Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
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Shambhala is the highest Level of one of the kingdoms of this Earth - so its one of the ways that this Earth and the relationship of the Hierarchy of God manifests through the Earth through the Science of Redemption.

Building the Maitreya Monastery

- a Sacred Geometric Site for Planetary Healing
Building Activities from 2006 to 2012
In December 2006 the Church acquired 165 acres of land in Lake County, Northern California on which to establish the Maitreya Monastery. This is a beautiful pristine area, set on an old volcanic mountain and overlooking Clearlake, the oldest natural lake in North America.

Buddha Maitreya has designed the monastery to be a powerful sacred site for planetary healing. There are 6 monolithic domes arranged in the sacred geometric pattern of the six- pointed star or “Shambhala Star” with a central 51 degree pyramid aligned due North.

Buddha Maitreya teaches:

“Shambhala itself is based on geomancy. The creation, the maintaining and the evolution of the planet; the cosmos, the system of life and God - everything. It is very simple and all just based on the simple relationship of love and its evolutionary course."

"When we build with sacred design and we work with vibration and healing and faith, then we’re actually working to heal the Soul. When we apply geomancy, such as building a temple, we are actually building a place where the energy of the Soul can be collected, stored, and placed into the Earth, and the Earth radiates more love, more kindness, more humanity, less war.”

The central pyramid of the Maitreya Monastery is built to a precise 51.85 degree angle (51 51’ ) as found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This angle correlates to the principles of measurement that include the circumference of the earth, the distance between the earth and the moon and the distance between the earth and the sun, reflecting the mathematical position that the Earth has in relationship to our Solar System and the orbiting moon around it. This specific geometric design helps to enhouse the sacred energy patterns of the Earth, aligning a very sacred relationship to us as Human Beings.

When we meditate in the Pyramid it aligns the reality of Earth, the energy of the vibration of Earth in all of its sacredness, its merit, its goodness, its place with God, with Masters of Wisdom and Saints who have incarnated and evolved. Just like in a great Temple, it slowly brings out that geometric pro- portion and increases your Soulful receptivity, and with it the realization that God exists.

Once completed, the monastery will automatically establish an energetic resonance with all other sources of harmonious and healing vibrations, all temples, all other forms based on sacred geometry, all people praying or meditating, all sources of beauty and harmony on this planet and beyond. Please contact us if you would like more information or to donate or join our tithing program - much work remains to be done.
An Invitation
We would like to invite you to be part of the process of building the Maitreya Monastery by making a donation or joining our tithing program.

For 2014 the plan is competition of the remaining interiors of 3 domes, continuation of landscaping around the Maitreya circle and surrounding area, paving the 1.25 mile road to the Monastery - and a lot more!

The Monastery is designed to be a monastic refuge, a retreat from the world, a prototype for advanced lifestyle and an applied sacred geometric temple to heal and bless the world - everyone.

Within many cultures the benefit to the community -- and humanity as a whole -- of building a Temple, Church, Stupa or Monastery is well under- stood. Sacred geometric forms are the building blocks of the universe and an expression of matter in an enlightened form. Also there is great personal merit that comes with assisting such projects.

The building of this Monastery is pro- found. “Shambhala” is the world governed by the Law of Love. We would like to extend to you a personal invitation to be a part of this auspicious and historical process.