Doekya Tulku

His Holiness Buddha Maitreya has supported Deokya Tulku, one of the disciples of Padmasambhava and his family since 1998 and is the sole sponsor of the center which supports and provides shelter for many young monks.

Long before the establishment of The Great Samye Monastery, when Acharya Shantarakshita, Guru Padmasambhava and King Trisong Deutsen met in Tibet, they welcomed a hundred and eight Panditas, the great siddhas of Simphu, the fifty-five excellent Sages, the hundred and eight water, mountain and light-body siddhas, the thirty tantrik of Seldrak, the twenty-five Dakinies and many numbers of siddhas. Among them the most excellent was Ngawang Tenzin Senge, who for seven consecutive years engaged in deep retreat. He was able to see all four worlds at one time. To him Bimala secretly bestowed the core secret of Dzogchen teaching and he acquired the ray-body.

The second reincarnation has been so beneficial to so many beings that he was known by three names in general. He was perfect gelong. He was born to father Chokhong Gonpo and mother Ngalang Bhuti. During the time of his birth many miracles appeared. He was so intelligent that he could learn reading and writing merely by glancing through the text. He often had dreams of Padmasambhava. He received complete transmissions, initiations and instructions of tantra. He spend most of his life in meditation. He has been welcomed at Dakhom Trangcha Monastery. He also received transmissions, initiations and instructions from Karmapa and Shamarpa. He possessed so much power that he could subdue evil spirits. He even protected Tibet against many wars and has been greatly helpful to Tibet. At the age of seventy-two he passed away and many miracles were seen at that time.

His reincarnation Doekya Tulku was born to the Chinese emperor, Changla. At the time of his birth many wonderful things occurred. Right from his young age he could learn many things instantly. He sought many transmissions, initiations and instructions from many great Nyingmapa masters. He especially sought teaching from Minling Lineage of the Nyingma School. His whole life has been object lesson to many. He has the credit of establishing Doekya Monastery near Chang Namtso Chumo. He has never missed religious service on the tenth, or twenty-fifth of every month. Many of his disciples are great siddhas. He was the first throne holder of Doekya Monastery. Many miracles appeared at the time of his death.

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