Lithang Tulku Rinpoche Funerary Stupa

Sharing A Very Special Appeal for Honoring the Saintly Life of Lithang Tulku

Lithang Tulku Rinpoche
Lithang Tulku Rinpoche

The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha, founded and directed by Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara is fundraising to build a sacred Stupa in honor of Ngawang Kalsang Palden Lodoe Gyaltsen Rinpoche (also known as ‘Lithang Tulku’ / ‘Rinpoche’) who left his body on January 5th, 2024.

Much of the lay community in the Lithang area of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture live a traditional ancient nomadic life: grazing yaks, goats, sheep and horses on the high grasslands. In 2001, after a series of auspicious dreams, Lithang Tulku recognized Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara as his Teacher and invited Him to the Lithang Maitreya Shedrup Dharjeeling Monastery to be enthroned and given the title of highest respect: Gyalwa Jampa Rinpoche, the Buddha Maitreya. The reconstruction of this ancient holy Monastery has been ongoing since that time and in 2023 the Main Temple of the Monastery installed a 36-foot Maitreya Statue honoring the relationship with the incarnated Buddha Maitreya.

Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Monastery in Northern California is fund-raising on behalf of the Lithang Monastery and its surrounding communities.

Lithang tulku cave retreat
Lithang Tulku during a 9-year retreat

The Lithang Monastery needs $75,000 to commission a 13-foot Stupa to house the relics of this holy Saint, honoring his life and purity so that it can be a point of light within humanity and a blessing for us all.

Tulku is the term used for a reincarnated Saint and highly realized being within Tibetan Buddhism. ‘Lithang Tulku’ was recognized as the seventh incarnation of the Pungrung Tulku whose first incarnation was in the early 1800s. Historically his incarnations have been known for long meditation in remote caves, a deep sense of renunciation, his spontaneous kindness and the ability to help heal by giving Dharma Blessings.

On January 5th 2024, Lithang Tulku left his body while in meditation. There have been many auspicious events from the time of his passing to the burning of his body on January 21st including special bones that remain after his cremation. Such events are recorded within the history of Tibetan Buddhist Masters and the relics that they leave behind are honored for the blessing they contain.

Lithang Tulku to Monastery - many auspicious signs were seen in the sky
many auspicious signs were seen in the sky
LIthang Tulku Rainbow - multiple rainbows seen in rinpoche's room after his death
multiple rainbows seen in rinpoche's room after his death
Lithang Tulku Relics - special bones remained after his cremation
special bones remained after his cremation

Lithang Tulku Stupa
Lithang Tulku Stupa

The Lithang Monastery Stupa that will be commissioned to house the relics of Lithang Tulku is called Jangchub Chorten, meaning the ‘Symbol of the Enlightened Mind’. It represents a facet of the Buddha’s path leading to Enlightenment that every human being can follow.

We are a 501(c)(3) in the US & registered charity in the UK and have been supporting the Lithang Monastery since 2001. We would be so grateful if you can help us reach the goal of $75,000 by sharing this fundraiser with others and donating as you are able.


The more people who see the appeal, the greater the chance to raise the needed funds for Lithang Monastery - please share as widely as you can with friends, family, colleagues, networks and on social media.

Thank you for your help!

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