Maitreya Shedrup Dharjeeling

Lithang Maitreya Shedrup Dharjeeling Monastery was built by the Dharma King of Tibet, Dorje Jeje Papa Rinpoche, many centuries ago and was revered as a very holy monastery. It was destroyed in 1959 along with the ancient sacred texts and holy relics.

Lithang lay community live the ancient nomadic life: grazing yaks, goats, sheet and horses on high grasslands. In 1983 many of the poor locals approached Rinpoche to rebuild their monastery and with the villagers help a monastery is on the holy land again.

Currently 300 monks live in the monastery. About 200 of them are under 10 years old. They live in the freezing climate in overcrowded rooms with no beds, linens, no warm clothing and plastic for windows and walls. Their food is scarce and low in nutrients.

Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara are working to rebuild the monastery, equip it with a new kitchen and residential rooms for young monks and to create a school that will provide basic education and training in Buddhist Philosophy.

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