In September 2016 H.H. Buddha Maitreya and his wife, H.H. Mandarava Tara, the female incarnation of the Bodhisattva Tara, were once again honored and received the Shakyamuni Buddha International Award which was presented at the Buddha Maitreya Pyramid in Pyramid Valley, Bengalaru, India for His virtuous activity to spread Buddhism. They were also honored in 2014.

Ashwaghosh Buddhist Foundation, Nagpur (India) (takes the) Opportunity to honour (Buddha Maityrea's) goodself by the Shakyamuni Buddha International Award-2016 by virtue of (His) initiative and active role to  spread Buddhism among the generations to come with great expectations to put them into practice at an international level.
- Dr. Milind Jiwane, Founder & President

These awards celebrate and recognize the work of eminent personalities in the world who have worked ceaselessly to further world peace through practicing dharmic activities and spreading the teachings of Buddhism for the collective betterment of humanity.

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