Incarnations of Jesus the Christ

Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara is the Native American-born Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Avatar, the living incarnated "Future" Buddha Maitreya, born in Oregon in 1951. As the Planetary Logos, He is known as the Yogi Christ & the World Teacher, known by many names through countless incarnations. Always Self-Realized and Self-Recognized, He is the only Incarnation of the Avatar, the Christ, the Buddha ... Jesus Christ reincarnates as the One Teacher, the Living Lord, and always presents the same teaching of loving wisdom. In each cycle He presents this teaching of harmlessness in a way that is more appropriate for the time. The goal is always for every living being to awaken and receive the Light of Christ.

The time period of the last Buddha, Sakyamuni, was called the Kali Yuga. Buddha Maitreya the Christ, born in the United States in 1951, brings in Shambhala, the fifth kingdom of Buddha. Shambhala means every human being living in virtue - common unity - bringing right relationship with the other four kingdoms in nature: mineral, plant, animal and human.

The time we are moving into is called the Satya Yuga, characterized by the need for humanity to receive the light of the living Buddha Maitreya the Christ. It is only when the Buddha is alive that there is true dharma. Buddha provides a new way of life to those who awaken; one that is in service to humanity with the right use of each person’s talents and abilities toward the common goal of enlightened living. Life becomes one of meditation and service, with the goal of Being Harmless. This transition to harmlessness is furthered by Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Shambhala Meditation healing tools and music.

The combination of applied magnetics, crystal and sacred geomancy creates an energetic reality of transmission - a science developed by Buddha Maitreya the Christ called Metatronics. The natural healing of chakric energies that takes place, along with the integration of the etheric field makes a connected whole per- son with the revelation of higher mind. This energetic shift prepares each person to receive Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s transmission of the Soul.

His blessing dissolves past karma, helps people to heal and experience the love and connection through their etheric field (mind, body, emotions) to the Lord who is always present in every life and at every death. Buddha Maitreya the Christ walks the path of harmlessness in each life. He is known in previous lives as Buddha, Christ and Krishna and imparts that consciousness to every living being.

The great Buddhist saint Shantideva said that the way you can tell a Buddha is that He has the means to help not only Him- self, but the whole world.

Some of His MAJOR Incarnations