Drepung Nyagre Khamtsen

Nyagre Khamtsen is one of the Khamtsens of Drepung Loseling Monastery, established in Tibet in 1416 and now located in South India.

In 1997, Logon Tulku, one of the Rinpoches of Nyagre Khamtsen of Drepung Loseling Monastery invited His Holiness Buddha Maitreya to visit Drepung. Logon Tulku had first met His Holiness in 1993 with His teacher at the sacred site of Swayambhu Stupa in Nepal. He was 12 years old at that time.

During His Holiness' visit which took place in 1999, he met with the Khamtsen's Tulkus and Lamas to learn more about the monastery's needs. A ceremony was given and each of the Khamtsen's 150 monks received $10 from His Holiness. Land was offered to build a Teaching and Administration Center for the Khamtsen, a project which His Holiness agreed to sponsor.

In 2000, the Church raised $34,850 to sponsor the ongoing construction of the new Center. This included the construction of a 2 storey building that would provide living quarters for members of the Khamtsen and for visitors as well as laying down necessary roads leading to the Khamtsen. In the same year, kitchen refurbishments were carried out including the purchase of a gas stove and refrigerator. Funding was also given for bathroom refurbishment. All of the Khamtsen's monks were provided with a set of new clothes and funds were given to cover 6 months of electricity bills.

In 2001, Nyagre Khamtsen received $15,450 for food, electricity, gas, a well and water pump, and gas power generator. The Khamtsen drilled a well and installed a water pump and power generator to establish a good consistent water and power supply. Regular monthly sponsorship covers the cost of running these essential services. Food sponsorship allows the Monks of the Khamtsen to receive additional food to help provide a more balanced diet to maintain good health. Additional funds were received by a number of Nyagre Khamtsen Lamas to enable them to travel on pilgrimage to Bodhgaya , the site of Buddha's enlightenment. Various grants were given to assist with education and medical needs including dietary supplements and medicine for Tsepa Gompo, an elderly Lama.

His Holiness Buddha Maitreya visited Nyagre Khamtsen again in 2002 to see the progress and to give western dharshan students the opportunity to witness the work they had supported and contributed towards.

Since 2000, the Church has also sponsored several of the Tulkus and Geshes of the Monastery. In 2000, Tulku Tenzin Tsongrab, the Logon Tulku was sponsored $12,000 to help with living expenses, educational needs and to help cover the costs of building a residence for the now 19 year old tulku. The Logon Tulku comes from the Tyab region of Tibet, renowned as the only location where a statue of Maitreya Buddha miraculously emerged out of stone. Logon Tulku is well known in a previous incarnation for recognizing the land where he lived as Tara, and hand carried its soil by foot all the way to Lhasa to build the Drolma Lhakong (Temple of Tara). In 2006, The Church sponsored Logon Tulku to come and teach in America at its center in Sedona, AZ.

Ven. Dagyab Chungtsang Tulku, another High Rinpoche from the Tyab region of Tibet was also sponsored to support his Geshe ceremony and to help with education and living needs. Geshe Nawang Tharchin. the youngest Geshe to receive his degree at Drepung received sponsorship to start construction of a new residence, to assist with tuition fees, travel and living expenses. Geshe has twice been invited to teach at the Church's Monastery, the Maitreya Monastery in Glastonbury, UK and most recently, in 2009, was sponsored to attend H.H. Dalai Lama's teaching and receive ordination from His Holiness at the Dagyab Rinpoche Center in Frankfurt, Germany.

Letter from Nyagre Khamtesn

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