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It’s an absolutely amazing place, and the monastery is built there to amplify something that has been going on for so long. Imagine that on that land, for millions of years no one has touched that land, no one has lived there, hung out there. There was never a purpose to be there - no lakes, no animals running around, no streams - even Native American Indians didn’t hang out there, we find a lot of arrowheads down at the bot- tom, so they could find what they needed down at the bot- tom of the hill, and didn’t have to go up to the top.

So to go up there, be located at that particular spot, is quite something - and we know that the lake that is Clearlake is the second oldest on the planet … which means Mt. Konocti has to be one of the oldest mountains on the planet. That carries a planetary recapitulative process, one that’s not been affected by imperil from the past, by people running the place, or living there or carrying out ceremonies and so on. Its clear from that completely.

So putting a pyramid there and domes and making it into six-pointed star and adding all the things I make, it’s the same thing as one of my big Shambhala Solar Forms, but incredibly more powerful.

This part of the area is set up with leylines, geysers right next to it. We get all the electricity for Lake County from geothermal; we don’t use fossil fuel for electricity, it’s one of the few places in the United States like that, so our entire center runs off geysers not fossil fuel. That really changes an energy around this place. Plus it has an enormous vortex of electromagnetic field going on where there used to be a lot of eruption. The mountain is right over a major area of volcanic activity - not active but active enough so they have geysers all around - and ‘Old Faithful’ down the road.

The Land - 2006

“Shambhala offers us the material world for us to live and experience Heaven on Earth”

The Maitreya Monastery is located in Lake County, Northern California. The land, a 165 acre lot purchased in December 2006, overlooks Clear Lake, the largest lake in California, the oldest natural lake in North America and the 2nd oldest lake in the world.

The area is truly pristine. Set beside an ancient volcanic mountain (Mt. Konocti) the area has the cleanest air in all of California as well as protected flora and fauna. Buddha Maitreya soon brought in yaks, goats and llamas that help increase the natural beauty and nature of the surroundings.


Durable Construction

Building a place like this, setting it up in geometric reality, is something - just like me putting out the different forms - is a very specific science that brings together two polarities, like magnets - male and fe- male - and teaching them in a way that’s done thru chi, natural vibrations, the Holy Spirit. And I’m into transition, so that’s why we’re building what we’re building. This place is a place for conditioning the planet, for people to get to know that such a reality exists, to come in contact with their soul, and to have a realization that God exists.

Foundations on Solid Rock - 2007 to 2008

"This Monastery is one of sacred geomancy - it’s not just a regular monastery or house. It’s for the planet"

After the land was purchased, work began to clear a path from the access road to the site and develop a 2 lane road. This was quite a huge undertaking due to the length needed, the terrain, and the grade: 1 mile of razor sharp obsidian rock and dense forest, and a final elevation of 2,700ft. Another major hurdle cleared was with PG&E who agreed to run power to the site even after an initial assessment that this was, in fact, completely impossible.

As we moved into 2008, the site slowly but surely was pre- pared for the pyramid and dome foundations. There was in these early days no obvious or ’rational’ spot for any kind of building - the only remotely level land was near the bottom of the hill - but Buddha Maitreya had marked the exact location, right at the highest elevation, on his very first visit to the land, almost 2 years earlier. So another huge undertaking was set into motion: clearing and leveling a large hill!

By August of that year, things had progressed to the point where a local astronomer was invited to “string out” true North by reference to Polaris, the North Star, in order to find the exact alignment for the Monastery Pyramid and Domes.


Sacred Geomancy

A temple like this literally absorbs negativity and if you set it on top of a volcano, a major volcano, and we’ve got all kinds of steam coming up here, we have geothermal up there, running all the electricity for Lake County, that’s an enormous amount of good karma, enormous amount of right use of energy, and it has an enormous magnetic field to it - a vortex of magnetic energy. If you place a pyramid like this on top of it, and then you start placing pyramids over the 6 domes, its housing the energy of elements that would just be out there in a slow evolutionary form, and it quickens their evolutionary growth. So all of a sudden we may find that electric cars are coming out a lot faster, and hybrids coming out of our ears; that the large automakers are starting to make electric cars and fostering the relationship of batteries, thinking about solar, designing wind generators inside cars to foster more electricity to get the car on the road. All these ideas and technologies and advancements would come a lot faster if we build and live in a sacred geometric way, rather than ceremony, rather than religious dogma.

Shambhala Pyramid & Six Monolithic Domes - 2008 to 2009

"Shambhala manifests as a full heavenly body, a full pyramid, which not only connects just to you and the planet and all sacred geometric things but it connects this planet to its place in our solar system, exactly how big the planet is, how far we are from the moon and the sun, all of that is in the geometric proportion of that pyramid"

From 2008 to 2009, exciting developments took place as the extensive site preparation of the previous 2 years finally manifested into building the actual pyramid and the first of the six domes. The pyramid is an incredibly strong structure, built to last, of exact dimension according to Sacred Geometry.

Structural panels create four perfect 51 degree sloping faces, then openings were cut for windows and window wells for the 1st floor - letting in natural light for the underground rooms. Once this task was completed, the exterior was weather- proofed and clad with white metal sheeting, allowing work to begin inside.

The Shambhala Star & Maitreya Circle - 2011

The summer of 2011 was one to remember. One by one the six 51degree pyramids were assembled on site and perfectly placed over each dome. Meanwhile the paved circle that encompasses the Monastery’s geometric complex - the Maitreya Circle - was completed in sections culminating in the NW segment which required a significant portion of the hill to be built up and prepared. The Monastery sits on top of a hill at 2,700 ft with its entire first floor underground, so this process was not so straightforward!

Each pyramid in and of itself is a magnificent structure with perfect proportion and lines culminating in a capstone with hanging Earth Etheric Weaver. At each corner is a smaller pyramid with capstone and another Earth Etheric Weaver, making five Earth Weavers per pyramid. Combining all this into a Shambhala Star makes for a remarkable geometric reality.

Pyramids - and the Working out of the Plan

In Buddha Maitreya's work, masses of humanity helped Him build the Great Pyramid in the past and the were all energized by it. While the Pyramid in Egypt is very well known, large Pyramids are actually found all over the planet. These are mainly based on the geo- metric proportion of the octahedron, the diamond shape of two pyramids mirrored. In contrast to this, the Great Pyramid and others at Cheops in Egypt are different. They have a 51 degree angle that correlates to the principles of measurement that include the circumference of the earth, the distance between the earth and the moon and the distance between the earth and the sun.

These cosmic proportions, designed with in- credible accuracy into the massive Great Pyramid, gave it the ability to be a transmitter & receiver - just as the Buddha Maitreya pyramids are today and of course the Maitreya Monastery with its 51 degree pyramid configuration of the Shambhala Star.

Such 'spiritual' communication requires a highly advanced understanding of one's true place in their solar system and galaxy. It is a representation of the truth on a very advanced level. And so when forms like this are built, from small to large Scale, they send out a message that is the Law of Truth, not just to humanity on this planet, but through the cosmos, enhancing evolution not only of ourselves but all Life in God's Universe.

In relationship to the level of energy inside of a pyramid, it is not so much a result of the pyramid itself but the effect of the person who built it.

For the Buddha Maitreya Monastery with its seven pyramids to be activated requires that same consciousness that built the Great Pyramid, to activate it. The origin of geomancy and planetary ascension is the job of the Living Buddha and is known as the working out of the Plan of the Planetary Logos.


Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Energy Production

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