Buddha Maitreya the Christ and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
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Shambhala Healing Tools

NEW: The Monadic Healing Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

The Monad, the Mind of God... "All matter originates and exist only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter” Max Planck (1858 - 1947), the father of quantum physics.

Buddha Maitreya, the reincarnation of Christ, explains how the 7 Rays of God are the vehicle for God and how, through the work of Christ physically incarnated on Earth with the ability, as a healer, to radiate Monadic Soul-filled Light and Blessings there is a Science of God, a Science of Redemption that allows those Rays to align to the chakras, glands, organs - the entire physical and etheric body of the human being to move in a harmless, upward healthy direction rather than being misaligned in an unhealthy, selfish, negative state.

This is a bridging process between Christ and humanity that allows for healing and evolutionary change to take to take place - providing a realization of God's reality in a state of consciousness and a Science of Redemption - changing people's circumstances for the better and saving the process of the future.

This Science is called Metatronics based on the principle of radiosonics in that the person using the Metatronic Shambhala Healing Tools of Buddha Maitreya the Christ does not take on any effects of the person they are treating. The Healing Principle is based on the radiation of the Monad which stimulates the process of evolution and the Spiritual Initiations of Humanity and The Christ (Christ being the Monad).

Taken from a Dharma Teaching given by Buddha Maitreya the Christ during the live online meditation training on November 16, 2013. Visit shambhalahealingtools.com to register to attend live online or in person upcoming Dharma Teachings, Meditation Trainings and one day Dharshan Teachings with Buddha Maitreya the Christ or contact the Monastery toll free on 877-444-SOUL (7685) or UK/Europe on +44 (0)1458 898221) to learn more.
We need heaven. We need a valid reality of heaven - not a new age, or a new anything like that. But we need to come to a point of focus of revelation that heaven is this planet. This planet was sacredly designed, sacredly set up, inside of all the galaxies inside the Milky Way to manifest heaven. And to bring order throughout the universes...

I've found that using radiosonics, and increasing the light to the mind - because that's where the Soul's at, the Soul is in the Mind, it's right there in the Pineal Gland, when it connects to the pituitary gland your Soul begins to grow and you start having abilities that come out of a person without them even knowing it, you don't walk around and touch something and 'oh I just made that that', it’s totally unconscious, you're totally unaware of it. It's just that the world begins to evolve. It begins to wake up.

The Light Field that surrounds Shambhala is complete. And the vortex energy that comes from it is there. And it will enhance all the qualities of all the nations and all the spiritual thoughts and aspirations and changes that politics wants to make.

Basically geomancy is the key, geomancy sits in the heart of this planet, but it reaches out beyond this planet, it sits together all the relationships of this planet that we've got connected to it. Mars, Venus, Neptune - all these planets that are in our solar system actually fulfill a purpose of their energetic field, when we begin to use geomancy. That's the difference between us and a dog, or an animal. We have - even 10,000 years ago - realization of our solar system and the galaxy that we are in. How is that possible? By telepathy. By seeing things from outside yourself, and allowing that to be seen as a mirroring kind of effect from another dimension.
Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Learning More

He is the living incarnated Buddha and reincarnation of Christ, the Planetary Logos, and was born in Oregon in 1951. We would recommend working with Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing Tools & Soul Therapy Music® meditation music as invocations and blessings to resonate with this Truth.

Buddha Maitreya gives regular one day teachings called Dharshans as well as Meditation Trainings and teachings/healings with the Shambhala Healing Tools - all of which are available to apply to attend in person at the Monastery or online via live web video conferencing. View teaching schedule.

Also there are many resources available on this site, such as the recognitions and enthronements sections detailing Buddha Maitreya the Christ's externalization process up to this date and video teachings from previous Dharshans.

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