Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
What is the purpose of the Monastery & Shambhala?
Buddha Maitreya: "Shambhala is a place of the highest advanced technology and evolution. So its not really like ‘this is Shambhala’ but basically it’s a place for me to do transmission and for us to set this place up - set up the domes in their geometric pattern and be so lucky to have this mountain and be on this vortex. Everybody just comes out of nowhere to do what we need to have done; they're expecting nothing like this in their life, and for all of us, we all had to incarnate, we all had to go through all this stuff we went through to get to this day - and now we’re doing this."

"So we’re not just building Shambhala we’re healing relationships that give us purpose behind why we’re alive - and that’s Shambhala."

“And later on that will fit everybody else’s purpose. So as we develop this and once it is built, once that is set up, and every time we do a Dharshan, and we gather and we talk, and we get to incorporate more of our energy, it helps us increase our ability to transmit it, it makes it easier for us naturally, we just naturally, in this building, in this complex, it makes it natural for us to do it, then when we leave, and we go anyplace else, its in our body, it’s in us, it’s what we are, we’re made of that now."

"That’s how Shambhala becomes the whole evolution of things, evolves into this. So this is like the beginning of building the right thing, but its actually Sacred Metatronics, built in a space to create a large Metatronic tool, for me to work out of, that doesn’t dissipate my energy when I’m doing what I’m doing. When I’m give a teaching at Dharshan, I’m not just giving a Dharshan because I have nothing to do, I give a Dharshan every 3 months for the planet earth. I’m not interested in the whole planet showing up, but we’re incarnated and those who feel the need to be here and have moved ´┐╝to this position, it is what makes this possible, and then we don’t get it dissipated, we’re not in someplace that we’re having to rent, and we’re not in someplace we have to have cater our food, which is really nice, we have great dharma people doing all that, and great activities around here making it easier for every- body to stay."

"The more this monastery gets incorporated, you’re going to have rooms that you’ll sleep in, so that in the whole place you’ll be sleeping inside of a pyramid, so it’ll allow you to dissipate less energy during a Dharshan, send more energy out and encapsulate it more into your DNA, and your DNA will change."

"It’s my belief that we do not have a locked in DNA, we have a DNA that has metamorphosis to it, and if we go on our true path of enlightenment, if we really do find a true path that radiates in- side of us; it will change our DNA, that’s why a lot of you are healthier than what you used to be, yet you’re older than what you used to be, but you’re healthier, you’re calmer, all your vehicles are better off than what they used to be, even your relationships are getting better off than what they used to be, because there’s less dissipation in the process. So by building this place, and putting this together, it adds to that Science for us to get more benefit out of every- thing that we’re getting."
Into the Future - The Science of the Soul
Buddha Maitreya: "The blessings that I give are given telepathically. They align the awakening of the Soul and they bring out an integration of all of your body, your mind and your Soul. The pyramid system is not designed as a machine in order awaken you, it is actually geometrically designed in order to bring about an alignment to this planet and our spiritual abilities. Everything is locked into geometric form, to divine sound and the colors of the rays and light that comes from within."

"All of the Soul is a manifestation of God’s grace. If your Soul is awakened, if you have a Soul within you that is awakened and living daily, you can deal with everything in life. You can deal with all hardships, suffer- ing and pain, the dilemmas of poverty, conditions between you and your relationships and family. It allows you to forgive those who have harmed you. It allows you to heal those who are emotionally stressing you and you stressing yourself. The Soul has the ability to completely transform all dark- ness, doubt, depression, a lack of faith. It does not require religion. It does not require a strong faith or belief system. The influence of the Soul is radiated and it allows the influence of the energy of your mind to become more like the Soul, your emotions to be happy, to have understanding and to relate to life in a way that allows you to evolve and grow and mature with greater
qualities. It allows you to be a good human being, it allows you to do good things, think good thoughts, feel good things. When the Soul is actually more awakened and in the body, it allows you to heal other people not only by radiating the same light of your Soul but it allows you to strengthen the goodness, the virtues, the growing need of characteristics in people around you that may lack faith, they may lack the ability to be positive, to see a change in the world that allows them to have an understanding that things will change. All of the Soul has this great characteristic, these great qualities that allows people - that if they do get a blessing from a religion that you are in, from a ceremony that you are performing in order to bring better blessings to humanity, for all the different things that go on in your life that are brought to you by God, many times we do not witness those things because we have too much doubt, too much distrust, too much suspicion about people, too much hate and anger inside of us that keeps the Soul from radiating onto another person let alone awakening within yourself.

"So I have created these systems. A pyramid system. So that a person can lay down and be able to just listen to pujas, prayers that I have placed on tape, that I have done, that allows it to invoke a prayer for that person and transmit to that individual so much light, so much energy, that they can be redeemed of the negative characteristics that they carry in their mind, in their emotions and in their body. It allows them to heal the influences of relationships which you may have with other people that treat you badly, that treat you without any respect and care for you very little. It allows you to send love to those people despite those terrible feelings, projections and ideals that they are sending upon you and it helps them to evolve, it helps them to transform those same characteristics that you are growing inside yourself, that are virtues, into everyone around you, into your country , into the world."

"It’s a very slow process but through Soul Therapy, it is some- thing you can actually experience immediately. It’s like meditating and learning to meditate, spending long years of meditation developing the ability to quiet the mind, developing the ability to quiet your emotions, to quiet your body – al- lowing yourself to receive the blessings of the Soul. Many times this can take 20, 30, 40 years of practice but in Soul Therapy none of that is necessary, it immediately reaches into you, vibrates all around you. My transmission of blessings comes to you and it brings forth the ability to meditate like you have never imagined you could meditate, allows your mind to quiet down, your emotions to become calm and your physical body to begin healing from all the stress and anxiety and pain that has gone from life after life after life."

"So Soul Therapy is in reality the Science of Redemption, the science of the redeeming negative qualities that we all have inside of us and allowing those qualities to begin to grow into virtues."

"Every characteristic of a virtue is usually hard to develop but through Soul Therapy it is developed overnight, within the next day, within hours. A person’s mind and emotions, their feelings, their anxieties becomes transformed and they start to experience positive things, thoughts, emotions that are much more spiritual , much more aligned with the relation- ship of the higher mind of God. Allowing you to transform these thoughts allows you to integrate certain ways of your wishes, your desires to make your life better, to be able to change the world that you see, change the government that you live in, change the attitude of your social condition."