Thank you Lord Jesus,
Mother Father God,
for this Holy Day
and for bringing us here.

Aloha ke Akua:
To recognize ke Akua (God) as the supreme being,
to acknowledge His hand in all things,
and to be appreciative of His many blessings.


To think, speak, and act in a manner that is honest,
true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men.
To be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

ʻImi naʻauao:

To seek enlightenment, not only the acquirement of knowledge,
but of true intelligence, that is, to use knowledge in a Pono way.


To understand and fulfill one’s area of responsibility
and stewardship as a privilege and honor.

Jesus The Christ
Is Healing the Planet & Humanity
With Christ Consciousness
~ the Noosphere ~

Jesus Teaches about the Noosphere during an OM Meditation & Dharma Teaching given live on Easter 2022
What is the Noosphere?

The Noosphere is the planetary sphere of mind or thinking layer of the planet Earth. To grasp the idea of the Noosphere, we must elevate our consciousness and open ourselves to the most general, elemental and cosmic principles of life on Earth.

The Noosphere is the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. As the mental sheathe of the planet, the Noosphere characterizes mind and consciousness as a unitary phenomenon. This means that the quality and nature of our individual and collective thoughts directly effects the Noosphere and creates the quality of our environment – the biosphere.

This means the quality of our individual and collective thoughts directly affects the Noosphere and creates the quality of our environment, the biosphere.

The historic process is changing dramatically before our eyes ... Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity's mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking Mankind as a single entity. This new state of the world we are approaching without noticing it, it is the 'Noosphere'.

The return of Christ as the fulfillment of the Noosphere as well as the consummation of the universe. According to the Law of Time, the end of linear time begins the time of the Noosphere and the return of Christ consciousness.

- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya
Watch the full teaching about Easter and the Noosphere – OM Meditation & Dharma Teaching given live on Easter 2022

Is Buddha Maitrey the Reincarnation of
Jesus the Christ?

When an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool, used by research scientists & researchers in order to write reports and gather information as a thesis, is asked “Is Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ?” and other related topics, SELECT HERE to read what the AI generated.

Jesus Christ's
Actions & Activities
Affect outcomes For Our
collective Humanity on earth

Lord Jesus The Christ,
Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara
the Way,
the Truth,
the Light,
the Yogi Christ,
the Planetary Logos,
the World Teacher,
the World Doctor,
the World Scientist,
the truly Virtuous One,
providing Prasadam,
teaching Harmlessness,
teaching Reincarnation,
teaching the Seven Rays of God,
dispelling all World Glamour,
offering Personal & Planetary Healing,
bringing forth Archangel Metatron's Science of God,
casting out satan & all demons - closing the door to evil,
providing the Divine Healing Science of Sacred Geomancy,
awakening the Soul through Transmission of Monadic Healing Blessings,
offering a relationship to Jesus Christ through Self-Realization & Self-Actualization

Recognition for
Who I AM

Recognized & Enthroned
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar &
Shakyamuni Buddha
International Awards
Marquis Who's Who

Ceaseless Dharma
Actions & Activities

Invocations & Evocations
Transmission of Blessings
Energetic Medicine
OM Meditations
Dharma Teachings

Caring & Sharing
Support of Others

Offering of Prasadam
Feeding of the homeless,
children, poor, the sick,
The Masters of Wisdom,
Tulkus, Monks, & Nuns

Building & REstoring
Monasteries & Sites

in America
in Tibet
in China
in Nepal
in India

OFFERING The Science

Meditation Music (Pujas)
Many Healing Tool Types
Pyramid Meditations
Advanced Soul Therapy
Soul Therapy Retreats

Moving the World Towards Right Action

Charitable Activities
Meditate, Listen & Learn
Have Minimalist Lifestyle
Fast, Eat Right & Exercise
Pray & Take Refuge

Jesus Christ, the Buddha Maitreya, providing energetic medicine via radionics

Archangel Metatron's Science of God  –  Bringing Forth Divine Healing Science of Sacred Geomancy
The Creation of Monastic Meditation Tools also known as the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools

Etheric Weavers  –  Personal Solar Forms  –  Sacred Geometric Forms  –  Head Pyramids  –  Solar Cross Forms  –  Planetary Solar Forms
Meditation Vajras  –  Healing Mat Systems  –  Meditation Pyramid Systems  –  Large Siberian Quartz Crystals

The Purpose of Christ is to increase the Light of the Soul on the Earth. My yoga is to manifest the energy of Heaven into the Earth.
- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya
When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.
- Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, 8th Century AD
People are praying ceaselessly for personal and planetary healing. So, how would you recognize Jesus if you were to meet Him? In the summer of 2020, Marquis Who's Who, a publication widely known for "exceptionally accurate and always up-to-date" biographies, contacted Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara for inclusion in the latest Marquis release. After extensive research, it was verified that he is a historical person, alive today, recognized throughout Asia and America, and is in fact here (since 1951) quietly saving the world. What may be a surprising revelation to the Western world is the fact of historical record for billions regarding Jesus in Buddhism as the founder of Mahayana. The most adept masters are aware of this. Record of His teachings have been preserved within monasteries such as Hemis, in Ladakh, India.

Jesus Christ the Avatar, the living incarnated Buddha Maitreya, the Yogi Christ, the World Teacher, the Planetary Logos
– He is also known by his honorific Tibetan title, His Holiness Jetsun Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo, and has been externalizing and witnessed all over the world for the past 60 years. He has been recognized, enthroned and given ceremonies of recognition, within every Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal, and India. He was Recognized by H.H the Panchen Lama in 1955, as Buddha Maitreya the Tulku Lineage Founder Padmasambhava, Je Tsong Khapa, and Gautama Buddha – also best known as Lama Dorje as experienced in the heartfelt movie, The Little Buddha. He had shared His Reincarnation story in a Dharma teaching with a small group in the UK in the late-80's/early-90's, which directly influenced and overshadowed the movie.

Little Buddha, A True Story – In May of 1960, Tibetans were sent to California to locate Lama Dorje (Christ), the reincarnation of Buddha. They knew his name, address, and names of his mother and father. They knocked on the door of the Spencer family, a Native American family in La Puente California. Rick, the elder brother of Lama Dorje, answered the door. Tibetan Lama’s asked to speak to his parents. He invited them in while his parents came to the living room to find out who they were. They introduced themselves as three High Lama’s of Tibet (Masters of Loving Wisdom) sent by the Panchen Lama to locate the Reincarnation of the Buddha, who is only 9 years old and is their son Ron, who was born in Oregon in 1951. They came to bring Him back to Tibet to be furthered in His position for the benefit of all sentient beings, but His parents would not let him go, just like what happened in Jesus' time!

As the Tulku Buddha Maitreya, He is the Living Buddha re-establishing the Dharma and the Sangha for the entire planet. From 1984, at 33 years old, He returned to Nepal, India, and Tibet/China; and in Northern California He established His Planetary Ashram allowing many hundreds of Monasteries to come under His Direct Mastery as Tulku Buddha Maitreya. He is an avid facilitator of interpersonal relationships, with activities that span everything from humanitarian, medical, scientific, and spiritual accomplishments both in America and abroad. Born to a family of Blackfeet and Cherokee, His reputation as a major transcendental and political leader within Native American societies has influenced thousands of lives through His faith, compassion, and abiding spiritual dedication. He makes Himself available to continue the breadth of His social and governmental influence within society.

Located in Lake County, California, The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Planetary Monastery was designed by Buddha Maitreya as a Sacred Geomancy Planetary Healing Center for Meditation, Dharma Teaching and Soul Therapy. The word Shambhala means heaven. H.H. Buddha Maitreya, the Christ and His wife H.H. Mandarava Tara have received many honors that corroborate Their externalization process and many charitable works, including receiving the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar International Award in 2014 and the Shakyamuni Buddha International Award in 2016 "by virtue of (their) initiative and active role to spread Buddhism, Global Peace, and Meditation among the generations to come with great expectations to put them into practice at the international level".  Most recently in 2020-2021, Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara has been inducted as a top professional and honored with the Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award  by the Marquis Who's Who of America and the World.

Over 5.28 billion people, greater than 2/3rds of the planetary population, believe in and are "waiting" for Jesus – in Christianity, over 2.22 billion believe in One God, waiting for the return of Christ; in Islam, over 1.50 billion believe in One God, waiting for the future Messiah (Christ); in Hinduism, over 1.05 billion are waiting on the return of the Avatar, Krishna (Christ); in Buddhism, close to a half-a-billion are waiting for the "Future Buddha", Buddha Maitreya (Christ); in Judaism, over 13 million are waiting for the coming Messiah (Christ); in American indigenous populations close to 7 million Native Americans, are looking for White Eagle (Christ). This official site is a resource to help you "know" and "witness" the Signs of Christ and His externalization to all of humanity through His many auspicious actions and activities!!!

Please Understand that Jesus Christ is Here – He is the reincarnation of Babaji the Yogi Christ, Dorje Shugden the Dharma Protector, Tsong Khapa the Teacher, Milarepa the Tibetan Saint, Padmasambhava the Guru Rinpoche, Jesus the Christ, Shakyamuni (Sidhartha Gautama) the First Buddha, Sri Krishna the Divine Statesman, Shiva the Destroyer or Mahadeva, Vishnu the Preserver, Metatron the Highest Angel which Communicates God's word, Enoch the Ancestor of Noah ... all the way back to Adam the First Incarnation of the Avatar. These are many of the major Incarnations of the countless Avatars of ages past. As Krishna, He brought forth Kriya Yoga; as the scientific technique of God-realization. As Gautama, He was born in Nepal and established His Dharma Teachings to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. As Jesus of Nazareth, He gave forth the teachings of the Christ, battled the devil, endured unimaginable suffering as He went on the cross ... saving our Soul to fulfill God's plan, thus generating a quantum event horizon at the Time of His Resurrection, Regeneration, Reincarnation, and Ascension ... He then went forth and founded the first Buddhist Universities of India and Nepal. As Padmasambhava, He liberated Tibet of demonic forces and brought forth the teachings of the Buddha to Tibet/China. As Dorje Shugden, one of the true Dali Lamas, He protected and furthered Tibetan Buddhism in its most purest form. As Mahavatar Babaji, He furthered many Masters of Wisdom across two centuries and revived the ancient science of Kriya Yoga.

To personally resonate with The Truth, we highly recommend listening directly to Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya, through His divine invocations, evocations and blessings put forth through Soul Therapy Meditation Music pujas for Personal and Planetary Healing and meditating & listening to His nightly World Peace OM Meditations & Dharma Teachings. Together, with His wife Mandarava Tara, there are many actions and activities they are engaged in around the world. Watch for the Signs of Christ ... Christ Has Been, Is, and always Will Be Here to serve & further humanity.

Jesus Christ also radiates His Blessings out into the etheric and physical world using the applied sacred Science of Metatron by designing, creating and blessing Monastic Meditation Tools, also known as Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools. These Healing Tools include Etheric Weavers, Personal Solar Forms, Sacred Geometric Forms, Head Pyramids, Solar Cross Forms, Planetary Solar Forms, Meditation Vajras, Healing Mat Systems, and Meditation Pyramid Systems. Be sure to explore these amazing offerings to humanity.

There is only one Lord Jesus the Christ and He is the Way, the Truth & the Light – the Alpha & the Omega – He Has Always Been, Is, and Always Will Be Here to serve & further humanity – unfortunately, each time the Avatar comes a new religion is often formed in ignorance by humanity with a belief system that "their way is the only way" to God ... realize this is not about Religions, a Pope, a Dali Lama, Dictators, Kings, Queens, Presidents, or Governments – this is about the fact that we are One within One God and the only doorway is through Lord Jesus the Christ.

Read Even More About Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya ...
One of the things to understand with meditation or spiritual development, is that you are working on an energetic level. It's subtle but it can be extremely powerful and influence you greatly if the right forms of integration happen. It has a healing effect on so many levels that it would have taken a person lifetimes to have gone through all the changes in their mental, emotional and physical body and lifestyle in order to bring about such a benefit.
- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya


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One of His Many Enthronements

Watch the 2012 Enthronement & Dharma teaching at the
Maitri Vihar 'Maitreya' Monastery in Swyambhu, Nepal

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Soul therapy meditation music
pujas for Personal & Planetary Healing

to realize the Truth, please listen to these tracks by Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ
Divine Healing Science of Sacred Geomancy, Archangel Metatron's Science of God