Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

Invocation for Planetary Healing

Don’t miss the Maitreya OM Meditation for Planetary Healing with Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ - Streams live online at 4pm Pacific this afternoon, Sunday July 10. Register now at http://ommeditation.org


Using the Etheric Weaver

I have been using the Etheric Weaver for a week. I am using it above the palms of my hands and lungs, and on the toes on my left foot. I feel a greater sense of peace and well being in my body. I am much more comfortable being in the conditional realm. I feel calmer, more centered, and more courageous. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for bringing these healing elements to the earth. They are great gifts and you are a great blessing.

Anne Sete
Sausalito, CA

Video Testimonials on Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Shambhala Healing Tools

Nepal Earthquake Relief

We are sharing a number of videos and photos of the delivery of corrugated galvanized iron sheets to the village of Salyantar, Dhading which was greatly affected by the recent Earthquakes.

Sheets have been picked up 4 times daily, throughout the week from the wholesaler in Kathmandu, stored at a local engineering college and then delivered to the village over 4 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Initially 20 of the worst affected families were helped but yesterday sheets were provided for the entire village - everyone whose house was damaged by the earthquakes (95 out of 100 houses).

According to Dr Raj Pradhanang who is overseeing the effort with an engineer friend, Mr Niranjan Shrestra, villagers are very happy and delighted to have His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and Her Holiness Mandarava Tara’s support.

“We like to thank you again and again for everything.Now i have no words to express. Yours sincerely, Dr.Raj” http://www.rajeshpradhanang.com.np/

In addition this week, the first shipment of 15 more locally sourced relief tents from India left for Nepal with a guarantee of arriving there shortly from www.relieftent.in.    

We would like to pass on a big thank you to everyone who helped to make this support possible and for your ongoing support for our relief effort in Nepal. Earthquakes continue daily and monsoon is beginning so time is of the essence and there is much still to do. If you would like to help our Nepal Earthquake Relief effort you can donate online at www.buddhamaitreya.org

Maui Events Start Tuesday June 17th thru Saturday 21st


OPEN HOUSE & GROUP MEDITATIONS ~ Experience Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Shambhala Healing Tools on the sacred island of Maui. Events listed below. Call us on 877-444-SOUL for more information or to save your space. 

Wednesday June 18th - Temple of Peace, Haiku from 3:30pm-8pm

Open House 3:30-6:30pm (free),6:30pm-8pm Group Meditation & introduction to Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Healing Tools ($15 inc. free meditation CD), Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku, 808 575-5220 All are welcome! 



Friday June 20th - Island Spirit Yoga, Lahaina 2pm-4pm

Group Meditation and Introduction to Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Healing Tools 2-4pm ($15 inc. free meditation CD), Island Spirit Yoga, 840 Wainee St, Lahaina, 808-667-2111.  All are welcome! 

Saturday June 21st - Summer Solstice, Lemuria, Makawao 4pm-6pm

Group Meditation and Introduction to Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Healing Tools 4-6pm ($15 inc. free meditation CD), Lemuria Retreat Center, 1813 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, 855-579-8877.  All are welcome!


Wesak Full Moon OM Pyramid Meditation this Wednesday 1pm PST

Join live online this Wednesday from 1pm PST for a special Wesak Full Moon Meditation with Buddha Maitreya the Christ

A wonderful opportunity to meditate with Buddha Maitreya the Christ and receive his profound and uplifting dharma teachings based on the Science of Redemption & Planetary Ascension. 

Presented live from the Central Pyramid at Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Shambhala Monastery & Planetary Healing Center in Northern California with the opportunity to join online from anywhere around the World. 

Learn more

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weavers Now On Sale!

On Sale for a Limited Time

Click here to view

Planetary Healing Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya in Omaha, Nebraska - August 31 & September 1, 2013

What is a Dharshan?

“A Dharshan is a traditional term for a spiritual teaching given by a spiritually awakened teacher, someone who is recognized as a person who emanates the Light of the Soul and really the Monad. This is a teaching dharshan of Christ, the America born Buddha Maitreya, who is both Monadic and Soulfully incarnated. Radiating the healing Light of the Soul and teaching Monadically" Buddha Maitreya

Attending a Dharshan is not about following a “master" or joining a religion or group.   As Buddha Maitreya teaches he shares understanding on how, historically, humanity as a whole has been influenced by psychic illusion and glamour; how the expression of hate and separation creates wars, planetary pollution through waste and greed and a long list of social imbalances.  He talks about the Seven Rays and the Monad (the Mind of God) - helping to awaken that light within ourselves; the ability to see things more like God sees them and make choices that are in greater alignment with that higher conscious understanding.

Learn more…

Next US Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya - August 3 & 4, 2013

Attending a Dharshan is not about following a “master” or joining a religion or group.   As Buddha Maitreya teaches he shares understanding on how, historically, humanity as a whole has been influenced by psychic illusion and glamour; how the expression of hate and separation creates wars, planetary pollution through waste and greed and a long list of social imbalances.  He talks about the Seven Rays and the Monad (the Mind of God) - helping to awaken that light within ourselves; the ability to see things more like God sees them and make choices that are in greater alignment with that higher conscious understanding.

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Easter: A Celebration of Jesus Christ's Coming to Earth & Rebirth


Jesus Christ….‘A wise man if it be lawful to call him a man; because he was a doer of Wonderful Works’

This Easter,  on Holy Saturday, the new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, introduced a rare viewing of The Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, which was televised on Italian TV. This is the first public viewing in 40 years of the centuries old linen cloth – probably the most astonishing object in existence and one of the world’s most famous holy relics.

Click to watch

At the same time, new evidence is coming to light to support the fact that the shroud is not only real but more than that, that the secrets of the universe may be hidden within this ancient cloth – a message of hope for the entire world.

The Fabric of Time – A Documentary on the Shroud of Turin

Could it be that the Shroud of Turin actually proves much more about the existence of God and the way in which time, space and energy interact in a way never before predicted?

This Easter Sunday, Buddha Maitreya recommends everyone to watch the documentary 'The Fabric of Time in 3D’. 

Click to watch trailer

This amazing documentary shows how science and religion have come together to examine the Shroud and have discovered that Jesus Christ left us with physical evidence that only now, with quantum physics and leaps forward in science, are we able to understand. 

That the information in the Shroud gives both a record of the past as well as a glimpse of the future. 

And that within the Shroud is contained evidence that there is something on the scientific horizon that suggests we might be given the principle of life itself – eternal life – or what physicists would regard as a unifying principle that explains everything…the Etheric Field.

It appears that instead of science merely proving the Shroud is authentic, the 3 -dimensional image of Jesus Christ’s body found on the Shroud is proving the authenticity of the Science. 

The Unique & Supreme Word of God

“Let us therefore allow ourselves to be reached by this look, which is directed not to our eyes but to our heart. In silence, let us listen to what He has to say to us from beyond death itself. By means of the Holy Shroud, the unique and supreme Word of God comes to us: Love made man, incarnate in our history; the merciful love of God who has taken upon himself all the evil of the world to free us from its power.” Pope Francis

Read Full Text of Pope Francis’ comments on Turin Shroud

Testimonial on Buddha Maitreya’s Etheric Weaver - “I believe in God and God will take care of it”

Keith & Patty Brumm from Northern California share a life affirming testimonial of the miraculous healing power of Buddha Maitreya’s Etheric Weaver, one of Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Healing Tools that radiate his Monadic, Soul-filled blessings for Personal & Planetary Healing.

Click to watch testimonial 

Easter Images from Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Planetarium

Enjoy some of the first images taken over Easter from Buddha Maitreya’s Planetarium at The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery in Lake County, CA.

Click to view images

Happy Easter!


Toronto Events Schedule April 5-10, 2013

Friday-Sunday April 5th-7th

Total Health Show (www.totalhealthshow.com)

Metro Toronto Convention Center, North Building 255 Front St. West, Toronto


Friday 4pm - 9pm

Saturday        10am - 9pm

Sunday           10am - 7pm

*Pyramid meditations available

Monday April 8th

In Studio Be 

Church St. E. Palgrave ON     905-880-9056  

Buddha Maitreya Group Meditation 

Monday 7pm-8:15pm ($10 offering)

Tuesday April 9th

Harmony Whole Foods Market

163 First St Orangeville, ON 519-941-8961

Tues 10am-4pm Open House (free) 

*Pyramid meditations available

Wednesday April 10th

Breakthrough Center 

183 Queen Street W Brampton, ON 905-874-1321

Wed 2pm-6:30 pm Open House (free) 6:45pm-8:00 Workshop ($15 offering) 

*Pyramid meditations available

Next US Dharshan Date - May 4 & 5, 2013

Buddha Maitreya has shared the next US Dharshan will take place at The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery in Lake County, CA on the weekend of May 4 & 5, 2013. Learn more

The Many Benefits of Using Bamboo Salt


Buddha Maitreya & Mandarava Tara recommend Bamboo Salt as one of the finest salts available with a whole range of benefits for the immune system. 

Insan Bamboo Salt is vital to cleansing blood cells. It detoxifies the organs and stimulates cellular metabolism. It has an alkalizing effect on your body as well as water and food.  Other benefits:

  • Bamboo salt is a strong detoxification agent: Its strong penetrative ability accelerates toxin neutralization and helps to eliminate toxin out of the body.
  • Bamboo salt has amazing restorative capacity: It is a powerful antioxidant and it heals damaged cells, inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and restores the normal functions of internal organs.  
  • Bamboo salt has amazing balancing ability: It balances the essential ratio of trace elements and the pH of body fluid (Germs cannot survive in human blood with pH value of 7.35 ~ 7.45).
  • Bamboo salt is a high energy food: Bamboo salt can release stronger far-infra red light when heated. This causes the hydrogen atoms in the body fluid to vibrate at the rate of 1 trillion times per second to regenerate cells and promote metabolism.
  • Bamboo salt cleanses, regulates and nourishes our body without any side effects: It can be taken together with other health supplements; it can neutralize toxins and raise the rate of nutrient absorption more than ten times.

How to Buy

Finest Quality Table Salt - Click here

Finest Therapeutic Salt - Click here

Other Bamboo Salt Products - Click here

Use coupon code ’shambhala’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Make a New Year’s Resolution for wellness, health and happiness for you and your family… “This is the best I have ever felt. This is the best I have ever slept” shares one Lake County, California resident.

Buddha Maitreya, Mandarava Tara and The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery
Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara, founders and designers of The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala American Buddhist Monastery in Kelseyville have brought a wealth of new wellness and integrative medicine technologies to Lake County including The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center in Kelseyville and Medi-fit® Natural Goods Store & Wellness Center in Hidden Valley Lake.

In August 2012, doors opened on The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center. Located within the grounds of the Monastery, the center is just one of 200 locations in 19 countries offering weeklong Brainwave Optimization Intensives and the only one set within the peaceful sanctuary of a monastery.

Brainwave Optimization is non-invasive and not based on diagnosis or concerned with symptoms. It provides real-time balancing and harmonizing of brain patterns, inviting the brain to become more in tune with itself.

Relax in an anti-gravity chair while EEG sensors are attached to the head and connect to a computer that detects the brainwaves from different lobes of the brain and transmits them back in an optimized form through sounds you listen to with headphones.

Introduction to Brainwave Optimization from Brain State Tech on Vimeo.

As emotions stabilize and mental acuity picks up, health and physical wellbeing advance also. After an intensive of ten 70 minute sessions, clients report reduced post-traumatic stress disorder, relief of stress, anxiety, the ability to rid themselves of addictions, curbing anger or depression and enhancing overall quality of life. By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life.

"Brain optimization saved my life! The stress of running a hospice and day to day living was too much for my head. I tried to do good things on my own but always had a strong stress response to situations and people. For the first time in my life, I feel a general sense of well being and calm.” MP, Sedona.

In addition the center offers Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging through Breast Thermography International (www.btiscan.com). This affordable, non-invasive, radiation free health screening can aid in the early detection of breast cancer. Full body imaging for men and women is also available as a health screening for early detection of abnormal vascular activity, inflammation and pain throughout the body. Inflammation can often be directly related to organ deterioration and then to cancer. Regular once or twice yearly thermography is a great tool for prevention.

Medi-fit Natural Goods Store & Wellness Center
In December 2012, Medi-fit® Natural Goods Store & Wellness Center opened offering a unique and diverse collection of wellness products to enhance every aspect of daily life.  Discover health focused and green cookware and kitchen appliances, clothing and footwear together with a wide selection of products for mind, body and spirit including health supplements, personal care items and fitness equipment. Come and experience the jade roller massage table, whole body vibration machines and bungee cord rebounders. The ultimate in maximum benefit, fun and easy exercise!

The center also provides wellness services including cold laser treatments intended to help speed muscular and skeletal healing such as surgical scars or injuries; electro and laser acupuncture and chinese healing herbs. Located at Suite 14 in Coyote Valley Professional Plaza in Hidden Valley Lake, California. Store hours are weekdays 2-8, weekends 10-8. Contact the store on 707-987-8442 for more information.

Both locations also offer a wide variety of Buddha Maitreya’s Shambhala Healing Tools to meditate with and experience – Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing®. Visit www.shamhalahealingtools.com to learn more.

The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center is open 6 days a week by appointment. Please call us on 877-444-SOUL (7685) or email shambhalawellnesscenter@gmail.com to schedule your Brainwave Optimization Intensive or Thermography screening or to learn more.

The new mantra for 2013 is Prevention!

Help your co-workers with Buddha Maitreya's tools!

I can attest to the miracle of Buddha Maitreya’s healing tools through
observing what has unfolded with a co-worker. She was perfectly willing to
let me share her story.

I placed my weaver around her neck one day, when she was having a flare-up
due to diverticulitis. She’s been wearing it ever since and wore it on her
recent trip to New York. She has since returned the weaver I loaned her and
is wearing one of her own now. She did not spend her money on clothes in
New York but rather on a weaver for herself and her daughter, as well as a
down payment on a solar form. When I asked her why, she told me the weaver
actually helped her, that her painful flare-up went away the same day I
gave it to her and she has not had any flare-ups since then.

Just today, several days later, she mentioned she wrenched a muscle in her
back yesterday. Today she was in pain and exhausted. She stopped home, in
between jobs, and laid down. She weaved the painful side of her body, then
fell right asleep. She woke up 15 minutes later feeling much better,
pain-free and rested as if she had been asleep for hours!

Thank you to Buddha Maitreya for your blessings upon this sweet, sweet lady.


So much love and peace...a testimonial

“I’ve been using Buddha Maitreya’s healing tools for over a year now and it has dramatically improved both my physical and mental state. 

I had bad PND after the birth of my 1st child. 

Doctors pushed me to take antidepressants, however, I refused as I wanted 2 get over it my self.

I tried every possible source of help I could think of but nothing worked for me. 

I wasn’t myself anymore and my mental health was deteriorating. 

So one night I sat up talking out loud asking and begging god for his help.

A short time after I got into contact with a friend and he was telling me about his etheric weaver how effective it had been on himself. 

He gave me a healing and from the moment I felt the powerful healing energy I felt immediately connected and drawn to it’s feeling so much love and peace.

 I started off with a 3.5inch weaver and have been drawn to different tools from time to time to add to my collection.

I now have four 3.5inch weavers, a metatron mat system which I sleep on every day with 7 inch weavers, a solar cross and solar form cross. All of which are with me every day even if I go on holiday. 

I have been able to share my tools with friends and family with many positive results. Some of whom have been drawn to buy their own tools as a consequence. 

I have experienced wonderful life affirming moments through my own self healing, most importantly whilst meditating at a low point in my own mental health when I feared for my physical health on a daily basis a mans voice both strong and powerful said to me "you are alright…. nothing is going to happen….. cherish your life …… This is confirmation.

In another experience I had such a realistic vision of Christ whilst on my mat. He was a powerful vision of light and as I was drawn to his light my own body vibrated intensely with the magnitude of his power.

Many beautiful thing’s have happened for both myself and my loved ones from having my tools around . 

Thank you Buddha Maitreya. I send all my love and thanks for your blessings and the peace and love it has brought to my life. 

I will heal myself more with each day that passes and hopefully to others others as well.


Brenda McPherson

Featured Special Discounts on Four Shambhala Healing Tools - Ready to Ship!

Earth Etheric Weaver

Discounts of 15-20% off Regular Retail Prices on four featured special Shambhala Healing Tools. Only one of each tool available in stock and ready to ship. Follow the links below to learn more…

  • Full Metatron Mat with Christ Consciousness Ascension Vajras in Clear Quartz and Gold Wire with Sterling Silver Shambhala Stars Click here to view tool

Testimonial - Buddha Maitreya's Ascension Meditation Pyramid

I had a client come in with her 8 year old daughter who had not spoken since birth. The dad was pretty beside himself with what to do for her. I said, “Let’s have her do some healing sessions in Buddha Maitreya’s Ascension Pyramid and see what happens.” After two one hour sessions in Buddha Maitreya’s pyramid, laying on the metatron mat, listening to Buddha Maitreya’s music - She talked! She came out of the pyramid and said, “Dad”. The Father was just crying and crying.. It was truly a miracle!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your miraculous work.

Louis Gates, Florida

Click here to read more testimonials

Brainwave Optimization Retreats & Intensives

5 Day Brainwave Optimization Retreats or Intensives help to optimize and balance the brain are now being offered at The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center, part of The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery in Lake County, CA.

Brainwave Optimization will help you achieve a balanced brain and help your brain to optimize its own functioning, on its own terms, through non-invasive, computer-guided technology. All that is required is listening to musical tones through earbud headphones, while relaxing in a zero-gravity chair, with sensors attached to the scalp. The sensors measure brainwave activity. A computer creates musical tones to match changing brainwave activity in real time. Matching between brainwaves and musical tones permits resonance, like tuning forks vibrating at the same frequency. Left and right sides of the brain then tend to balance themselves on their own terms, or auto-calibrate. In effect, the brain, itself, fine-tunes its own patterns of functioning. From this more fine-tuned and balanced state, greater well-being and enhanced performance can more easily blossom.

Visits www.shambhalalifeextendingwellnesscenter.com to learn more

Construction Begins on New Life Extending Wellness Center

At the beginning of May 2012, foundations were laid in North West Dome of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery, rebar and concrete slab is poured and the framing of the first floor has begun to create a dedicated space for Buddha Maitreya’s New Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center which is due to open in June 2012. The Center will offer Brain State Technology, radiation free Thermography, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, audio visual entrainement and variety of other medical and neurological tools recommended by Buddha Maitreya to balance the brain and body for enjoying a healthier, happier and longer life.

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