you went to church that day, so you live out an extension of what you fulfill to have delusions. In movies, they use music and sound effects and it draws you in and then they get you with lights and more action and while you are in that state of “wow”, they are getting reactions our of you and they are supposed to be your spiritual reactions and they have no way to grow. On the positive side, things can be done to change humanity, like the program “All in the Family” where the man is a prejudiced creep, but in fact he is just the same as your dad and there is a hippy who is gentle and he loves his wife. So these different states of consciousness educate you and you move away from delusions, almost like being in church. It educates you and it is like seeing yourself. Discernment and discrimination is seeing right relationship and revelations.
Gold and Silver
With the use of pure silver and pure gold and pure crystal you have the highest level of radiasonics and the highest ability to counteract glamour. Gold and silver are two elements that have a strong relationship to the Sun and the Moon. Gold mainly represents love while Silver represents the Holy Spirit transmitting light. These 2 elements and crystal are used throughout history in religious and spiritual affairs.


Gold is the most pliable element known, like the second ray. So it really is a second ray element and it resonates that same relationship, the relationship to the heart. Plated Gold brings the essence of the gold; pure gold gives you so much more.

Gold has been misused for a long time, and has been part of furthering a culture of materialism rather than our potential of spirituality. Gold has the ability to carry extreme virtue. That is why it is involved in the building of temples and statues and things that radiate.

On the negative side, gold has been involved in Glamour. Rich people desire things that are pure like solid gold, so they put it in bracelets or other jewelry to wear or in things that they own. Gold holds the purity of vibration, so it becomes a powerful resonating tool like crystal. If you take a crystal and you grow it, the vibration becomes stronger. Gold is a healing force synthesizing the right use of will and the right use of prana, and it balances it into a healing force. It can generate hope and love and faith and the relationship to God, but as an opposite force it creates a lack of faith with a strong force of hate and greed or selfishness.


Silver has a relationship which allows prana to move. It is a much harder and denser metal. Gold can be used in the same way that you use copper. Like in electronics, they can use gold wire for a really pure signal. But silver resonates with the pure energy of prana or pure white light. A lot of times you see a cross, a chalice, or other powerful symbols that hold light. And silver is used to resonate that light, like in mythology a silver cross, eliminates evil. It is a strong source of Prana.
Harmlessness and Human Rights
What is Harmlessness & Glamor?

Harmlessness is a form of yoga, an attitude in a state of harmlessness of truly recognizing the negative side of doing harm to someone, rather than just thinking of it and then doing the opposite of that and thinking that that is harmlessness.

Thinking more of harmlessness in the way that you speak, think and interact; the way that you behave with habits and circumstances and attitude; and your lack of ability to respond in a peaceful, harmonious, intelligent clear manner: all of these responses. Each time it is not presented in that way, it is harmful to both you and the environment you are in. It impresses imperil upon it. If you do something negative, thinking about yourself, you will cut back your ability to think in intuition, your instincts and your ability to bring forth your right abilities, your right characteristics and your right own nature that should be developed in this life.

Every act of not being able to respond harmlessly is the act of being able to put upon a person, within themselves or the people around them, a constant energy field that holds a person back. This is Glamor.

Glamor is the influence behind people putting out negative thoughts when they watch TV, biased thoughts when they are joking about, and antagonistic thoughts when they are competitive in their workplace. It is the influence behind them putting those thoughts down when they are hanging out with their Brother and Sister. These so-called normal things that seem to come up are actually habits that come from our solar plexus chakra. When people think of chakras and spiritually involved states of change, they usually go to yogis and yogis will tell them about the chakras. The major chakras are our standard seven spiritual centers and one of these centers is located at the solar plexus, just below the heart.

The solar plexus represents the emotional body and it also represents the sentient body or the ability to be sentient. And that ability is your first influence of your soul actually coming in and altering your attitude so that you are more aspiring toward your goodness, your goodwill in action and your ability to respond to anything consciously, rather than your emotional body coming in and reacting from your personality, your desires and your lack of fulfillment.

It is like when you react from your inhibitions because you didn't want to say something, and ten hours later you realize you should have said something. Each time it happens like this it is a lessening of the flow of your soul's integration into your self-realization, of your clarity of mind, and of your own wisdom from previous lives.

All the positive flow is inside your heart chakra. It is all your knowledge, all your ability to repeat good thoughts and to repeat aspiring thoughts toward anything you watch on TV. It is your ability to be attracted toward seeing things that help you to aspire, rather than being directed toward things that help you to be naggy and gossipy.

TV shows like 'Roseanne', soap-operas or chat show programs are essentially naggy. This is the lowest level of the household platform where very little evolution is aspiring. It is just physical compliments or lack of compliments: antagonisms. People think that it is normal and that its comical, but in reality its a way for us to be a part of antagonizing behavior and carry it out while we are watching TV.

The energy of harmlessness helps to attract us to the energy where say if we sit with that kind of a show, our emotions actually come in contact with our mind and we lose our desires of watching because we cannot relate. And that means that we are now moving to another level of relationships that have more to do with our previous lives, our future lives and our present one.

Through our emotions of harmlessness we can untie all of our past lives, all our present problems and disorders, and make way for a much better life in this life and our future lives.

How do we get Human Rights?

So how do we get human rights? How do we break away from our bad karma and habits and having people in our lives that do not love us and families where abuse takes place? These are bad karmic relationships from previous lives. Look at how we lived even a hundred years ago: we had bad living conditions that caused us to be unstable mentally, emotionally, physically and led us to have short lives, full of hopelessness, poverty and a lack of faith. So now we have a lack of faith and we tear down churches and everyone makes fun of monks and nuns, and monastic life is not even a career choice. Yet we are born to be monks and nuns, as loving and compassionate people. Whether you are ordained or not you are a monk or nun and you need to behave with kindness.

So if you look back at history, there is a good chance that you were a monk or nun during periods of spiritual revival like the cycles of the Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. For example, it was normal for you if you had a life in India to be done with your career and family at a certain age and become a sannyasin i.e. to be done with work and develop a spiritual life for your next life as they believed in reincarnation and if you do not believe in reincarnation, you miss the boat. In the New Age you are deluded to think you can get off the wheel of reincarnation. Humans reincarnate as we are the supreme divine spiritual force to bring harmony to this planet.

If you study Tibetan Buddhism they invoke to all the Buddhas to never leave us and for all of them to come back as anything else would leave us with hopelessness.

But a hopeless reality is not a reality. It is a lie that creates hell and this is not hell. This is heaven. A wonderful place to be and the radiation we do from here, we do cosmically to evolve other planets. So it is our duty to do what we can do here.

So my first teaching is reincarnation and to get grounded in that. So if you come back, what do you do about all those negative people in this life to stop them coming back in the next life? The answer is by being kind, by giving money to poor people and not judging what they will us it for. Your mind will judge them. But just forget it - give the money anyway and it will change your future life because karma is karma and if you do a good act it will come back to you in your next life and as you continue in this life you are reborn more and more each year and new situations will come up simply by you being kind. The key thing is to remember that the only one who will save you is you. We have to take complete responsibility and do all the good things we can do to stop all the friction that comes out of our mouth and gossip as that creates the same karma to come back at us.

So we need to practice harmlessness, which means that first we have to learn what it is to harm, not harm by raising our consciousness so we can discern and discriminate. I do not believe in hard love, but in soft love. You will get much more done that way than with anger and force. So what way we choose to move things is important: the left path is pushy and intellectual and the right path is to allow our nature and trust it and use intuition. If we build that nature we build it in another person and vice versa. Just as when you think negatively about someone they too get these qualities and that furthers separation.

Do you watch TV and complain about men for example or a program that criticizes humanity? If you change the channel to something better, you will find that in the future there will be less of that and we will get movies with morals and messages. If we remain critical we will only get one tenth of that movie but if we have an open mind we will see the whole movie and it will be soulful.

We are in relationship to everything and we need to be in relationship and enjoy it and make good choices. If you stay open minded and kind and considerate and make your choices and discern and discriminate you are getting liberated and that brings in enlightenment. It is our bad karma that veils everything in doubt. If we have that, we will not see all the love in the world coming at us. We do not know much about love yet, but we know a lot about criticism and fanaticism. If you study the seven rays you will see that humanity is very much into the ego way of life, but the opposite of that is love. You become reverent about yourself rather than reverence in a fanatical way to a belief system.

To establish love you have to commit to the idea that the one thing you do know is that you do not know about anything e.g. science, ourselves, etc. We are learning that we can be followers and reverent to things outside ourselves rather than ourselves and be more spontaneously moved to wanting to please others. So, for example, everyone starts wearing black and you get on a plane and see that most people are wearing black - because where is your choice? Who is making the choice? It is all psychic and we are not taking responsibility for it.

To be yourself you have to make choices and have enough self-esteem to follow those choices. Otherwise you start tuning into others and becoming like them and you have thought forms like we will all die when we are seventy and none of us do anything against it as we have this automatic response and it is all psychic.

There are enlightened people in the world who are there for the whole of humanity. These people are taking care of themselves more e.g. changing their diet, doing exercise, drinking pure water, taking vitamins and people will start seeing that you can rejuvenate and regenerate and get youthful, moving into the right spin of regeneration and not the left spin of degeneration. That is part of your rebirth process. You do not have to have these cultural systems. So every step that you take as to how you speak, to meditate etc is learning to respond to life.

Meditation with the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools

But we do not get taught meditation. So I put out these tools and music so you can start to meditate and you start with symbols like the pyramid. So my teachings have to come out first without any books teaching you how to meditate. All I need to do is give you tools that stimulate you to sit down and feel the resonations of your body and give you CDs that allow you to hear ancient invocations that open up the left and right side of the brain and it allows you to be receptive. That is the first stage of really good teachings – using symbols that bring reverence out of you, like thangkas, and out of that reverence is a light that is called love and that brings wisdom and you start thinking new thoughts which increases kindness, guilt about saying something bad or you decide not to continue a relationship. This is part of your soul’s choice – not to be pushed to the side by your personality.

In a soulful sense, we allow people to have fault and not judge them and let people go who are not supposed to be there in our lives and that is real love.

Then I give you the Etheric Weaver which allows you to experience the phenomenon of healing that you think you need to go to others for and you have tingling in your hands and you think maybe you can help someone else with this. Using the Etheric Weaver, you align to your own self and it gives you spontaneous meditation without having to learn how to shut your mind down as meditation should be 24 hours a day. It should be everything, simply the ability to respond. So you need to bring these abilities out. Then with the Etheric Weaver you can help people with all sorts of physical and emotional and mental things, but you can also affect their soul and a whole transition of life takes place for them. And you learn the benefit of meditation and that is life – it is extremely spiritual. Using the Etheric Weaver helps you tune into your own Buddha nature in your higher mind, heart and physical being and that is the same thing as the Etheric Weaver – it is resonating with your Etheric field, your Etheric body and that wakes you up and that regulates your chakras better than anyone else and you have no limitations as to how holy that self can be.

And you wake up and are able to handle everything better.

To practice meditation it requires more time spent, so I put out the pyramids and metatronic mats to sleep on – which stimulate even more your spiritual awakening, even while you are sleeping.

And you can let other people use your pyramid and it stimulates others not to follow or join something, but to stimulate the benefit of their own spiritual energy and that takes away previous life karma of not having human rights. We only get human rights if we are attracted to things that are right and the outcome is discernment and discrimination. So people see the pyramid and their spontaneous response is to discern and discriminate that it is spiritual so that starts their awakening process.

You learn that any object can hold light or imperil.

You can have a really mean guy who sits in a chair and he dies and someone else sits in that same chair and they become mean as this energy gets stored in the chair. That is how the planet is. So you get ghosts and we need to clean it up because we reincarnate and we need to walk around here in a physical form and they are in an astral form. Their attachment, inability to let go is what creates that ghost. So if we change, then that energy changes and it goes back to the source and we eliminate imperil in objects, buildings and in our previous lives which are still holding an astral force on the Earth and that astral force is what we need to clear up.

But you need to know what you are doing and that is what happens in Tibetan Buddhism and in their study and ceremonies. Every ceremony they do is a transformation of elemental forces bound in this astral world. So they do a sand mandala and then let it go and it is a science of transforming all this left spin energy, which creates bad karma. So they are involved in turning the wheel of dharma to the right, blessing energy and transforming and transfiguring it, so all of a sudden healing takes place and it gets worse first as there is a healing crisis.

In the process of imperil it has to be transformed and transfigured. When we use the Etheric Weaver, it is not just for you, but a healing of the environment you are in, as if you heal yourself – you heal everything that is connected to you.

In a negative way, everyone tries to bring everyone up through survival of the fittest and that actually brings everyone down. But in the spiritual process we are learning to grow, mature and clean up everyone’s karma by taking it on. Bad karma is not individual, it is collective and that is how we heal the whole world and that lessens our responsibility. So in the world today there are many wars, but the location of them are the most powerful spiritual areas on the planet and the light is coming out and it creates antagonism for the dark. So really there are no physical wars, but a spiritual war. This is even true of Hitler – he had psychic abilities and was heavily into the occult.

So all these processes we see as negative processes in nations can all be healed by furthering ourselves in the process of meditation.

So the pyramid has a divine radiatory force to it. It is geometrically precise 51 degree pyramid, which has a relationship to the dimensions of the Earth and the distance between the Earth and the Moon and the Earth and the Sun. So in reality it is a timepiece, a mathematical system. So if we use pyramids like this, it radiates out as well as radiating into the person and it pulses out like a heartbeat and the longer you use it the further the pulse goes. In Egypt, the pyramid is located centrally for the whole of the planet and it radiates and purifies the whole entire planet. That same application is found in Catholic churches and Glastonbury Abbey. They are all built in the same phi ratio organized geometric proportion – it is a science for radiating and healing the nations. It is the same with a stupa. They are all built in proportion to nature.

In reality, your pyramid attracts the darkness just like in the spiritual war and dark forces are drawn there because they are less in control of their mind, of their activity and in reality God is drawing them there.

So the statue of Maitreya in Afghanistan is destroyed because people have intellectualized too much. They have intellectualized God out of the equation and that is their main goal i.e. to destroy religion or the U.S. as they believe they are the devil, they are evil. Where there is light, the opposite is attracted.

So you will attract some negativity, but it is your choice how you respond. It is your discernment and discrimination – their words will not cause you to follow and be attracted to follow that negativity so literally you are transforming this being that is trying to make you more negative. How you deal with negativity is Tibetan Buddhism. It is not a religion, but a philosophy for how you raise the planet up.


Your virtues can be increased tremendously.

The other thing is that if we look at geometric forms like the octahedron. In the New Age we are taught a lot that chakras all go in order and this is linear and analytical. In reality, we have an upper and lower process, i.e. from the heart down, our chakras compliment chakras from the heart up and they relate back and forth in polarity. The base center relates to the crown, the sacral relates to the throat and the solar plexus relates to the heart.

We need to find a way to balance the chakras and this is through harmlessness. Think good thoughts and try to be virtuous. Our vices have a direct opposite to them and if we use our will, meditate and try to change ourselves then we can develop these virtues. If you think negatively, they will go down and you will create bad karma.

So you really have to be diligent. You can change the whole world if you realize you are one person connected by a thread to every other person. So by making one choice, you help everybody by changing your vice to a virtue. So you do not do just personal ascension, you can only become more enlightened by enlightening others. By making these choices, like choosing not to continue a conversation when someone is talking negatively on the phone, you have to go to war as a Shambhala warrior representing heaven, Buddha nature, the Buddha field. You cannot do that by planting bad seeds. So you need to say: "This is not right. I do not want to have this conversation." If you do it frequently, you will do it in the moment and if you do not do it frequently then you will think about it in the car afterwards. It is about integrating your soul, your monad.

In order for us to make a choice and stick to it, it is not just the soul that does that, but your monad, your mind (where both your heart and your soul sit). So make decisions in your mind and your heart will follow.

It takes time and it is moment to moment. Recognize a vice and choose not to do it. Going out too much or buying, eating a lot is nothing compared to the things that come out of your mouth or go on in your head.

In reality the key is that you have to do this so long as you are alive. You always have to move the virtue forward. It may get easier, but it definitely still keeps coming. It is energy in motion – your emotional body and not your mind. Those are responses from karma from previous lives or as a child that are habitual patterns that manifest as vices and need to be healed by (1) meditation (2) controlling how you behave, e.g. stop gossiping as it stops you responding to the moment. In order to really maintain that you need to shift your mind into aspiring reading which elevates where your mind is at and it raises your emotions. If your emotions are stuck they will be temperamental and you will be stuck. It is not controlling your emotions, but letting them settle down. If you just stick with the simple reality that “The one thing I do know is that I don’t know” it will keep you humble and without pride. And pride creates fanaticism and dogma and criticism. So we can shift from pride to humility and walk lightly, talk softly and learn to listen and that allows us emptiness and that allows us to be in the present state and to be open. If you need to help someone then you need to be sure that you do not need help – so you need to be free.

If we accept the fact that we have to reincarnate to really become spiritual and don’t expect the silly notion that you will do it in this life as that will bring you into delusions and stop you from changing and that is a slow process. You should mature like a fine wine and that requires humility and a lack of pride. We have Western minds and that does not mean we are any better or worse, but we have a mind set that through intellectualism we think we can get credentials and be qualified. But I have met a lot of people who have got credentials and are not qualified. The most important thing is to develop character and to unlearn a whole lot. It is a very slow process in developing character and we are always tested a lot as to whether or not we are humble and being humble is the greatest character trait. If you are projecting that you are perfect then you will never get humble and develop compassion.

The only thing you will take to your next life is your character and how much soul you have developed and the rest is Samsara, Maya, chaos and a mess.

It is all just a matter of developing the virtue you need to develop to turn this life around and make the best of it. Do not get angry etc. and Samsara goes away – by people developing character.

You have to develop your character in every life and that is the way it is for every body. So we cannot have false revelations of reverence thinking this person is a high person – we just have to let that be and develop our own character.

Good will in action is how the Holy Spirit and the monad work. The symptom of that character is happiness. Radiating happiness brings joy. When the Holy Spirit is upon you, peace comes upon you. It really is a matter of if we develop this character – we develop joy, despite the situation.

If we develop character, we become heroes and that is how we get hopefulness and see brothers and sisters everywhere and that is what is necessary. If we work life after life and build character we will do it in ourselves, loved ones, and if everything goes ok – we build together and develop compassion.


Part of the process of being able to go through your meditation and get this benefit – is that you have changed your mind and are less stressed and are not taking yourself into trauma and drama and keep that process going. It is only going to get better and imagine what it is doing for your longevity.

 So continue your meditation and working with the tools and if you can get into any of the Eastern relationships you will go into another stage – definitely – the outcome of it is beyond your wildest imagination.

If you keep on meditating, you will become saintly, so Bodhisattvic that you will affect all those people you wanted to help in the first place. Look at Mother Mary, the last thing she ever expected was that she would become a saint and in time she received the same process as Jesus and became saintly. Even Mary Magdalene, who was filled with seven demons, became a saint over time.

Whatever is leaving you to make you more peaceful is not you and eventually you will get to a healing position and people will gain benefit from you just like you have benefited from me. I am just the trigger and the rest is for that flow to continue taking place.
Healing Effects of Stupa
What is a Stupa?

A Stupa is one of the most profound ancient temples that goes back thousands of years. Similar to a pyramid, the Stupa has a very sacred relationship to geometric form and geometric energy, the energy of North, South, East and West the energy of Heaven and the energy of Earth or Above and Below. All this energy intersects at the Center and this is the point called time or cosmic energy where all things come together as a pulse, all dimensions come together at one point a point of relationship of time, the turning of time or working with the moment.

It is much more than a religious temple. It is designed in a way that applies to the relationship that you see in the Great Pyramid, different monasteries within Christianity, and other temples of the world like Stonehenge. If we look at their universality it is applied science, applied with the nature that you find in sacred geometric forms and the relationships of north, south, east and west which compliments and amplifies the natural forces of nature that bring about our lives.

In Buddhism there is a great sacred reality that the human body itself is a temple. When the energy of the Stupa is designed, it is under the influence of a sitting human being (Buddha) in the form of a temple. The very proportion of our body is the exact proportion of the divine design found in a temple the relationship of the Vesica Pisces. This is the natural form that is found in the earth, the flowers and geometric proportions like the octahedron, dodecahedron and tetrahedron. Placed in the Stupa are artifacts of great Saints and holy people representations of the light that is embodied from the mind, and compassion of emotions and speech - those 3 vehicles representing the human being as sacred. It also represents the planet as a sacred planet with human beings on it that are sacred.

The influence of the Seven Rays is aligned to the point in the center of the Stupa. That represents the white ray, the energy of solid light. As we see the spectrum, we see that through white light up comes all seven Rays. In this way, the Stupa literally organizes those Seven Rays in a cosmic law that aligns the principles of creation. It is part of a sacred ceremonial relationship of aligning metaphysically to the cosmic magnetic field that brings matter together, brings life together, and time.

In Tibetan Buddhism, sacred objects and relics are placed inside the Stupa from Buddha himself or different saints. Within Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or when masters of enlightenment become truly enlightened that inner light becomes completely imbued within their body and the objects that they touch, and the clothes they wear all become sacred within themselves. Within Christianity there are those Saints that have bodies that do not degenerate, they are incorruptible. Their spiritual vibration has been increased so much that it lends more to the relationship of vitality. By using the name, or artifacts of a Saint one can be healed because the energy is actually carried over through the artifact or through the Saint himself or herself and radiates out.

The Stupa is a sacred geometric Temple that aligns to the sacred geometric form of the human being and the earth and all sacred forms. As people ambulate around Stupas going around in the clockwise motion of the sun it helps to create a radiating force coming out of the Stupa that reaches the Earth.

The Stupa is activated like a prayer that helps to self realize and actualize energy of the collective consciousness that is the energy of the Soul - Saintly qualities that bring light and virtues to all humanity.

Effects of Stupas

A Stupa affects the energy of spiritually taking your own karma, your own life force and your own process of being just a human being and moves that energy along with the energy of the Saints and the Bodhisattvas and the sacredness of all these different people that have lived and have their relics inside of the Stupa.

When an average human being, with their reverence and their willingness to change actually comes into one of these areas and they walk around it, turning the prayer wheels around the Stupa, the prayers begin to radiate out every single word over and over again by the hundreds of thousands of times out into the universe. So the whole universe is radiated out into these wonderful prayers of everybody waking up Buddha-nature, the Soul.

This is an extreme affirmation of the Science of Invocation and Evocation. The invocation is the person actually taking the time to turn the prayer wheel. This is like turning the motor of time, the wheel of time. They are literally taking their personal time in life to turn this wheel. It does not turn by itself, but by their own karma, they are doing good karma and they are doing it for others. In Buddhism you are not doing it for yourself, you have to have the intent of doing it for all sentient beings, every single living thing.

As the prayer wheel is turned, the energy radiates out and it also stimulates the Stupa. The Stupa is stimulated by the prayer-wheel and the prayer-wheel is stimulated by the human being who believes that Buddha nature is found in the representations of the Bodhisattvas and Saints inside the Stupa and also found hidden and asleep inside themselves. By coming in contact with even this lowest level of kindness, caring and compassion, it stimulates a resonating magnetic relationship between the human being and the great Buddha, and all the different Saints that line up through to becoming Buddha itself.

This creates a connection between humanity's relationship of being a great spiritual being, so that they can resonate and transmute that energy, become more like Buddha themselves and become more of a healing effect to the planet. Because turning the wheel heals the nations, and the entire planet.

It does not matter if a person is Buddhist or understands the sacredness of the Stupa, because of the relationship of Buddha-nature within. Ignorance does not keep a person from awakening to Buddha nature because the first symbols of Buddha-nature that awaken any human being or living thing, comes from being in contact with something that is already awakened. You do not have to be awake in order to be awakened by somebody else who is awake. When you go into a sacred site, into pilgrimage, which is what most religions are based on, you are offering an opportunity to come in contact with Saints. Even though you have ignorant and normal ways of life going on, there are hidden natures within yourself that are stimulated and blessed.

When you come out of it you are actually transformed and transfigured, it is a science that is known as Transformation and Transfiguration. It is a metamorphosis science that allows a person to metamorphically transmute their characteristics that might be vices, into virtues by going on these pilgrimages and coming in contact with different Saints that had different ways of living and also represented their Sainthood.

There are many different teachers within Buddhism and other religions that have different characteristics which make it look and seem as though their religions are completely different. But people are different. When we go from pilgrimage to pilgrimage we are coming in contact with that universal difference that in another way becomes a universal, spiritual awakening. Where there is harmfulness with no time to be able to forgive it or heal it before dying, it can carry over to the next life so there can be much pain, anger or frustration, and a lack of ability to bring about virtues. The Stupa gives an opportunity to heal, massively heal a wrong-doing that could be transmuted and transformed before one dies. That heals the nation so that it doesn't carry over into the world the energies of prejudice, hate, greed and injustice. It literally helps to stop the process of hate and the influence of hate to continue in the world, whether it be wars of injustice of human rights in Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine or anywhere in the world.

It is very important. Stupas are built with a process where people of today can actually heal the energy of today and increase the influence of the light on the earth and bring about the awakening of Buddha nature in every single nation and all planets in all the cosmos. Everything that happens in a negative way, in lower karmic ways, can actually be transformed through forgiveness and through the energy of bringing everything together and then praying at that focus where a Saint might be or a sacred site might be, and influencing that sacred site to radiate out to the world.

The Medicine Buddha Stupa will contain very sacred objects that are not only from Tibetan Buddhism but from many different religions and Saints around the world including the sacred geometric forms, vajras and meditation tools created by H. H. Gyalwa Jampa Rinpoche. The Stupa is representative of the teaching relationship of Gyalwa Jampa, not just for Buddhism or Tibet, but under spirituality and the universal reality of many different religions coming as a healing force. This will help to self- realize and actualize energy of the collective consciousness that radiates out light and virtues to help heal the earth and heal the energy of humanity.

Maitreya and Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism - Science of Harmlessness

In Tibetan Buddhism, there are H. H. Dalai Lama, HH Panchen Lama, H. H. Karmapa and H. H. Sakya Trinzin and many other high Rinpoches but it does not stop at these, it actually stops with Maitreya.

The process of Tibetan Buddhism is the channeling relationship between Maitreya and humanity. Gautama Buddha's teaching prepares your vehicles for the coming of Maitreya and his teachings, which are life extension e.g. living 500 years through a process of quickening the vitality of the body, mind and developing virtues and we find out what is wrong and we fix it because we care, it is all behavior, activity and emotion i.e. how you speak and talk and bring about illusions. They all block your soul and keep you from integrating it.

The purpose of the soul is (1) to be receptive and (2) to transmit. To become receptive you need certain levels of psychic healing to take place within yourself so you become telepathic but you can become stifled, put into vices from 1000s of years. Human beings are vehicles for the soul. We can transform and transcend our personality world and become Buddha which is a whole other world. In awakening Buddha Nature, you awaken the Bodhisattva, then Bodhicitta, and then Buddha Nature. It is a matter of your ability to be harmless. The more you are harmless in every vehicle, the more you are receptive and whatever is greater than you, you will be receptive to it, even if you are not sitting in it.

If you pray and meditate, you create a connection to something greater than yourself.

So the period of Buddha Maitreya, is the period to get you locked into that blessing until you have God Consciousness and we will have more monks and nuns manifesting on Earth, which is your nature, your symptom. I do not have to tell you to do it, you will do it and all these things that bring you unhappiness will change and it will be evolution, you will just see the truth and it will constantly reflect in your day to day reality. You will have a direct relationship to the changing of the planet.

Telepathically, we as human beings do not just take up space and collect stuff and ruin the planet. In order to elevate the vibration of this planet and other planets (and other planets in the universe are affecting us as we are microcosm/macrocosm and we pick up all that is around us), we need to receive universal consciousness and be in the moment and that requires meditation. To do that you need to receive a blessing strong enough that you calm down and cut out the astral forces that cause your habits and feelings of negativity that you identify with but which are really channeled through you.

So the more you move into quietness and retreat, the more you pick up the constant activity of altruistic behavior on this planet than we are aware of. We are more aware of the suffering, of people crying and we cannot get away from it. We need to transform and transcend and transfigure it so we take responsibility as a caretaker of everything and that means we become a Buddha.

We have to realize that we created this and we have been hit by it life after life. So we are in a psychic click and not aware that we are psychic. So we agree to Hitler but on the other side, we can do things like raise the dead and that is an enormous thing for mankind. Whereas today, we are trying to talk to the dead and understand the psychic world, rather than take on the responsibility that we reincarnate.

The other stuff is an astral reality that does go on and affects your day to day reality, every life you have lived can create an astral body that can take up your daily reality.

So Tibetan Buddhism was founded to establish the energy of time, the Kalachakra, so we can realize in ourselves that we are timeless, empty and flawless and have so much unanimity that everything comes to us. So Gautama Buddha taught about time, the Lord of Time and the geometric proportions of time. So stupas and mandalas were created, symbols and ceremony to focus on the image of Buddha and see yourself as that, dissolve into it. So your self-realization becomes a transformation to these realities of this other world that does exist and creates trees, allows planets to stay in orbit etc. It is a collective consciousness of mind itself and it created this vehicle, the human being.

So if we meditate, we tap into Tibetan Buddhism. We become selfless by study, meditation, puja, ceremony and it is these three things which ascend or raises up the whole human race. Tibetan Buddhists have done sand mandalas or fire pujas through cycles of time to burn off karma by attracting it to them so they can deal with it and not run away from it. Tibetan Buddhists are pulling every dark force, evil entity to them and they invoke Gautama Buddha and Guru Rinpoche twenty-four hours a day. So they do their ceremonies and they change these dark forces into dharma protectors, instead of creating karma i.e. envy, jealousy etc that permeates your being. Those qualities are extreme elemental forces manifested during the lives of people who lived intensely greedy and jealous lives and made other people the same. These elemental forces possess people and they do not know why they are doing these things.

So in Tibetan Buddhism they call on these forces all day, everyday, which purifies them. When a lama becomes a Rinpoche and a high light being they are taking on more and more and that is the job of The Panchen Lama, Dalai Lama, Sakya Trinzin and the Karmapa, i.e. to become a reincarnated beacon of light. The Karmapa was a self-recognized being, he recognized himself and all these different consciousnesses came through him. It was the same with Buddha and it is those incarnations and their process that through their self-realization it radiates out to their disciples and so, for example, they can communicate with the Dalai Lama before he takes reincarnation i.e. the transmigration of the soul from one body to the next. It is not an attachment to him in one life, but who he is, i.e. he is a Bodhisattva holding an enormous energy of each being taking incarnation and he can move them towards the light.

So they become the lotus born, the jewel/light in the lotus and they become Rinpoches (lotus born) which means they come without karma. It is an enormous act of service and they do not go away and they know this. We are on a wheel of light, so where they incarnate is chosen for service. So this goes into Tibetan Buddhism and you read about the lives of the Karmapa, Panchen Lama, Naropa etc and their disciples begin opening their vehicles up so they become Tulkus, great Geshes (which is like a PhD and means they studied extensively in Tibetan Buddhism) or Khenpo, depending on the lineage. Those professors become so strict in their teaching to make sure that what they taught remained pure, clean and the truth. So over the years the Panchen Lama and others became Tulkus to keep these texts entirely clear. Like the seventh Dalai Lama who collected all the works of the Kalachakra which is what is taught today.

Supporting Tibetan Buddhism

Our main thing is to clear up the misuse of money to get that veil to go by moving with fifth ray from the sacral center to the brow center through the ceremonial magic of harmlessness, knowing that everything you say has an effect and to get you to meditate is like asking you to go to the dentist, fear is involved and all these things that you think you have to do to meditate, makes it difficult and who has time for it? So I make these tools so you can meditate 24/7 and you are more aware and your seventh ray of right relationship kicks in. By using the tools you awaken your ability to radiate, heal with hands.

By using the tools yourself, you just want to become a healer. Even the music, it is very powerful as on the CD is ceremonial magic and it is invoking some very tough stuff. Like invoking the glamours, who wants to listen to that? The glamours of the 7th ray, who wants to listen to that? Bringing demons up from hell?

If you are not doing the right thing and you are powerful, where are you getting your power from? It is all ceremonial magic but I want you to have the right type of magic. So I encourage you to come to Tibet and ceremonies take place that have not happened for 70 years and they see that the Chinese will not arrest me and they are amazed. I am not concerned because I am a westerner. I have no attachment to religion. I am more interested in the reality of what is happening in the moment and how can we change that but I have been a teacher in Tibetan Buddhism in previous lives so I go back into that reality and everyone can recapitulate as I helped build most of the monasteries.

So you could look at Tibetan Buddhism and see a lot of negative scenarios. There has been a loss but it is a transformation. It is a hard nut to crack and sometimes a hard nut explodes, but it all comes back together again and what happens is that a lot of people in Tibet in the 40s and 50s reincarnated in the 40s/50s and 60s and onwards in the West and they were taking refuge in the new world called America and it is part of ceremonial order/evolution and it is all in prophecy.

So the manifestation of the externalization of the hierarchy which is what is really going on is a healing of the nations. And the dark lodge is aware of this, so people in the West work with spirituality in order to trick you, make you depressed and lead you on the wrong path. That is our biggest problem when we take initiation i.e. that we will be hit to try to take a lesser path as they are similar. So we get Alice Bailey's teachings, channelers and all these false teachings come out to fill your head and emotional body to follow these things, even to a small degree, so the first thing to do is to get rid of channeled material. There are older and better teachings e.g. read the Torah, the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Kabbalah, all written at a time when teaching was the focus of the world and less a psychic influence on vice areas and more on virtues.

This dark time is the Kali Yuga which brings in dark forces and builds up unkind behavior. Like the Aztecs who built temples and had sacrificial rites but you can see that they ate people after they cut them up. Look at Egypt, in the last period of Egyptian history they had human cannibals. The Anutas were American Indians who ate each other. So then, through reincarnation, we get Hitler and Mussolini in Italy and dictators in Japan and all of it is history repeating itself but it is thinning out as we are coming into a new cycle. Black Magic is just the way it was and there is nothing we can do about it but it is nothing compared to the virtue we have had.

Developing Loving Wisdom

So the tools allow us to connect with each other, even if very far away.

Our belief system is that we cannot relate to people so far away so I pick up the Etheric Weaver to connect the 7th ray to the sacral center which allows the Holy Spirit to pass through their etheric body and it comes out of their hands and feet and they do not want to think negative thoughts.

There are certain things you do want to do, need to do and you will sacrifice anything to do it and it takes you from the personality across the bridge to the soul and your chakras connect and that is how you have a healing and you say nice things and become more dominantly love (2nd ray) than all the other things. That is the 2nd ray, the ray of love, wisdom and we are all going to become this. So every act you do is a good karmic act or a bad karmic act and you get a karmic reaction really quickly and it gives you the strength and courage to go through what you need to evolve, to grow up. Most people die as a child, they still wish they had, would, did i.e. immature in their reasoning. When you die they say you see your life but what if all you see is a bunch of habits e.g. like smoking, drinking, gossiping on the phone: "I am busy", "I am so important". That is that 3rd ray energy going down and habits will be concretely your daily life. The 5th ray will be your beingness and the 1st ray will be your pride, your attitude and if you study the 2nd ray, that is your illnesses, it causes it and does everything to de-evolve. Instead of putting light into a form, you put in imperil and it radiates into the physical form. That is why a lot of clothes and objects can be objects of negativity and cause you un-healthiness, like Grandpa's chair that you take when he dies and he was always negative and you pick up the imperil of his negative activities.

But we can do the opposite. For example, put light into our McDonalds, we like a Big Mac but not the mayo and not all of the bun, so we take off the top and you are discerning and discriminating but putting light into it, not being fanatical like "this place is terrible, all the cows are factory farmed and are altering our atmosphere," it is ignorant and mundane.

That is life. We are coming out of an age where that is what happened. After a while, we are driving trucks and jeeps just to go to the grocery store. At the same time, we have another evolved human race buying Priuses and hybrid cars so fast that you have to wait six months for them. They are very enlightened people. I drive a Honda Insight, which does 80-90 miles to the gallon. We are all consciously moving this way. I do not need to write a book, instead I went to college to study medicine to become a physician and I permeated it with light so others can receive this light and within ten years we have solar and all these advancements so we can raise our consciousness so that we can take the first, second and third initiations in one lifetime. Even in a monastery, you have to have a full view of reality to hit these initiations, like lifting up a telephone to talk to someone somewhere else in the world to blow your mind, techniques that are part of the seventh ray and a higher reality to transcend time and space.

One of the things that will make the biggest shift is our ability to meditate. The Etheric Weaver gives you time to meditate; your job has gone, your family has gone and now you can meditate and buy a pyramid system and offer soul therapy and you get more into the modality of energetic medicine and you become a healer, philosopher and physicist whether you like it or not.

Tibetan Buddhists are all attracted to this, to the Pyramids, Etheric Weavers and Vajras. All the Geshes and Rinpoches get a Vajra, Etheric Weaver and Pendant and all five CDs, so this is happening in Tibet by the thousands. So when you meditate with these tools, we are bridging the blessings of Tibetan Buddhism.

By working further with the tools you get a pyramid system, which has the same geomancy as the great pyramid. It has to do with the distance around the earth, the distance between the moon and the sun and our physical body is created in the likeness of this pyramid and the earth. So we are sitting inside a clock, a mathematic equation that is a planetary ascension system, automatically raising the planet, a timepiece connected to the spiritual sun.

In religion, Christ and Buddha are supposed to make you see yourself and repent, but there is not much repenting going on in Christianity, just faith. But if there were more teachings about daily life and what we could do to make a difference, e.g. by driving electric cars, what a wonderful place our church would become, helping people see what is wrong with the system, daily life, marriage and how we raise babies when they are born. If religion moves in that way i.e. to reveal and we move into the sixth ray, something is suggested to us. We are highly suggestible and if it is in right relationship, we awaken the second ray and not "you have to do this and that" and be loyal to your church etc.

Transmission – Receiving love and the Importance of Tulkus

If those energies come up, we need to have enormous revelation on a daily basis and so the etheric weaver, music, vajras are there to create a process of transmission.

So I go to Tibet, do charity, have blessings, drive a hybrid. I get recognition from other highly developed spiritual people and they release a sense of need for direction/understanding and it becomes common sense. If I just do the right things rather than just teach, that is me seeing what needs to be done. It is light coming at me and it has got a problem, but it is light nevertheless, e.g. like me going to Drepung, no one has gone there unless they could get something for themselves and no one has asked the monks if they need any money and I see they have received no donations from the west and all the Rinpoches have left and have not given anything back and they are living in bad buildings, in really hot conditions, with too many monks and they have no hope. In a delusional way, westerners think that they have really got it made and that these monks do not like food anyway and you go in and you see they have only bread and tea for breakfast and they have already been doing puja for one and a half hours. They go through the rest of the day and maybe around three they get another meal of rice, vegetables and bread, but no meat, not because they do not like meat, they are Tibetans and they love yak meat, but in India the cow is sacred and cannot be killed. And so they are without that and westerners come in and do not see the reality. They think that masters get big feasts manifested by Tara because they have read about it in and it leads us to delusions of grandeur so we do not see the need or right from wrong.

Just like at home where everyone thinks that they can do what they want at home or out in the supermarket and other people just do not respond. You see a poor person on the street and they are obviously poor and our main thought is "they are drunk and they like it and they all get handouts anyway and someone will give them something." We do not have a natural response, but a lack of respect.

Those symptoms are not good and the main way that we clear that is transmission, i.e. by getting more love. In Tibetan Buddhism there are tulkus, living saints. It was actually created as a structure for them to be known and furthered. They are not looking for specific people but great teachers with more love, higher minds, etc.

To express yourself is not to think negative thoughts as each one stops you being a first ray person working through the third ray and that is second ray (common sense) that allows you to do it.

All of God's service gives us enormous ability to find the common ground in this world. We move from being a tourist to being a pilgrim and create more light in ourselves and create collective consciousness which is real love. To get this you have to receive transmission from others who have unconditional love and that is difficult as if you really meet them, your life falls apart. It is like homeopathy when you push the amount of the active ingredient right down, no one can believe something so diluted can still have an effect on a person. Unless it is an essence, a hologram and a quantum reality exists. So the lower the essence, the higher the spiritual quality and the higher you go in dilution, it has more relationship to your mind, your ability to think and your mind affects deeply the physical and you get a healing crisis as it purges itself through.

It is exactly the same thing that happens with real transmission, real love. The vibration of love, the increase in the second ray, increases unity and you get vitality from it and so the more transmission you get, the more the chakras and their corresponding glands get better. The mental, emotional and physical bodies are the monad, soul and personality (the ashram) so if you heal those areas, you heal your soul and contact the monad and you are more in your mind. So it is the second ray that heals and we stop bad technologies, like cars using oil. If we have these three vehicles working and we allow the monad to come in (monad means monastery) by being in a monastery; that is a transmission to heal the planet and it is going on. Common people come back to those places, like Srinagar where Jesus died, and have the weirdest experiences or we die for a few minutes and have an out of body experience and come back and do not have the same personality and normally that person's instinctive process is to go into ministry as they have more awareness of God.

So the more of that transmission, the more the planet moves out of what it has manifested for itself, like the reality that you have a specific day to be born and day to die. But if you use these tools, you are released from that relationship and your life is considerably longer. I have seen so many people having problems like cancer for example and they do soul therapy and they heal it or they have bad karmic relationships which they can then let go of. We are not to save people. It is healer, heal thyself.
Maitreya Buddhism
There are different kinds of Buddhism from the Gautama Buddha teaching process: meditation, study and certain techniques of Buddhism.

Maitreya Buddhism is more along the line of the Science of Redemption. This is a combination of both blessing of healing and being receptive. Before people were not receptive, they had to learn that they needed to change. 500 years after Buddha, Jesus came and had the same teaching. Now people are more psychically receptive, which creates a more collective awakening, known as Maitreya Dharma.

This dharma teaching goes from Buddha to the next, this is a transition from one incarnation to the next, the outcome of this transition is extreme longevity along with the development of technology that benefits both ecologically and economically eliminating poverty and most diseases and results in the awakening of Buddha Nature of the Entire Planet.

Some people believe that Buddhism leads to Nirvana and away from physical incarnation and onto planes that do not include physical existence. Buddha did not teach that. If you study the texts and the prayers of Tibetan Buddhism it is focused on the invocation that all Buddhas immediately reincarnate, bringing all sentient beings to enlightenment. That is why the reality of Buddhism is reincarnation and the ability to raise evolutionary consciousness as an awakened Soul that does not die but just reincarnates and that ancient wisdom that comes with the Soul is what evolves the planet.

It doesn't matter if you call it yoga, or meditation, or any other form of spiritual growth, like religions. Buddhism is all-inclusive believing that all of these religions are the Effect of the Universal Light of Buddha Nature. During the time of the Maitreya Buddha, also known as Christ, a Golden Age is established and then it is an automatic time of empowerment, not a matter of seeking, it is a matter of being awakened. It is not a choice. There is a specific effect that impresses upon humanity because the time of the collective body of saints, masters, it is a very large unified group of Souls. This hierarchical embodiment of the planet becomes more and more aware of the level of consciousness that comes from Awakening Buddha Nature. That is what creates the Externalization of Christ.

As we evolve in initiation we also evolve the whole planet in collective consciousness. It is that collective consciousness that the Buddha is known for, not so much as an individual but as a mass of incarnated saints during the incarnation of Christ and the awakening process this places on humanity and the Earth. This brings advancements in Technology, Medicine, Sciences, Human Rights and helps to bring about a focus on the "NOW' and the ability to respond to the Holy Spirit preventing the forces of the evil spirit from maintaining focus of paranormal illusions based on lower nature rather than enjoying life and being of service.

Through service one attains merit and virtue and one's Soul, or Buddha Nature, is incarnated, therefore preparing for their future life as one's virtues are carried over to their next life since they have cultivated a greater ability to be of service. That is how the World becomes a better World.

Unity Church, Bellevue, WA
Maitreya Dharma
What is it that you offer to people in way of teachings?

Well, a lot of people expect teaching in the form of a lot of intellectual teaching that gives understanding to many different things. I teach in several ways. I teach through sound, I teach through vibrational healing and by integrating communication telepathically and raising the level of consciousness in a person so that they can communicate on that level from the heart and the mind. I teach in a way in which, by doing what I do in the form of charity, in the form of actually helping out and really never saying no, pretty much lays down a foundation of relationships that bring about certain symbological realities within teaching that are recognized in Tibetan Buddhism when it comes down to recognizing a Boddhisattva. It's known as The Activities of a Boddhisattva. So, when there really is the true Activities of a Bodhisattva taking place, then that's the highest form of teaching. That's called Buddha.

The relationship of the next form of teaching is called Dharma. Dharma is a process that literally helps to initiate an understanding that there is such a thing as the Soul and how the Soul works. In Buddhism we call it Bodhicitta, the Buddha Nature that's found inside of every single atom, inside of every single thing, the Mineral Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Human Kingdom, going all the way up through the Buddhaic, the Angelic and God Kingdom. All of those Kingdoms in all one way, in the Light of the Soul. That's found inside of every living atom and in Buddhism, that's known as Bodhicitta. So awakening that Bodhicitta is the teaching of Dharma.

The teaching of Dharma is known as the Sangha. When people of like-mindedness who are so telepathically attuned to the sounds, the colors, the vibration, the symbols, the Actions of the Bodhisattva that they can familiarize themselves to, that's their activity that they're moving toward. It's a similarity of their own Buddha Nature that is awakening within them that they're attracted to.

So they're attracted to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. And that's how I Teach. So my relationship of the intellectual aspect of teaching comes in where I start talking about the Rays and Sacred Geometric realities applied to the Pyramids and the Great Temples and all the Temple building and architecture that's been found in history has a mythological symbology to it that is very synergistic. It applies from ancient times all the way through history.

So we literally see a parallel of mind and consciousness that is evolving in Humanity that goes right along with the awakening of Nature, certain symbols, certain mathematical understandings, certain levels of consciousness and senses are developing. And that's what I Teach is to recognize the history of the past and see how, in the past, there has been a working out of the process of Humanity. And in that process, it helps to see a better picture as to us through reincarnation, the possibility of reincarnation being the major portion of the Teaching is that, through looking at our past and understanding our past and knowing through reincarnation that we are the people of the past, that through the changing of the senses, the building of the temples and the movement of spirituality, that in itself has created the evolution of Humanity and the changing on a planetary scale of civilization and spiritual development altogether. So that's how I Teach it.

The next focus is the relationship of esoteric philosophy that applies science so that we can work with sound and color and understand the etheric field and better understand chakras and better understand the meridian reality that's found in acupuncture and how that relationship of the energetic field, the energetic body, works in relationship to Bodhicitta, or the Soul. And how, in vibrational healing, that literally rebalances the vibrational lack of integrity that's found in the chakras and allows the chakras to realign themselves naturally without going into some yogic process of intellectual yoga or a belief system that you have to be certain way or do a certain type of prostration or ceremony in order to create a certain effect. By actually vibrationally taking on attunement and working within a science that is Energetic Medicine, it helps to save a person that is falling into the trap of developing lower psychicism and manipulating the very same things of the body of the energetic body instead of developing the astral body which happens in lower psychicism, developing the energetic body or just being natural and healing naturally by changing your diet and including exercise and right relationship to Harmony and relationship to not being negative and not being aggressive and habitual. As we change those patterns we're actually awakening Bodhicitta, or the Soul. So that's what the Teachings are based on.

The Tools are based within the same Teaching so people can literally awaken the healing ability that they get from actually going into Harmlessness, actually allowing the Energetic Body to heal. Naturally, the next response would be magnetic healing. A person becomes a healer once they become more solidly healthy and their body, their mind and their spiritual qualities of their Soul are starting to radiate an energy and that radiating energy naturally has a healing effect to it. The first effect is magnetic healing. So all the Tools that I put out stimulate the first effect of grounding out magnetic healing. So everybody experiences a healing effect and they feel the ability to heal others at a distance. So that's something they've never had the ability to do before. It gives them faith. It gives them an understanding that they have this ability, they have these powers, they don't have to look for it in other people, that they, themselves can awaken it within themselves. So everything in all the Teachings are to develop an awakening of the Soul within yourself without following anybody or without going into any intellectual ceremony or any type of belief system.

So this ability to heal is awakened by just being in Your Presence?

In a nutshell, it's basically the process of being in My Presence and that I've developed all these abilities... All the High Lamas are attracted to me for this reason. Not for me to be their Teacher but for them to receive the healing of being in My Presence and learn why it is within my Bodhisattva Nature to be the way I Am and that they, too can attain the same qualities and not have all the hardship and all the suffering that they see in the world. They can make a difference. They can actually radiate the same way I do.

It is difficult. Like in Tibet, we recognize little children and we find them to be reincarnates and they have these abilities. They have abilities to recognize their past life by the things that are put in front of them. They know exactly who their parents used to be and where they last lived, what their name was and the teachings that they gave, even at two or three years old. Those are awesome experiences that most people experience. We can kind of give a reality to that because it's just a little boy or just a little girl. But when it's a grown person and they have these abilities and they're radiating out this ability and it really is a big bridge to try and communicate the simplicity in relationship to how to adjust to deal with this, how to recognize a healing quality, a teaching quality and all these things that come that don't require intellectual mind, they don't require all the things that we are normally taught to have to develop. We literally get blessed. Our life literally just changes. And all of our Soul within and all of our good nature about our previous lives begin to awaken and our world just changes. It's rather quite an interesting experience.

Shambhala Radio Hour
March 22, 2002
Meditative Effects of the Tools
Question: I recently purchased one of the Sterling Silver Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star pendants. I have been wearing it and meditating with it and have been feeling much better, more happy & a lot more positive. I have a question though, this past weekend while wearing it a friend of a friend reached out and touched it at the same time I did, or at least that was what I was told. I remember very little of what was happening. I don't remember her touching it. What I do remember was a horrific story about a child. It was as if this lady was telling me something about her child, there was innocence to the woman and a lack of acknowledging what truly happened to the child. I looked around and everyone else seemed to be okay with this horrible story. I became dizzy & physically sick to my stomach while she told the tale as if displaced. I had to excuse myself from the room & lay down. I lost a whole hour as I laid there. Later, I asked my friend about the conversation of this woman, it was totally different. I also seemed to come out of this with a new attitude and a plan to raise money for some charities. Did I receive a message? Did this happen because we were both touching it? I'm kind of nervous about wearing the pendant now. Any help or thoughts you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Part of the symptom of wearing any of the etheric weavers is automatic meditation; and being automatic you do not always know that it is happening. It gives a greater amount of peace and self-awareness and at the same time the mind is developing in a little different way and it is that way whether you use the weavers or spend years in meditation.

It helps you become more aware, like a revelation, a discernment and discrimination process of development, that puts pieces of a puzzle together that others may not witness and it could be introduced through contact with another person. That would increase this revelation. Many times a revelation becomes a focus outcome of work of something one wants to do in order to bring it about. So it is not uncommon to experience what might be a psyco-catharsis that triggers a more soulful direction in life.

Part of my work includes something that is known as "Soul Therapy" and many people have experiences such as this during this meditation called Soul therapy which uses the meditation CD's , inside a pyramid and use the other tools I produce that influence the natural telepathic healing processes that take place during meditation.

So wearing the etheric weaver pendant can easily bring on the same type of meditative benefits, but in a more unexpected way, because it is just a simple pendant, but nevertheless it is a meditative tool that works with your soul's integration. You needn't be concerned as to whether or not the logical side of the process has to be figured out. The use of the etheric weaver helps to also develop understanding and a blending of both hemispheres of the brain that allows for revelations and little miracles to be witnessed and to assist in the process of our life.

So if you have any of the CD's it might be beneficial to take a little time to meditate and if not, just the use of the etheric weaver itself will help bring balance to your process by just wearing it as a pendant. Just remember that the etheric weaver pendant itself is not really powerful, it only resonates with your own awakening process. It is like a mirror and is governed by your own awakening. It will not increase your own awakening in any way, it only helps in your vitality, the ability for you to heal and integrate the etheric field. This in itself becomes a heightening of awareness. The pendant only tunes in as a resonator in order to support whatever is going on.
The teaching that I give is based on the reality of Shambhala and the qualities that Shambhala brings into human nature, which is Buddha nature.

In Shambhala, all human beings are both male and female. No separation. When we communicate back and forth, we have a normal way of Buddha nature that allows for everything to develop prosperity. In our Buddha nature, because there's no separation between male and female, then we develop a strong ability for prosperity; not just physical prosperity, but spiritual prosperity.

Everything physical is spiritual, whether it's a flower or the rock or the human, as long as we're seeing with no duality, no separation. That's Buddha nature. But as a human being awakening Buddha nature, we are all in reality female. We are all in reality, because we are physical, we are human beings, but in reality we're all female. The nature of that receives automatic receptivity from the male, which is Buddha.

In our nature, we receive love, just like the father gives to the wife. So whether we think we are natural for devotion, it's in our nature to be devoted, to feel devotion to God, to feel reverent, that's our female side. That's our female quality, Tara, like Vajrayogini with Vajrayogi. So as long as we are receptive and not greedy or selfish, and we choose to Give, it's the Giving that makes us Buddha. It brings together the male and female qualities in one body, like the father gives to the mother.

So by doing this, we actually create more Buddha nature, just through charity. And that increases Shambhala. And it becomes, everything; all the trees, all the animals become Buddha nature. As human beings, all the animals, all the vegetables, everything, live in our body; we represent everything. So if we behave charitably, we raise everything up.

You have to get rid of jealousy, enviousness, anger, everything like that, or you're not giving. You're spending time taking.

Time is Dharma
So we should spend all our time turning the wheel of Dharma, by Giving.

That's why I do what I do. I look and find out where Buddhists, like me, have problems financially. I come into places like this and I help. And since we're all students of the same belief, my actions could be the highest teaching and raise humanity to Shambhala very fast, just through Charity.
Charity is only when you give and you want nothing back. You can give a million dollars but if you want something back, you gave nothing. And people's karma will get worse. So it will seem like you can never give enough.

You have to give with no conditions at all. And then healing takes place.

Not just physical healing, but healing of the planet.

Lhopa Khamtsen Drepung Universtity, Mungod, India
Speak Less
Try not to open your mouth as often as you can.

Be quiet and be in the moment and see other things going on other than yourself.

You need one to two persons to really communicate with.

Don't gossip.

Hold off before you say something and come from your heart. Push the "pause" button before you speak.

Speak your revelations, otherwise, remain quiet.

If someone is talking to you, respond with phrases such as "oh, is that right," "that must be terrible," you don't have to make a comment about things.

Be quiet and your soul speaks. It is revealing a new way to see things. Cut back on phone conversations.

Only communicate when it is practical, helpful or necessary.

Omaha Dharshan
The Relationship between Christianity and Buddhism
A lot of the relationship between Christianity and Buddhism is really based on the angelic presence of reality. The relationship of Archangel Michael is parallel to the relationships of Buddhism. In Buddhism there's a being known as Manjushri that also carries a sword, works with the relationship of wisdom and virtue and helps to instill the reawakening of wisdom and understanding in people so that compassion can come back and that is awakening Buddha nature. The name of Buddha literally represents what is known as 'angel'. So when we think of Buddha, we are thinking of a living angel. So in the presence of Buddhism, it is actually a belief system that we are all actually unawakened angels and as we develop those virtues, we actually are developing more angelic qualities and powers that we have to further and work with the evolution of life.

So we're co-creators with God and awakened within that reality of God and that is exactly the same reality if we look in Christianity. The Archangel Michael and Saint Michael fight for the virtues of empowering and maintaining virtues and developing virtues that are actually defending us again the evil powers of our own vices and other temptations and qualities in life that move us in that way. It is that Archangelic quality that is a part of the higher evolved state of the angel that actually defends the growing state of the angelic nature that grows inside of humanity. So Archangel Michael is a symbol of defense in relationship to the fact that we are all angels, that we have within the angelic group and angelic realities that are actually so powerful that they are guardians or "divine hosts" that work with us, like in the hierarchy of Jesus or all those presences on the physical world. There is an exact reality of the same thing in the heavenly world.

So I use Archangel Michael as a symbol so that people know that this world and throughout the cosmos there is a universal understanding that we are protected by God's angels and that we are angels. It is not Archangel Michael that is separate from us, but is awakening in us the reality of us being an angel and turning our ways against the lower nature, qualities of life and waking us to the Buddha Nature or awakened angelic nature of life.

The Science of Soul Therapy that we provide at the Maitreya Monastery is actually based on the sacred geometry based in the Word that makes the angelic order of our planet and the cosmos and everything in the cosmic way that God created things in a very powerful plan of order that is brought into everything. It is seen again when we build with geometric design and when we work with vibration, healing and faith. Then we are actually working to heal the soul. So that's what the Center is about.

Soul Therapy has two major things that is involved with it. One is that being a Rinpoche and a Buddha, I have certain healing abilities that people may have read about in Tibet and the different miraculous things that can happen over there and many of those qualities of being able to heal at a distance or be in the presence of someone and cause a healing, actually does take place in my work. So that is Blessed into the process of my Dharma center and the Soul Therapy Systems and whenever a person goes into meditation.

In Soul Therapy people receive the same Blessings that I give in a Monastery. Basically it is a room that is opened up with a large pyramid sitting in it. You lay down on a bed inside the pyramid and you just close the door and you're alone in that room. You have the music that is playing that I made, that is the invocations of Angels, Buddhas and qualities of awakening, and everything with different bells and different sounds that come from Tibetan Buddhism and American drums combined together. And all of that very much relaxes a person and moves them into a transcendental and spontaneous state so their Soul can literally communicate in relationships that are more loving and more understanding and actually helps to bring these relationships, draw them, unify and magnify them into their life, so that they have better relationships in the future; and things that are not working out in their life today being changing in a direction so that they do get worked out, that includes physical, emotional, mental and even personal problems. Family, work, all kinds of situations sometimes get completely worked out or at least set on the path while doing Soul Therapy, so it's pretty powerful.
The Relevance of Supporting Tulkus and Saints
In Buddhism there is a belief system that comes because of the previous lives of the incarnations of Buddha and the Saints and their relics, things that they have left behind, or places in which they have created sacred sites, sacred caves and sacred images. In a similar way to the Chalice and the different relics of Christianity or relics of different ages, these literally embody the contact between God and Earth and its relationship of vibration, its relationship of consciousness and evolution: a spark of Spirit that moves everything forward despite any negativity that may be going on in the moment.

It is these things, these sacred objects or these sacred incarnations that literally turn the wheel in a different direction moving evolution onward and that instills faith at the exact same time. When that energy is increased on the planet, faith is increased at the same time, which is why Churches are built around these relics. When people go into these areas and come in contact with these relics, millions of people are transcended from the lack of faith they had previously, into a greater faith in this life because they come in closer and closer contact with Saints.

So there is almost a science to it - whether it be found in Christianity or in Buddhism.

Tulku from Tawo Dechen Gompa
with Buddha Maitreya in Kham Tibet

If we restore the process of historical Saints and our historical relics and our historical sites, and bring them back to their natural ability for us to go and meditate, we can receive blessing. For example from waters that have sprung up due to Jesus or Mother Mary appearing, or a Saint placing their finger near a tone and suddenly water comes out - many of these places have miraculously healed people through he increasing of faith.

If we move into this science and we actually restore that ancient understanding of Planetary reincarnation and Planetary healing through the reincarnation of Saints, we can quicken our process of not only becoming Saints ourselves, and opening up faith, but actually healing the planet because healing virtues and healing qualities come from these things. Many of our limitations, whether it be disease, emotional problems or just problems in general and thinking that we have no way out; there is a way out by actually coming in contact with the Science of God.

Tulku Ngawang Gyaltsen
with Buddha Maitreya in Lithang

The Sacred Science of Metatronics

Buddha Maitreya is designing Metatronic™ Healing Tools - The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools - which work at the level of the etheric body which is the level at which vibrational realignment takes place. When people use Metatronic™ Tools such as the Vajras or the Metatron's Mat it facilitates the geometric simplicity of the evolution of the atom to manifest a complexity of DNA, which is the mind of God permeating matter into form as a pattern of Divine Harmonic Design - ever growing in the Law of Love emerging as a manifestation known as the human being - The Angel.

In this enlightened most auspicious time of the coming forth of Heaven on Earth, the ending of illusion will begin as the Angel of the Presence begins to manifest in all of us. Every human being is an incarnation of the great collective Soul, embodied in Love. As this collective Soul emerges from the world of humanity a new form of human being will manifest and a new word known as the Monad will become known as the Awakened Angel.

Master Pythagoras lived a long and very fortunate life. He was among the greatest of scholars and philosophers that we even speak of today. He synthesized all the known philosophies into the simple Platonic Solids equating to three vehicles - the physical, the emotional and the mental - as corresponding to the potential of another human form of human being, if it was to come into contact with the Science that he termed Geomancy.

In his day Pythagoras was thought to be a God, Son of Zeus, yet he healed people with the tone of singing bowls and by placing in their hands precisely cut geometric forms. And through his presence and with his students participating with his practice, people evolved to such a degree and healed their mental, emotional and physical problems, that he gave the term "The Soul" a scientific definition - and that the physical form made by God corresponds and responds to the Science of God if applied.

He also gave the term "Monad" its first definition, and he expressed that as being a level of consciousness that telepathically through the medium of the Soul has the power of choice over matter as a direct telepathic agent of Godhead. This being would be a superhuman being more like what we think of as an Angel.

It was during the time of Pythagoras that the development of the collective Soul was much more the issue, and the Monad and its understanding and its true definition as the human who has passed through the cocoon of the collective Soul and has returned as an Angel manifesting the ever increasing evolution of Heaven on Earth.

Humanity's development of their spiritual centers has been through collective effort either through wars or through other forms of hardship, and the perseverance of the Soul through these hardships. There are those who are heroes who represent those who suffer, as these collective incarnations actually manifested as collective initiations, by developing a Planetary Soul where we are now all bound to everyone and our efforts and our technologies are increasing because of our previous merit obtained over lifetimes of ordeal.

And in the center of this our visions, our dreams, our movies, our songs are all going to awaken us to the Angels. It is the awakening Soul who must be aware of the Monad, and all the illusion of the masters of wisdom and the structures of hierarchy will not be weighed against our Soul.

The Monad will awaken in the cab driver and the strip teaser - everyone is an Angel. And like a dream it will manifest in the real world, it is the next stage of experience that we are all preparing for.

The Teachings of the Whispered Lineage
Marpa gave these teachings of the Whispered Lineage to Jetsun Milarepa as it was prophesied by Naropa.

Although Lord Marpa had many heart sons who were worthy disciples, he did not give them the oral instructions of the hearing lineage. In accord with the prophecy of Naropa, Marpa gave Jetsun Mila the abhiseka, oral instructions, and auxiliary teachings of the dakini hearing lineage of Cakrasamvara, and finally completed these with the further secret command-seal teachings. Moreover, having given him these many instructions, Marpa sang this song extolling the greatness of the hearing lineage:

Although everyone has a lineage,
If one has the dakinl's lineage, that is it.
Although everyone has forefathers,
If one has Tilopa, that is it.
Although everyone has a guru,
If one has Naropa, that is it.
Although everyone has oral instructions,
If one has the hearing lineage, that is it.
Although everyone attains enlightenment by meditating,
If one becomes enlightened without effort in meditation, that is it.

Thus Marpa sang.

Jetsun Mila said, "Our lineage and oral instructions are greatly renowned in all of India and Tibet. Therefore, precious guru, your fame in Tibet is no different than that of the lineage forefathers. Lord, because of your powerful longing and devotion for the gurus and your buddha activity, you yourself must also be renowned as a precious guru in India.

The guru replied, "There's no need to speak of the great fame of my lineage and oral instructions in India, and as you have said, I am renowned for my great devotion to the guru."
Because he could not help but proclaim these essential truths, Marpa sang this song:

Why shouldn't my lineage be famed,
Since we possess the dharma eye of the dakinls.
Why shouldn't the forefathers be famed,
Since Tilopa is no one other than the buddha.
Why shouldn't my guru be famed,
Since Naropa is a torch of dharma.
Why shouldn't I be famed,
Since I am the only heart son of Naropa.
Why shouldn't the oral instructions be famed,
Since this wish-fulfilling jewel of the hearing lineage
Is the special dharma that no one else possesses.

Thus Marpa sang.

Jetsun Mila received this hearing lineage, the special dharma that no one else possesses. Like a vase that is filled from another, Mila received Jetsun Marpa's oral instructions and so his mind was satisfied. As a result of all this, the sun of the Buddha's teachings rose in the snowy mountain ranges of Tibet. The dark ignorance of all sentient beings was dispelled as the light of wisdom illumined the day.
Unchanging Eternity
All the planets, the Sun, everything, works on this principle (Buddha nature). This is called the solar principle. Buddha nature is the solar principle. So certain in every way spontaneously is how we serve. So the more we become of good merit, the more the world becomes of good merit. Love and compassion is the seal, the energy, of buddha nature.

Everything is made geometrically. The very force of matter evolving, geometrically, into life is buddha nature. As we use our mind, body and our actions it creates thought forms that evolve all life. They can be chaotic or harmonious. This body, speech and mind of buddha controls all of matter and as great, virtuous practitioners we are forcing the evolution of life into harmlessness. We have to awaken buddha nature in everything because people affect other people. If they are not happy, we will not evolve. So the ability to be sensitive, feel the other person's need and help them, is the the quickest way to awaken buddha nature. Your body, your mind and your speech needs to be totally kind.

So I create meditation tools to help high meditation masters, so that they can radiate out their light and raise others up. I create vajras, (dorjes) and other geometric forms using crystals and magnets which amplifies telepathy and the minds of masters to be able to heal by radiating out and raises others up. These tools will go to all Rinpoches and all Geshes in the end.

This science is connected to the Earth, so we are not only healing people but we are healing all nations. I'm here to heal all nations and all religions, not just one religion and these tools help achieve that. The geometric forms are based on the same design as the Stupa, they are very sacred forms which help the person that uses them to wake up. If any of the Rinpoches have been in temples in previous lives and can't go there now or have had previous disciples who they can't meet now, this will help to wake them up so that they can meet them.

We all have problems with emotions, frustration, anger, etc. We need to be more able to become virtuous. This clouds our life and puts a wall between us and everything. All the time we need to be like warriors from Shambhala, Shambhala warriors. Just one moment of anger can take away much merit and virtue and you have to rebuild it. It's best not to get angry. To even respond in great virtue is what leads everyone in the ability to attain buddhahood.

Then I created the etheric weaver which helps to slow down anger, you can use this tool to stop your anger; this will help you much. You'll be much happier in your life and much more virtuous. If you are sick or have illness, this helps to heal it very quickly. All Bodhisattvas are healers. They heal the need in another person . This will help them to heal themselves.

All over the world people who have used these tools have found their lives totally changed towards nature, towards goodness. One of the strongest things for Maitreya Buddha is healing others, without people even asking. For example, alcoholics, people who smoke, I don't even need to tell them not to do these things, they use the tools and they just stop.

So, we can awaken millions of people just through using the tools - this can be done - we can change the world. As practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, we practice developing loving wisdom. The next stage is to take responsibility for seeing ourselves as healers. You take on board others sufferings, you may get sick but you have the ability to transform it through meditation and prayer. Everything that happens: illness, anger you have to see it differently, so its not you, it's just your process.

These tools increase your life. You could live for a very long time (hundreds of years) if you use them.
What is the Difference Between a Second Coming and an Incarnation?
The process of reincarnation, is the process where, lets say, in the Second Coming reality, people think about the process of Christ, where the first known incarnation of Christ, the first coming of Christ, was the beginning project, the beginning of a plan, the beginning of a mission. And, that we didn't know that Christ was going to keep reincarnating, and that the surfacing of that, the externalization of that, the preparation of all of humanity to receive what it is Christ was talking about, and synthesizing all of that, would then come later on, at the Second Coming.

Realities, the giving of the teachings of Padmasambhava, the giving of the teachings of Atisha, the giving of the teachings of Tsong Khapa, each one reforming the old teaching. Taking the original teaching that was there and was diluted in humanity, taking those teachings back and reforming it, bringing it right back to the way it was, giving it a little bit better, and then disincarnating, and out of that is a whole new foundation.

Then, 500 years later another one comes and these are all preparations for the first 3 initiations, for just establishing a teaching group, a group for the second coming, for the energy of Maitreya the Christ to come forth, and begin teaching where there would be a response.

So for all of these phases, this is a teacher who is initiating reform. And then the next phase of reform and then the last phase of reform. So one phase was the first initiation, creating Lamaism, the first initiation.

500 years later I come back and I create Atisha's relationship as to, Why Lamaism, and how to deal with Lamaism, and how to deal with compassion and intuition and how to not work with certain kinds of belief systems and actually furthering all the original teachings of Gautama Buddha, more toward living in a more compassionate state, living in a more giving, kind, all those kinds of things.

Living in the Heart Sutra. And then Tsong Khapa comes and he says, "I can't identify with anything that is being taught in Tibetan Buddhism, it's all so separate and it's all so not quite right. There needs to be virtue. We need to establish strong virtue." And that's the third initiation. So the first one was the foundation. The second one was discernment through discrimination, and the third one was the relationship of the reforming of discernment and discrimination through Atisha.

And the third one was Tsong Khapa creating the relationship of people working under the virtue, now allowing masters to incarnate for the first time. So it was during the time of Tsong Khapa that Tulkus began incarnating. In other words Masters, 3rd degree initiates. The beginning of the ashram was established. So Tsong Khapa establishes Tulkus to come, but they're only 3rd degree initiates. Jesus is a whole lot higher initiate so there needs to be more.

So another 500 years goes on and in comes all these Universities, and all these processes, each person being telepathically overshadowed by a person, Maitreya, and he's not the same as Gautama Buddha, he's not the same as Manjushri Buddha, he's very different, and they're writing books about it. They're having contact with Asangha who has been contacted by Maitreya. He writes a book I met Maitreya, I'm the first person to meet him. This is what he's like, this is what he said, these are his teachings, so then all of sudden, for 500 years teachings start coming in from Maitreya, by the students who are receiving the love, of becoming Maitreya. They all become emanations of Maitreya the Christ, for 500 years.

So all these Tulkus that I'm coming to find are emanations of me that I've set up for 500 years and they're me actually and I'm my best student. So when I go out and deal with the Tulkus I'm actually talking to myself, dealing with myself, cooperating with a great big reality and that's what happens within the Hierarchy of the Christ Principle is that the Christ Principle is in a relationship of establishing an individual relationship with people, the Second Coming of Christ. It's a collective messiah ship. It works with the relationship of people being able to respond to the Christ AND being a disciple, not just being a follower. But what it means to be a disciple.

Is there a foundation? Have there have been other people who have done it? Is there something we can read, is there something we can identify with? Without there being other people.

July 13, 2003
Why is the externalization of the Christ important?
Its like Tulkus – their process of externalization has never been big for them – for Tibet yes, but not for the world.

Second ray people are not interested in groups or individuals but helping all. Christ is second ray and so to move from the sixth ray to the second ray there needs to be an externalization of Christ. Most of the process for Christ to teach in Tibet, the externalization process is more about straightening out our misdirected spiritual influences. It ends the separation historically between one avatar and the rest. Right now we have great difficulty as groups focus on each incarnation and people expect Christ to come in different ways. Even in Tibetan Buddhism, Gautama Buddha is not supposed to come back. The externalization is to synthesize all the teachings that people have given as if they remain separate; each teaching is a lesser teaching. When Christ/Krishna taught the only purpose was to manifest the dharma and what it means and why it works. So Dharma can be prevented by lesser teachings. So Je Tsong Khapa and Atisha and Padmasambhava all have different lineages and that separation is the downfall of Tibet and causes a lack of growth e.g. the laws of time, the Kalachakra teachings have to be given by Gautama Buddha and again by Padmasambhava.

These previous avatar incarnations could not say who they were because no one would have known. Krishna did say in the Bhagavad Gita [OR THE SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM?] he was Sanat Kumara and Rama so he could set straight a similar teaching like I am doing on the importance of previous lives and explaining reincarnation. Krishna taught Sanatan Dharma and the creation of God Head.

So Jesus was recognized as only a Bodhisattva in Tibet and because of that prejudice he could not go any further. We are not in a world healing view and Christ is the world teacher – so it has literally been impossible anytime up to now. So that is why Jesus said this was just the beginning.

Anytime the avatar incarnates, he incarnates as an embodiment of the planet to raise it up through initiation. For example, Krishna achieved the 4th initiation in his lifetime; Buddha achieved the 4th and almost made it to the 5th but not quite – so he became the light of the world. If he attained the 5th initiation then it becomes available to anyone who really tries. Je Tsong Khapa was a 9th degree initiate and had many tulkus who were his disciples e.g. the Panchen Lama and the Karmapa were risen up during his lifetime to 5th degree initiates which in turn raised others up. So the Himalayas are known as the place of masters. Babaji was 11th degree initiate (see the work of Paramahansa Yogananda) and lived for 2,500 years. It makes it possible for humanity to receive that light as a level of initiation.

All of what is going on in Tibet is to help humanity recognize the Christ. It is a matter of a long term externalization through initiations and then it becomes the externalization of the hierarchy and not the Christ. Christ is the head of the hierarchy, an incarnated angel on Earth.

So in Je Tsong Khapa’s time, he had the largest monasteries built like Ganden, Sera etc and he could have 5th degree initiates/friends around him and Tsong Khapa quickened time.

If you want to have a teacher, you need to be a good student – so they raised their initiations up. All saints in Christianity moved into Buddhism so they could continue with taking initiations.

1950 is the turning point of the entire world. We have developments in TV, space travel, highways, cars come in and that frees every human being on Earth to take higher levels of initiations. People demanded equality, better education which furthered their minds and allowed them to be of service and all of Tibet starts to externalize into the world. Otherwise, we would still just be reading books. This changes the quantum level of the mind. Tibetan Buddhism is the highest form of education. Einstein said when he died that if he did it again, he would be reborn as a Tibetan Buddhist. This is a process so that the hierarchy (being of heaven) and humanity (being of Earth) can come together as one and then this delusion can go away.

It allows the externalization to take place with Christ taking control of the hierarchy which is what happens in February. When that takes place, the Tibetan Buddhists will become my group and that will be the externalization of the hierarchy and that is very important.

Omaha Dharshan
November 13th, 2004