Drepung Lhopa Khamtsen

Lhopa Khamtsen has been asssociated with Drepung Monastery since its establishment in 1416. Until 1959 the Khamtsen was one of the largest within Loseling, with up to 600 Monks including scholars and adepts. Few monks were able to escape to India during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and it took almost 20 years to reestablish the Khamtsen. In the 1980s a stream of Monks arrived at Drepung and the Lhopa Khamtsen was recreated but needed funding to construct its first buildings.

His Holiness Buddha Maitreya visited the Khamtsen in 2000 up to which point it had not received any sponsorship. His Holiness pledged to support the construction of the Khamtsen's prayer hall and work began and was completed in 2001. The prayer hall was inaugurated by His Holiness during a visit to Drepung in November 2001.

In 2002, Further funding from the Church was received to repay construction costs for the Prayer Hall and rooms. Sponsorship was also offered to ease the Khamtsen's water shortage problem and establish a separate water supply. His Holiness visited again in 2002 to see the progress and to give western students the opportunity to witness the work they had supported and contributed towards.

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