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Long life puja honoring Buddha Maitreya the Christ at Karma Raj Maha Vihar Monastery, Nepal 2012
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Buddha Maitreya teaching in the Central Pyramid of Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery
H.H. Buddha Maitreya is the living incarnated Buddha and reincarnation of Christ, the Planetary Logos, and was born in Oregon in 1951. We recommend working with Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Monastic Meditation Tools®(also known as Shambhala Healing Tools®) & Soul Therapy Meditation Music® for Personal and Planetary Healing, as invocations, evocations and blessings to resonate with this Truth.

Also there are many resources available on this site, such as the incarnations, recognitions, and enthronements sections detailing Buddha Maitreya the Christ's externalization process up to this date and many video teachings. You can also explore the many monasteries He and H.H. Mandarava Tara support and facilitate in Tibet, Nepal, and India.

H.H. Buddha Maitreya the Christ and His wife H.H. Mandarava Tara have received many honors that corroborate Their externalization process and many charitable works, including receiving the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar International Award in 2014 and the Shakyamuni Buddha International Award in 2016 "by virtue of (their) initiative and active role to spread Buddhism, Global Peace, and Meditation among the generations to come with great expectations to put them into practice at the international level". Most recently, you can even read about Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara in the latest international guide to Marquis Who's Who in the world.

read more about Buddha Maitreya the Christ >>>
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OM Meditations for Planetary Healing - Every Evening at 6pm Pacific

Meditate with Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus Christ to receive His healing blessings and transformational Dharma teachings. Buddha Maitreya transmutes glamours unconditionally through these events, so that everyone can receive the offering of His Incarnation. Register Now.
Upcoming Dharshans with Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Attending a Dharshan is a profound way to further our connection with the living incarnation of Christ and gain deeper understanding into the meaning and purpose of life. As we heal our own life, we support the healing of our family, community and planet. An opportunity to receive Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Monadic, Soul-filled healing blessings on all levels and to understand more about the Incarnation (and reincarnations) of the Avatar, the Planetary Logos, the process of the healing of humanity and the spiritual evolution of the planet, working out the Plan of God. Learn more …


Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery
Sunday, April 25th - full-day Dharshan
$1,000 offering for virtual livestream,
or $1,100 offering for in-person.

Please call 1-877-444-SOUL (7685)
to speak with a Monk or Nun if you are
interested in attending virtually via livestream.

Soul Therapy® Music
Invocations & Blessings by Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ
for Meditation, Healing & Soul Therapy

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled Light
of Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

Experience Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Healing Tools for Meditation and Healing together with His Music which is unlike anything you have ever heard or will ever hear. Immediate blessing from his Voice and Words are so powerful you will know God.

Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ has been enthroned by every Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal and India. Recognized by H.H the Panchen Lama in 1955, as Buddha Maitreya the Tulku Lineage Founder Padmasambhava and Je Tsong Khapa, and Gautama Buddha also best known as Lama Dorje from the Movie Little Buddha, where the story of the American born Buddha is found in America when he was 9 years old. In 1960 at 9 years old, Three High Lamas were sent by the Panchen Lama to his home to collect the Reincarnation of Buddha Maitreya. Since 1984 at 33 years old, Tulku Buddha Maitreya returned to Nepal, Tibet, India and China and in Northern California he has established his Mother Planetary Ashram to the many hundreds of Monasteries under his Direct Mastery as Tulku Buddha Maitreya. Located in Lake County, California, The Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery - designed by Buddha Maitreya as a Sacred Geomancy Planetary Healing Center for Meditation, Dharma Teaching and Soul Therapy.

Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Christ Soul Therapy Meditation music tracks are the same Divine Ceremony of Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Prayer and Ancient Dharma Teaching in his songs that he is best know for in His Monasteries with students around the world. Buddha Maitreya is sharing His collection of Soul Therapy Music to provide everyone the opportunity to listen to all of His tracks - you may preview an album below and then either browse your favorite digital music stores to download, listen to stream via your preferred music service, or make an offering to directly buy CD through Shambhala Healing Tools (select the > at the lower-right corner of each preview to see additional services).

Ongoing Fundraising for Drepung Monastery in India

Since 1994 the Church of Shambhala along with its associated UK Charity “New Group of World Servers Trust”, which are both founded and directed by H.H. Tulku Buddha Maitreya the Christ and His wife Mandarava Tara have made extensive donations to Drepung Monastery in Southern India, and are now fund-raising for the next round of building work.

Drepung Monastery founded in 1416 was the largest of the Tibetan Monasteries and regarded as the largest Monastic University in the world right up to the Chinese occupation of Lhasa in 1951, housing up to 10,000 monks. In the 1950’s it was re-established in Karnataka State, Southern India. Its structure consists of “khamtsens” or houses which are based on the original regional affiliations.

The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Dharma Sangha is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit American Buddhist Church with EIN 68-039-6112 and the Church's sister organization in the UK, The New Group of World Servers Trust, is a UK Registered Charity #1069944.













Experience Soul Therapy

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Ascension Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Full Crystal Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Metatron Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Tara's Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at The Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.
Spiritual India Magazine - June 2014
Buddha Maitreya the Christ is featured in the latest edition of Spiritual India Magazine.

Please select the image to the left to download a PDF of the full version of the article.
The Purpose of Christ is to increase the Light of the Soul on the Earth. My Yoga is to manifest the energy of Heaven into the Earth
Buddha Maitreya the Christ
Buddha Maitreya the Christ offers Om Pyramid Group Meditations live online - an offering he makes for people to share his meditation and receive his blessings. Buddha Maitreya teaches about receiving his healing blessings and what it means to meditate on OM. He teaches about virtue and his transmission of virtue and how he transmutes glamours unconditionally through meditating with people and through blessing his tools so that everyone can receive the offering of His Incarnation.

Don't miss this opportunity to join Buddha Maitreya the Christ live online on a regular basis and be a part of this transformational healing force for the World!

Advanced Soul Therapy®

Color Tuning with Advanced Soul Therapy at Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center

Soul Therapy Meditation Music®

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Recipients of 2014 Dr Ambedkar Award

H.H. The 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje receives Dr Ambedkar International Award in 2011
Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Mandarava Tara are pleased to be able to offer a cutting edge vibrational healing based on the latest quantum response technology from Germany.

Advanced Soul Therapy® utilizes Color Therapy, Distance Healing and electronically prepared Resonance Balanced Essences to energetically balance a person etherically on a physical, emotional, mental and causal level - the level of the Soul. Each balancing lasts for 30 days and can be done remotely with Essences shipped directly to you.
"I believe that everybody has virtuous qualities hidden within them from previous lives. A lot of what we suffer from in life, including things we did not heal from previous lives, blocks many of these virtuous qualities.

Listening to the Soul Therapy Music allow a telepathic rapport with your Soul and your virtuous qualities and they start coming back, overthrowing negative energies influencing your life and causing you pain and suffering." Buddha Maitreya the Christ
Buddha Maitreya and his wife, Mandarava Tara were jointly chosen to receive the prestigious Dr Ambedkar International Buddhist Award which was presented in Nagpur, India.

The award celebrates and recognizes the work of eminent personalities in the world who have worked ceaselessly to further world peace through practicing dharmic activities and spreading the teachings of Buddhism for the collective betterment of humanity.