Lama Dorje, the Buddha Maitreya
Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ

The Buddha Maitreya

In 1983, Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara, the Tulku Lama Dorje, the incarnation of Buddha Maitreya the Christ was first recognized by several Tibetan Rinpoches in America. They requested that he go to Kathmandu and meet with many other Rinpoches. Since that time Lama Dorje established a Buddhist Dharma Center in Kathmandu, near the Great Buddha Stupa. Helping many Tibetan people over the years and establishing relationships with local Monasteries.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ then met Logon Tulku Tenzin Tsongrap at Swyambhu Stupa in 1993, when The Tulku was 9 years old. It was at the same time his Teacher from his previous life came to take him to Drepung Loseling University to begin his studies.

In 1997, Lama Dorje went to Drepung to meet a second time with Logon Tulku and help him with his residence and education. During that visit Lama Dorje was asked to teach Logon Tulku's students at Nyagre Khangtsen, as Logon Tulku is one of the senior Rinpoches. After his teaching he was requested by the senior Lama's of the Khangtsen to return to Nyagre Khangtsen in the future to give more teaching and to help them build a residence for Lama Dorje along with a teaching center. Lama Dorje agreed, and by 2002 He had provided; a new building with rooms and residence for Lama Dorje, a residence for Logon Tulku, a well and water pump for the entire khangtsen, a generator for all their electric needs, a new kitchen and sponsorship for daily food along with two special days; one day a week of meat made into the favorite Tibetan dish called "Mo Mos" and another day of vegetables.

In 1999, Lama Dorje met one of the rare 25 disciples of Padmasambhava the Dema Tulku, Jamyang Senge Rinpoche. After the meeting Dema Tulku declared he had found his teacher the reincarnation of Padmasambhava and asked Lama Dorje to go to Tibet and be enthroned as Tulku Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Padmasambhava and Lama Dorje accepted. In 2002 Lama Dorje the Tulku Buddha Maitreya helped and completed the construction of one of the largest Monasteries in Dema Tibet, The University of the Five Shastras.

On a second visit to the New Monastery in Dema Tulku Buddha Maitreya the Christ was asked to meet with a Gelupa (Mother) Monastery -Dharma Center aligned with Ling Rinpoche historically the teacher to H.H.The Dalai Lama. During the meeting as the incarnation of Buddha Maitreya and the reincarnation of Je Tsong Khapa and they requested Tulku Buddha Maitreya to be the Spiritual Head of the Monastery, which he accepted. (Dema Thubton Chukor Ling Monastery). During 2004 the building of the University/Sheda for the monastery was sponsored and begun.

In 2003, Logon Tulku studying at Drepung Loseling in India, was given support for his Geshe ceremony which included feeding all of Drepung Monastery (over 5000 lamas), as well as his offering and statues for the Monastery.

From the first visit to Drepung to this present day, Lama Dorje has helped other Khangtsens in Drepung Loseling, like Lhopa Khangtsen's building of a Prayer Hall and providing a well and food, and Gaespa Khangtsen by building a Prayer Hall and residence for the lamas and their Rinpoche, who is the precious reincarnation of the Great Saint Naropa, Ngawang Mipham Choekyi Dawa, the Yang Goen Tulku.

Along with helping and teaching in each Khangtsen during every visit, one of the Khangtsens in Drepung Gomang, the oldest, Lubum Khangtsen, founded by Je Tsong Khapa himself, spent 10 years researching the work and teaching of Lama Dorje and came to the conclusion that he was their founder. Recognition by Drepung Lubum Khangtsen Since that time Lubum Khangtsen has sent 9 of the best lamas and a Geshe as a World Peace Tour to perform sacred, sand mandalas and many other ceremonies based out of the Buddha Maitreya Monastery founded by lama Dorje in 1996. While at the Monastery the lamas painted and completely transformed the stone church into a beautiful, Tibetan Monastery; painting special Tibetan art and symbols on the trim and on the special archway that they erected leading into the monastery itself. The Lumbum Monks toured all of England and helped to raise funds for building needs such as more lamas rooms, so needed at the khangtsen, and the rebuilding of a building that was completely collapsing.

In 2004, H. E. Ngawang Thekchen Tenzin Gelek Gyaltso from Sera Monastery contacted Tulku Buddha Maitreya the Christ with his recognition, and has begun a compilation and printing of a book on the previous incarnations of the present Buddha for general distribution. To date he as gathered Certificates of Declaration by high Rinpoches from the four main lineages to be presented at a ceremony in The Holy Land of Nepal.

Again in 2004, Buddha Maitreya the Christ received H. H. Rechung Rinpoche's Declaration of the reincarnation of his teacher the revered Tibetan Saint, Jetsun Milarepa after nine generations and Buddha Maitreya the Christ accepted. He was offered the ancient Monastery of The Dakinis. This year they began restoration of the monastery, a fulfillment of the original prophecy for the return of Milarepa and renamed it the Church of Shambhala Dakini Monastery. H .H. Rechung Rinpoche has been compilng a book on his recognition of his revered teacher, a recapitulation that comes while listening to the holy songs of His teacher as he has always done. H.H. Rechung Rinpoche compiled puja songs of The Buddha Maitreya the Christ and converted them into Tibetan books that will be saved as relic texts. He has plans to offer these books in a ceremony to Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the Jetsun Milarepa during a formal recognition ceremony along with the inauguration of the Church of Shambhala Dakini Monastery, which is projected to be completed by May 2006.

Many other Rinpoches have also recognized Buddha Maitreya the Christ and have requested for him to come and have offered to return their Monasteries to Buddha Maitreya the Christ so he can Heal and Bless Tibet.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ has also finished the construction of a Great Namgyal Stupa in Dharamsala, India at the residence of H.H. the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan Ex- Prisoners Association in Dharamsala had tried for many years to attain sponsorship for this Stupa with no success until meeting Buddha Maitreya the Christ. The great purpose of the Stupa is to heal all the ex-prisoners and all who have suffered during the fall of Tibet and to raise all sentient beings so they can forgive and not reincarnate with malice and distrust from a previous life of suffering. It is also, for a Long Life Blessing of H.H.The14th Dalai Lama. It is the Largest Stupa in Dharamsala.

Currently a prototype community has been developed in California, U.S.A. where the dome and solar technology will incorporate the caring and sharing nature of Shambhala into a community life. This is a practical way to address the growing environmental considerations that we need to make as individuals in our lives right now. No longer is another way of life an "alternative". We hope to provide the support for families to home school with a focus on a broadminded, life-centered, holistic approach to education utilizing meditation and transmission as the aid to self realization and self actualization. The community will provide social services for all ages: an orphanage, elderly care, and higher education in the form of Buddhist retreats and a Geshe School.

In America Buddha Maitreya the Christ has developed Metatronic Tools and Puja CDs and established Soul Therapy® Centers where the average person who wishes to benefit from meditation and develop Healing Transformation. The 70% of the income from the sale of meditation tools is donated to the Projects mentioned above and feeding and education of thousands of Tibetans in exile and in Tibet.