Advanced Soul Therapy®

‍Holistic Healing Based on Quantum Response Technology

Vibrational Healing at the Deepest Level

One of the primary things for me to help people gain an understanding of with meditation or spiritual development, is that you are working on an energetic level. It's subtle but it can be extremely powerful and influence you greatly if there are the right forms of integration that go on during those subtle periods.

– Jesus Christ, the Buddha Maitreya (on healing benefits of Advanced Soul Therapy®)

Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Mandarava Tara are pleased to be able to offer this cutting edge therapy based on the latest quantum response technology from Germany that utilizes Color Therapy, Distance Healing and electronically prepared Bio-resonance balanced essences to energetically balance a person etherically on a physical, emotional, mental and causal level - the level of the Soul. The entire process can be done remotely at a distance. Essences can also be shipped directly to you.

Resonance Balancing - The Initial Advanced Soul Therapy Scan

All that is required to begin is a photo of the person to together with their full name and date of birth. This forms a witness which our computer based technology will then scan energetically against a database of several thousand spiritually focused test parameters.

The scan and analysis focuses on Soul Therapy to address spiritually aligned imbalances focusing on the Earth, chakras, auras, cosmic and planetary influences and many other spiritual imbalances and subtle energetic influences that affect a person in their daily life. Even with physical symptoms, there is always a spiritually aligned imbalance that relates to it.

Advanced Soul Therapy utilizes Mars III Quantum Response Technology,
It has a healing effect on so many levels that it would have taken lifetimes for that person to have gone through all the lifestyle changes and all the changes in their mental, emotional and physical body in order to bring about such a benefit.

– Jesus Christ, the Buddha Maitreya

The Advanced Soul Therapy® Process

All of the combined therapies are perceived as very pleasant - facilitating a deep state of relaxation. They promote balance and stability on a Soul level and support the treatment of physical complaints, burn-out as well as chronic diseases.

After the initial analysis, Advanced Soul Therapy® begins with long-distance color therapy that lasts between 60-90 minutes. The Color Tuning helps to balance the chakras and prepare a person for the healing process.

Resonance Balanced Essences

Four Bio-Resonance Balanced Essences can be shipped to you to begin taking on specific dates, a few days apart. Each Essence consists of globules that have been electronically imprinted based on the energetic imbalances identified in the initial scan. They are taken regularly throughout the day by dissolving a few globules under the tongue, until the course is completed.

Resonance Balanced Essence Broadcasting - A Transmission of Blessings

In addition for each Essence taken orally, a 30 day broadcast of the same Essences from Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Monastery in Northern California will be set up to start on the same date as the globules.

This allows for the Advanced Soul Therapy® to be received both etherically from without and from within the body, facilitating an all encompassing holistic healing treatment.

Contact us toll free on 877-444-SOUL (7685) US or +44 (0)1458 898221 UK/Europe to learn more about experiencing this cutting edge technology.

More About the Energetic Nature of Advance Soul Therapy

The energetic level is called the informational - an abstract level where “in-formation” is created; no dimensions, no space or time, this level is organized in fields. These fields, called “Morphogenetic fields” are penetrating, communicating and operating, even controlling material and energy levels. By bringing together the indefinite multidimensional universe described by string theory, which is the morphogenetic field, which has been physically proven, we can explain Etheric Healing, Radiosonics (The Shambhala Healing Tools), homeopathy, and ancient healing methods (Prana, Qi).


"All I can say at the moment is wow, its feels like Soul Therapy but continuously. What a treat. As always I take my hat off to Buddha Maitreya The most respect to you my lord and savior."
– Michael Manyan, UK

"Dear Buddha Maitreya and Mandarava Tara, I began Advanced Soul approximately two weeks ago. Immediately I began to feel a comfort, and a gentle, more right with myself energy. I am feeling more present and stable without my usual anxiousness. A great sense of relief has occurred and I find myself handling everything with more clarity, courage and well-being. Every day I am filled with gratitude and hope. This is a great gift to me as my early life was experienced with struggle, abuse and lack of confidence. I am now feeling daily purpose with inner joy beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself. My past is not my present reality any longer...every day I have freedom within and the ability to function from a loving, compassionate place. With my sincere gratitude and thanks."
– Pamela Willett - Washington

"I received this treatment, and the month's worth of essences were sent in the mail. I have been paralyzed at the diaphragm level since 1997, and progress has been very slow - UNTIL this treatment. The speed in my recovery whilst taking the essences is hard to believe, but truthfully, in the first week, I gained more feeling back in my legs than in the 15 years prior. and each week following the same was true. the best way to describe this is 'quantum level healing'."
– Sarah Olsen - Omaha, Nebraska

"I have just started my Advanced Soul Therapy treatment ... so far no physical improvements but lots of healing from the sexual abuse I experienced as a young person.. I am not ashamed of what happened anymore and feeling a lot of peace.. made me think of Kalu Rinpoche.. maybe this didn't happen because I was a "bad" person, but because I was born good. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for giving me this chance to heal..."
– Cheryl Anderson - Canada