Indian Buddhist Monasteries

Buddha Maitreya, the Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ, and His wife Mandarava Tara Kumara, sponsor and supports many monasteries located in India. Select a location below for more details.


The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha 501(c)3 nonprofit American Buddhist Church (EIN 68-039-6112), along with its associated New Group of World Servers Trust registered UK Charity (#1069944)which are both founded and directed by H.H. Tulku Buddha Maitreya, the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ and His wife Mandarava Tara have been fundraising and providing extensive donations Drepung Monastery in Southern India, Drepung Monastery founded in 1416 was the largest of the Tibetan Monasteries and regarded as the largest Monastic University in the world right up to the Chinese occupation of Lhasa in 1951, housing up to 10,000 monks. In the 1950’s it was re-established in Karnataka State, Southern India. Its structure consists of “khamtsens” or houses which are based on the original regional affiliations. The Church is always fundraising for the next round of building work:

- Drepung Gyaepa Khamtsen – FUNDRAISING GOAL: $80,000
- Drepung Lhopa Khamtsen – FUNDRAISING GOAL: $75,000
- Drepung Lubum Khamtsen – FUNDRAISING GOAL: $100,000
- Drepung Nyagre Khamtsen – FUNDRAISING GOAL: $100,000