About three hundred years have passed since the monastery was built. The monastery was built by one of the highest lamas of the Nyingmapa lineage whose name was Sunglong Ohonpo Thokme. The monastery's sect is Nyingtuk, meaning the essence of heart. His Holiness the first Dhodup Rinpoche prophesied the building of the monastery and then later Sunglong Phonpo Thokme built it. Since then it has been preserved well without interruption even when the big changes happened. The current highest Tulku Simpa's previous Tulku's name was Tulku Jigme Dorjee. He died in a Chinese prison as he was given a life sentence. So, Tulku Kalsang Dorjee was appointed as the highest Tulku in the monastery. In 1971 Tulku Kalsang Dorje and Peyul Gara Longpo recognized Tulku Sinpa Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Sunglong Tulku Jigme Dorjee when he was one-year-old. When he was born there were many great omens and all the people around him saw them and when he was eleven-years-old, he was enthroned in Sunglong monastery and gave him complete rank, position and appointed a good tutor whose name was Kargyal. Tulku Simpa Rinpoche studied most things from him like rituals and others. He took initiation, retreat for six years and studied Buddhist philosophy and other necessary commentaries for about eight years. He got The Great Vehicle, (Tib.: Tsokpa Chenpo) from His Holiness 4th Dhodup Rinpoche and Tulku Jigme Woesal and so forth. Now he is not only popular in our own monastery, but other monasteries invite him when they have special ceremonies. Khenpo Jitsen Gon studied doctrine of the Buddha and other commentaries for more than fifteen years from different high khenpos and became a master of Buddhism. Now he is about 40 years old. Khenpo Cheokyi Nyima studied a great deal of commentaries and Buddhist philosophy from different high khenpos for about twenty years and became a master in Buddhism. Now he is about 40 years old. Khenpo Rigtol, who studied Buddhist philosophy and other commentaries from many masters for about fifteen years and became a master in Buddhism, is about 30 years old. Three of them are venerable masters who teach different commentaries and doctrine of the Buddha and Buddhist philosophy. There are about three hundred monks.

At present, the monastery has abbots and monks but no philosophic school. They are hoping to receive the help of His Holiness Gyalwa Jampo Gonpo to set up it. The monastery is preparing to enthrone His Holiness Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo in the future. During the last pilgrimage to Tibet 2004 August, due to the ceremonial retreat in process at the Monastery and the Chinese Government restrictions, Tulkus were unable to accomplish the enthronement. If they can establish it, then all the monks who will be studying in the university and temple will become the students of H. H. Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo in the future.

(Tulku Sempa, Abbot Thupton Nyima, Dharamsala Dharma Center monk Rabge)

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