Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

The First Initiation

First Initiation
This major initiation is involved with the sacral center and the throat center, the right relationship of the seventh and the third rays.
So the choice of the matter when one is awakening those psychic natures in oneself is if one takes the left hand path of the first initiation they become more attuned to tarot, psychic phenomenon, clairaudience, clairvoyance, hearing voices and attaining guidance; makes sense? This phenomenon is a part of that seventh Ray energy; it is that third Ray energy is turned downward rather than upward.

On the other hand if the energy is turned upward, you lose the interest of psychic phenomenon, you literally lose it. You lose the ability to be clairaudient or clairvoyant, you simply can't hear voices at all any more, and you start losing all other forms of fanatical belief systems that you might have had in a religion that's maybe off kilt a little bit, and whatever is right about it you'll gain that as a sense of perspective. Anything you've got that's right will come back in the right relationship of the third Ray and the seventh Ray moving in its upward position because your mind will see it in a higher order. You'll see it for what it really is and you'll have your own ability to begin receiving the essence of things as they're coming at you, and instead of the knowledge aspect, you'll be receiving wisdom aspect. So you'll lose interest in things that are untrue because of wisdom.

And the other side, when you're in the left hand path, you're walking in darkness because you don't know, and as long as you don't know you'll always be seeking and be lead into psychic processes that allow you to unveil things other people cannot see or hear. By coming in contact with those things you still have no verification of the discernment or discrimination of what you know. No one else can hear it, no one else can experience it and you're getting further and further away from other members of humanity. Make sense? You're entering another pathway, another dimension of experiences that do go on in life but it's all part of the astral plane and everything in spiritual energy has a psychic level on the astral plane and has a mirror effect; an exact mirror opposite in the right hand path on a telepathic level where it's sentient. So with this side of things, instead of developing clairaudience or clairvoyance you're developing higher mind and higher intuition, telepathy. Now, you're seeing things for what they really are. Rather than seeing ghosts or things like that, you're seeing life, and you're beginning to see it for what it is because instead of just seeing it, now you're seeing what it is in reality.

Like for example in psychometry, if you touch something and you have psychometry you have the ability to touch something, feel it and receive the light that's coming from it if there's light in it. That is part of your sensory ability; one of your senses is touch. The other one is sight and as you're awakening your first initiation you're awakening your sense of touch, you're awakening your sense of sight, you're awakening your sense of smell; all your senses and from awakening those particular processes you begin awakening the energy of being able to hear properly. When you hear properly and you start seeing properly those senses start coming into an attunement because literally you're taking the right hand path to make those things happen. As long as we are working with meditation and you're working on invocation of words that invoke the Rays and the alignment of the Soul, things of that nature, then we're using literally a part of the science of invocation. You're stimulating that area where you would have clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometry, those psychic abilities that you could have developed in this way for personal gain, the left hand path, and now you're developing and enhancing in order to be more receptive and responsible in your life. Your ability to respond in the moment, that's all the First Initiation is about. It is to give you the ability to respond in the moment and not be too emotional about it, whatever is going on. You can be the best hero or you could be the best person to help people in that moment, makes sense? That's the First Initiation.

So that process of the First Initiation aligns the ability for people to read mind to mind. That's the very first thing that orients the process is that the awakening of being able to raise your consciousness in right relationship; how you're thinking, how your emotions are reacting, how your physical body is responding. You are using your mind for discernment, you're using that third Ray about your relating to life and as you do that with meditation and the use of the etheric weaver and other things of that nature, you're actually stimulating your receptivity of those senses. Your ability to be receptive to that light, that's what you're changing. Make sense?