Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
Shambhala itself is based on geomancy. The creation, the maintaining and the evolution of the planet; the cosmos, the system of life and God – everything. It is very simple and all just based on the simple relationship of love and its evolutionary course. When we build with sacred design and we work with vibration and healing and faith, then we’re actually working to heal the Soul. When we apply geomancy, such as building a temple, we are actually building a place where the energy of the Soul can be collected, stored, and placed into the Earth, and the Earth radiates more love, more kindness, more humanity, less war.

In December 2006 the Church acquired land in Lake County, Northern California on which to establish the Maitreya Monastery. This is a beautiful pristine area, set on an old volcanic mountain and overlooking Clearlake, the oldest natural lake in North America. Buddha Maitreya has designed the monastery to be a powerful sacred site for planetary healing. There are 6 monolithic domes arranged in the sacred geometric pattern of the six-pointed star or “Shambhala Star” with a central 51 degree pyramid aligned due North surrounded by similarly aligned Soul Therapy pyramids over each of the domes.

At the present day, Buddha Maitreya directs a small, established group of Sangha (western Buddhist monks and nuns) and gives regular Dharshan teachings to Dharma Students from around the world at the Buddha Maitreya Monastery. Dharshans are two days of being in the healing presence of His Holiness while listening to His practical teachings of attaining greater discernment and living a more soulful and spiritually evolved life. The Sangha, based at the Maitreya Monastery, dedicate much of their daily meditation and service to making, distributing and helping people learn more about Buddha Maitreya's incarnation and his Shambhala Healing Tools.

We are now working to raise funds to complete the Monastery and make it available for the benefit of visitors as a Soul Therapy Retreat Center, where students can come for day visits and longer retreats that will be based around meditating with the tools and experiencing Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy, which is a one hour private meditation inside a Buddha Maitreya Pyramid System. Visitors will learn about longevity and soulful living and benefit from being at a sacred site that is truly a sanctuary for the Soul. All designed for healing the planet - integrating a design of Sacred Geometry with the Living Buddha’s Dharma Teachings of Harmlessness.

As a practical example of ecological right living, the monastery also incorporates many green and sustainable building technologies, wind and solar power, electric vehicles and even Tibetan yaks, goats, llamas and alpacas.

For 2015, Buddha Maitreya has outlined the construction plan in order to get Monastery ready for visitors and Soul Therapy retreat guests. There are 4 remaining domes that must have their interiors completed, we must install more solar arrays and a solar water heating system, aquaponics and hydroponics, and bring in more landscaping elements for inside the Maitreya circle such as trelliswork for plants and shading during the summer. This will cost at least $1,000,000. You are of course always welcome to call in to find out more if you are interested in helping the project, as all these funds will come from donations.

2015 Fundraising Focus

As we move into 2015, the exterior and basic structural sacred geometric elements of the monastery are complete. However, in order for the Monastery to be available to day visitors and retreats, there is much still to be done to prepare the monastery and Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy® Retreat Center including public safety elements, constructing and framing the interior floors and rooms of the 4 remaining Monolthic Domes, develop the landscaping and continue to move towards energy self-sufficiency. These specific elements are outlined in more detail below. In addition, there are always short term needs that are helped by spontaneous fundraising drives and we expect this trend to continue throughout 2015.

Completion of Domes

There are 6 domes of which 2 are complete and the remaining 4 are unfinished inside and need plumbing, heating, electric as well as the framing out of the 3 floors and furnishings. Approximate cost is $175,000 per dome - $700,000 in total.

Inside and unfinished dome and progress on framing out one of the completed domes, showing partitions for the rooms going up on the ground floor.

Finishing Tunnels

One third of the monastery is located underground but naturally lit with skylights and window wells, this includes tunnels that connect the outlying domes with the central Shambhala Pyramid. All of the tunnels need finishing, includng custom made cabinets, cork flooring, evening lighting and skylights that are already in place but require inner trim.

Insulation Work

The entry point between the tunnels and each building requires proper insulated doors to ensure maximum energy efficiency for conserving heat through the winter.


We are in process of installing 28 state of the art LED solar street lights around the Monastery to ensure it is properly lit at night as well as protective clear covers over each of the window wells that allow the ground floor of each dome to be naturally lit and also provide fire escape access.

Energy Efficiency

In September 2011, the first of 4 planned 32 panel solar arrays was installed generating up to 40 KWH a day of electricity during a sunny day. Three more arrays are intended together with a year round solar thermal hot water array for domestic hot water and heating at the monastery.

Aquaponics & Hydroponics

Aquaponics and hydroponic farm systems allow for symbiotic growing of vegetables and fish in a sustainable system. It is intended that the monastery will incorporate an aquaponic and hyrdroponic system.

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The Monastery is an ecological center, but the main reality of the monastery is the sacred design used in every aspect of the monastery: the phi ratio from the central pyramid, the pyramid being 51 degrees, the 6 dome circles placed around the pyramid in a 6 pointed star, the 51 degree pyramids placed over each dome and the fact that all residential and retreat rooms have 51 degree pyramids facing north - all based on the sacred human form and its relationship to sacred forms that help the Soul to awaken and transform lower mind and lower emotions to become more spiritually incarnated on the physical level for both the person and for the planet, as sacred temples built all over the world are universally connected. This helps the United States in becoming healed as a nation. And hopefully awakens the nations to Love and healing the wars and political support of these wars.